The house across the street…

Diane's Yellow Brick on ElmwoodBirdsong wings its piquant patterns, as if in tune to the way light is dappling and softening the  lawns as I step from my car this morn.  The perfect stillness, the refreshing…the memories I love here… all is enlivening to a creative spirit in me.

“Oh! I just knew this was the yellowish-brick she meant!” I declare silently to myself as I slip unobtrusively (I hope!) to the front of this home she wants me to draw as a surprise gift.  I’m careful not to get too close.   “They have security cameras,” she warns,”though if you can go today to snap a few photos, they should be away…”

Mm... the glory that is spilling from heaven over this landscape makes me click away more than I really need… like sipping from an endless cup of thirst…

This 1940 charmer sits across the street (with a slight jig over) from a Cape Cod treasure my dear friends once owned — one they tried every way to stay in but did not offer enough space for their growing family.  It’s on a Norman Rockwell-ish street I’ve loved long and perused in walks over, as Anne Shirley dreams by her lake of shining waters – a drive where summer twirls it’s green frock, autumn dresses with persimmon and pumpkin, and Christmas lights the way over snow with candlewick luminaria from home to home…

She sends me now some straight-on views as possibilities, but it’s this side pose I hope she chooses – and she does! — for it makes me feel as if I’m there, as if in a movie opening where the camera is floating in over the neighborhood to bring you into the mood…

Lightness is on my shoulders as I draw this piece… praise welling… and I find myself thinking of the artist who called himself “Painter of light.”  Is it possible to create such a light from black and white?  I would love to be able to that, Lord… to know a fresh anointing from Your Hands… and somehow…paint light with my pen and ink and pencil.

He alone has been showing me style and technique to make things look a certain way… for I haven’t known much if any real training… Then, just before I begin on the lawn area of this one, an image of soft pencil grays and patches of sunlight and tree shadows is strongly in my mind.  When I put the pencil to paper, I am suddenly knowing a way to create those spots of gleam…

As I look at the result, I am stunned by the sense of wonder it seems to have added to the picture.  That inexplicable feeling of an early morning that makes you sense Presence, Glory light falling softly all round…

At least…that is what I hope it makes the owners of this piece sense each time they look at it.

And I suddenly feel – as if I am stepping onto a threshold to a fresh style that I want to explore more and more…  Like the way I love how the photographers caught sunlight shadow play in old black and white films…  

Image result for black and white flourishes

A thought whispers over me as I ponder all these ideas…  that this is a creative longing in His heart for each of us.  Oh, NOT just in art.  But in all the areas of our lives where He wants to shine as light through a stained glass window.

Is there  a passion within you that makes you want supernatural wisdom, ability, strength to accomplish beyond what you know how to do?  Or think you ever could?

Don’t settle for limitations you imagine.

Ask Me, He says.

And I will accelerate and anoint the work of your hands (and heart)

in ways you have not yet imagined.


      ©   Pam Depoyan

Pen and Ink Drawing, “Dappled Morn” … Mine.

Ask about prints of this piece!  🙂  See more in my new Heritage Home Portraits…An Ode to Currier & Ives collection at (Picture It in Pen and Ink!)  (Please do not copy without permission. See my copyright info button on the sidebar.  :)  )

Digital Camera

This photo appears a bit dingy for some reason…really a cheerful colonial blue wall.  And the framed picture is more fresh white in person.  But thought I’d share how I just framed this one in traditional frame.  So many framing options, it was hard to choose… I can see it in a simple modern black frame too, as I’ve done others, but I’m more of an English cottage person for myself so thought I’d try this white and soft gray frame for my own print of this… 🙂


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I love to hear your thoughts, even chat back and forth amongst comments.Won't you join the conversation? :) ..................................................................................................................... May my stories refresh you, like a whisper from our Father's Heart !
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34 Responses to The house across the street…

  1. Michelle says:

    I remember in my young doodling days drawing homes I pictured in my mind I would live in someday. This house looks like many I would create. You of course do a much better job. The essence of what a home would look like that is loved is what it displays to me.

    • Oh, I love that, Michelle. “The essence of what a home that is loved looks like…” I didn’t grow up around these quaint style homes, but always longed to be around them. Walking streets where these charmers are in abundance still feels like a dream. 🙂 Stepping into Norman Rockwell… This has always been one of my favorite styles of homes too…

  2. welcomesue says:

    Yes, there is – off to She Speaks next week and I need and ask for His anointing! next to you this afternoon. thank you.

