Pink Blossom May Days

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All women are mothers. 

Because all women bring life to the world in some way. 

~ Holley Gerth

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Life began with waking up and loving my mother’s face.

~ George Eliot



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© Pam Depoyan

“Upon entering, Gabriel greeted her [Mary]:

Good morning!
You’re beautiful with God’s beauty,
Beautiful inside and out!
God be with you.”

~ Luke 1:28 The Message

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Dogwood Photos: mine.


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6 Responses to Pink Blossom May Days

  1. lynndmorrissey says:

    Oh! Breathtaking. I’m soooo drowning in work, and this was a breath of fresh air. and I ADORE pink dogwood trees. Is this yours? I’m thnking so. Ours got destroyed when we sold our house. We wre supposed to be able to move them. Sigh…. new ones we planted, got rained out. But we will try again. I do have pink dogwood in the shade garden outside our master bedroom window. 🙂 And oh mothers!!!!!!! Thank you for honoring them and realizing all women “mother” in some way. Several writers I saw last year felt it was wrong to honor mothers day b/c it would be hurtful to some. Granted, I know the loss of a chld (at my own hand), and it is a horrible pain. And yet even b/f we had our daughter I rejoiced w/ those who rejoice. Thank you for always bringing beauty and honor and glory to God, even in short posts.

    • Aren’t those blossoms luscious? No, I have one, but mine seems to be dying. This tree is somewhat on my property though – it’s by my next door neighbor’s porch, but it is along the side of my driveway on their side. I love looking out my living room window and seeing it there. Theirs has always been fuller and healthier but I’m thinking mine may need replacing by the condo assn. We have some light yellow ones and white, I think, in the neighborhood as well.
      Well, mother’s day has been a hard one for me because I always wanted to be a mom. And now with my own mom in Heaven. So Holley’s quote means so much to me… I think most who read here are moms but thought it important to honor us all… I guess so much of life would be “hurtful” to others in some way… because we aren’t all blessed the same way. I don’t think others should stifle what is good in their life because of fear of someone feeling bad who doesn’t have it… I agree, rejoice with those who rejoice. It does get hard in church situations though when they make so much of it in the service and so many feel left out. I’m glad this beauty touched you today! Thanks for always lifting me up, Lynn.

  2. Eileen says:

    Sometimes God makes us spiritual mothers. I never had my own children, in the flesh, but God blessed me to be a mother, spiritually, to my mentally ill clients. I loved them for the Lord, and tried to guide them, and nurture them. I provided groups that would instruct them, and ones that would provide them with some fun. And I threw big parties at the Holidays, with contests, and games, and treats, and prizes. And they had outings to wonderful sites, that in their own families, they might never have had the chance to see. And they performed in talent shows, and sang, and danced, and grew in confidence. And they felt that in my Program, they had a “home,” where they could express themselves, find friends in the other clients, and feel a sense of “safeness,” and that someone really cared. I was not their literal mother, I was an “adopted” one, one that Jesus provided to them. And it made me so happy to be able to serve them, for God. Through many years, clients came, and went, but they were all, in a way, my children. So, in a way, I was a mother! Praise be to God! What a wonderful gift- to them, and to me. Happy Mother’s Day, to all!

    • Eileen, that is so so beautiful. They were all so blessed to have you as their “adopted mother.” All those gifts you brought into their lives and memories are God’s great light poured out through you. A gift of normalcy and grace and beauty and heart. I know it wasn’t always easy for you, but a blessing to your own life to be able to give to others in a way that really made such a difference in their lives. Happy Mother’s day to you! Yes, there are certainly “children of our hearts” in our lives… Thanks for giving so much of yourself all those years.

  3. Such encouraging quotes coupled with a beautiful image! Longing for the days of pink to arrive in my world, but thankful for the glowing forsythia!

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