Wonder Moments On Parade

Molly and Moira 4th of July Color

The little-ies knew…

The best thing about wonder moments on parade is

sharing them with a kindred heart.

                                                                                                                              ~ P.D.

In the midst of shooting star radiance lighting up our skies
the stirring marches,
the heartfelt hymn for Heaven’s Blessing,
Let us lift our hearts and nation
to the One who holds us all…
that He will breathe Holy Spirit Light from shore to shore
Reviving all deeper in Him
Leading us in all our ways
Pouring His wisdom in hearts across the land
Powerfully reminding —
It is His call and gift upon us to vote…
to never throw it away or give it up as inconsequential…
but to wisely, conscientiously, prayerfully
choose those who most follow (or stand up for) the course of HIS Heart.
Lord, we trust to your promise to turn the hearts of the “kings” to you!
© Pam Depoyan

Pen and Ink Drawing, Parade Buds … Mine.  See more in my All Things Childhood collection at pamdepoyanblog.wordpress.com (Picture It in Pen and Ink!), and ask about available prints and note cards!   (Please do not copy without permission. See my copyright info button on the sidebar.  :)  )


Red, white and blue stars – clipart


About Pam@Writing...Apples of Gold

I love to hear your thoughts, even chat back and forth amongst comments.Won't you join the conversation? :) ..................................................................................................................... May my stories refresh you, like a whisper from our Father's Heart !
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18 Responses to Wonder Moments On Parade

  1. Eileen says:

    Pam, thank you for reminding us about Our wonderful God, and the freedom He brings to us- (freedom in Him), at our Fourth of July gatherings. There are memories of fireworks bursting in bright colors, and sparkles, against a dark night sky- and memories of barbecues, hometown parades, and celebrating with family. Such joy- such happy times! At the Fourth, we are reminded that we have the freedom to live in this United States, and that we are in one nation, under God. What a privilege, what a grace! May you have a happy Fourth! Fondly- Eileen

    • You paint a perfect image of it all with those words, Eileen. 🙂 I can see it in my own memory’s eye. Yes, in this nation that was founded on Him, let us keep those gifts of freedom and grace close and valued. Happy fourth to you too!

  2. Lori @ Frog's Lilypad says:

    I love this! I have a picture of me and my sister when were 3 and 4 at a family reunion. We are sitting on a cot under the big oak tree petting our great aunt’s little dog. What a memory to be reminded of! Thank you for sharing with Thankful Thursdays.

    • Oh Lori, that sounds like a photo I’d love to draw! This drawing is one I just did from a couple cuties of my heart… 🙂 Love these tiny chairs, and the way they sink into them like cots. I’m glad this reminded you of such a dear memory!

  3. Pam,
    What an amazing sketch…and yes, pray and pray for our country. Blessings!

  4. Jerralea says:

    What an adorable drawing!

    I’m counting on this: “Lord, we trust to your promise to turn the hearts of the “kings” to you!”

  5. happytiler says:

    Absolutely precious!!

    Hugs Giggles

  6. “Holy Spirit light from shore to shore.”
    (And the drawing is amazing! What a gift you are to your readers.)

  7. Jann Olson says:

    What a darling sketch! A photo to cherish forever!! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  8. Barbie says:

    What an adorable sketch!

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