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Creating from the fruit of our lips

Speaking Psalms, Hymns and Songs… Post 2 As the winding road approached the train trestle at the village edge, the grey drear of the day had improved, casting bright bits of blue sunshine through gauzy white clouds. I turned then … Continue reading

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When you are considering giving up the vote

A call to hope and not giving up! If ever we needed to humble ourselves and pray for our land, stand up and be counted, it is now… Thank you, Lord, for our home of many blessings… . “I’ve been … Continue reading

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In the Rain-Scrubbed Light of Day

Padding in to the living room, I pushed toile curtains aside on their rings, making my way window to window, throwing up cotton blinds to the morn. Outside, the breath of a breeze, child of the gale that stormed all … Continue reading

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One Bestselling Author Who is Making a Difference

“Lucy, Lucy, eats stinky food that puts us all in a big, bad mood!”  How can Ralph be so mean, Lucy wonders?  Lucy is one of a kind, and Ralph loves to point that out. Lucy’s defining moment comes when … Continue reading

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Recently, I was invited to participate as a writer in a lovely new online magazine… Just wanted to point out the pink “contributor” button over to the right — in case you’d like to hop over for a bit of … Continue reading

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One of my favorite Christmas cozies coming to Hallmark!

A merry e-letter pinged into my email today from author Robin Jones Gunn, enticing as the jingle jangle of bells on an opening tearoom door… Announcing the fun news that Hallmark is making one of my favorite Christmas novellas –  … Continue reading

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Take a walk with me?

The other day, a friend and I spent a rarely stolen, leisurely summer afternoon browsing one of our most charming lakeside towns…   I’m sharing a bit of this summer breeze day and promenade over at my other blog today… … Continue reading

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Have your pancake and eat it too!

The way the light trips gaily through my kitchen window this Sunday morning – scampering in quick tiptoe across my purple petals –  paints joy on every surface it touches…including me.   A sort of celebratory mood. “Pancakes!”  I suddenly … Continue reading

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