    • I speak His promise for anointing on you beyond any you’ve known before, Sue! He will put words and ideas into your mind and mouth, and lead you in His Spirit. 🙂 Bless you as you speak and others through you… I’m so glad this uplifted you today!

  3. A truly wonderful story and beautiful message. Thank you so much for joining the gathering at Thoughts of Home on Thursday.

  4. Lori @ Frog's Lilypad says:

    This is stunning, Pam. I’m thankful the Lord will show us what we need to do when we call on Him. Thanks for sharing with Thankful Thursdays.

  5. Faye says:

    Pam, this is such a beautiful way for me to start my day, to read your words and to view this exquisite drawing. Your post is a blessing.

    • Oh, thank you for sharing that with me, Faye. I’m so glad to know how this touched you, words and picture! I want this drawing to be one that speaks to many… it just gives me such a feeling that is hard to put into words. 🙂

  6. Alicia Araya says:

    that is a glorious drawing! and it is fun to read your thoughts in contemplating it

  7. artmusedog says:

    Very elegant illustration of neighbor’s house ~ divine work!

    Happy Week to you ~ ^_^

  8. Laura Thomas says:

    Your words are as beautiful as your drawing! Thank you for sharing both in such an encouraging way… stopping by from #TellHisStory

  9. Linda K says:

    such a charming home and illustration of it along with the beautiful story. Happy PPF!

  10. Oh my!! I believe this entire post was anointed! Not only do I crawl into your pictures, but I find myself crawling into your words!

    Praising God with you for the great gift He has bestowed upon you.

    And thank you for reminding me, I need only ask, and the Lord will anoint my gifting as well.

    Blessings sweet friend.

    • Your words touch me as always, Karen. I’m never sure as I write these what others may think… but I am always asking Him to anoint them… He is showing me that we don’t ask Him nearly enough for all that He would like to anoint in us. I once heard a testimony of a man who never drew anything becoming a sudden wondrous painter when He asked God for the gift. I remember being astonished at how God anointed his hands literally overnight in miraculous ways I am sort of feeling like God is enhancing this in my own gifts in ways I never imagined… This one makes me feel as if I could step inside it too. I know not everyone can afford to splurge on art, but this is one I hope others would choose to buy to add to their own decor… 🙂 Blessings and anointing on all the gifts of your hands too, Karen!

  11. Eileen says:

    Pam, I love this exquisite drawing you have done, of the house across the street. It reminds me of my Grandmother’s house, in Lewiston, Maine. It also reminds me of one of the beautiful mansions we will each be blessed with, in Heaven, (that God has promised to each one of us). You have such a magnificent gift, Pam, of art work, and ministering to peoples’ hearts, souls, and spirits. You help to “lift us up” with your lovely drawings, descriptions and words. The Holy Spirit, does indeed guide you in this, work, and really- ministry. Thank you for all of the effort, and hard work, that you pour out so generously, to all of us, through this blessed, and yes, truly anointed blog. Love, your friend, Eileen

    • Thank you for such exquisite thoughts and words of blessing too, Eileen. I do love these Rockwell type of homes and streets! I’m so glad this lifted you up as it does me… I’ve never been to Maine, but the East Coast is also filled with these lovely places, I know. My family and I once took a trip to Massachusetts where Rockwell lived and drew, and it also reminds me of the quaint charm I saw there… It is an amazing thought to imagine the mansions of heaven designed for us! 🙂 Blessed weekend to you!

  12. You had me with Ann Shirley and the image of summer twirling it’s green frock. Such rich imagery – such life affirming, life giving imagery. Thank you for sharing your passion and encouragement with the linkup at #Give Me Grace

  13. Deb Wolf says:

    Absolutely beautiful, Pam! I’m not settling for limitations. I will ask Him! Thanks for this! Blessings!!

  14. Sherry says:

    It’s so pretty. Thanks for sharing at Home Sweet Home.

  15. Barbie says:

    What a lovely drawing. And you have such a gift for word weaving and story telling.

  16. Dawn Boyer says:

    Your words… I love to sit and read them and settle into the rhythm you weave. Your words are just as beautiful as your drawings…you are artistic in many ways. And I love the inspiration that you are planting here. Beautiful!

    Thank you for sharing this at the #GraceMoments Link up last week. Visiting you made my day.

    • Dawn, I can’t think of lovelier words to say of someone’s writing. The kind I read on the back of my favorite books, but never imagine referring to me. Means more than I can say to know you feel that way! Thank you for making my day! Blessings to you too!

  17. Gayl says:

    So beautiful, Pam, the words and the drawing. Thanks for sharing at #LMMLinkup!

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