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Yellow Victorian Shop


It may be a stunning old Victorian Lady dressed in yellow on a corner near you.  Or perhaps a quintessentially charming ice cream parlor of bygone era where you always enjoy celebrating as a family.   You think it will always be there – but, mm…what if it isn’t?

Remembering another and different famed, long beloved yellow house I once knew in Santa Barbara, California, I searched for the family style restaurant online today and came upon this lovely reminiscence of a place that held such “story” for so many over the years *… 

Image result for free clipart of yellow jonquilsA Delicious Memory, 7/27/2016
Reviewer: Suzanne
Alas, it is no more, this family room. It was a reward we gave ourselves, driving north from LA, weighing the kids to see how much their meal would cost. Passing around the soup tureen, the salad bowl, the big platters of chicken and pot roast. Once, after he had grown, and could no longer pay by weight, my son surprised me as a friend and I celebrated our birthday (same day, different year). He drove all the way from Long Beach to join us in our wishes. And the food was always nourishing delicious and comforting. Alas, only a faded memory. Love love love you, old house!

How these words from Suzanne tug at so many such places of remembrance in my own life!  Yours too? 

Oh…I am thinking of a grand old ship turned restaurant, called the Reuben E. Lee, where my family and another family of friends used to gather for bowls of thick clam chowder served with piping hot sourdough bread fresh from the oven…  Mmm, somehow it seemed to have sailed away one day…never to be seen again.

I am remembering YET A THIRD wonderful yellow Victorian that added storyline to my life- this one a Chocolate Shoppe that used to nestle along a street just around the bend from my  house; the site my family always had to stop by first thing each time they visited from across country; the place I took for granted to be available whenever I craved THE BEST homemade pecan turtles or was searching out unique and charming gifts of the season … and how one day, movers came, picked it up from it’s foundations, and carried it off to unbeknownst land…

I am recalling the giggles of my soon to be three friend, Miss Molly, just the other afternoon — when I ran into her family as I was snapping detail photos of the place of my drawing (above) … and how she immediately raced to the white fencing at the yellow shoppes.  How her dark eyes and chirrupy voice sparkled as she called us to watch her peek out beneath the fence…  The one of a kind memory she and her family were making that ordinary day on their way to splurge on an afternoon ice cream a few shops down… And I wonder…how many more stories will they spin here on this village corner?

There are rumors that the shop owners are leaving, and it is up for rent.  “Oh,” my friend and I both exclaim as we watch Molly running and giggling in the buttercup glow – “We hope they never tear this place down!”

And so…  for all of us who love, love love the old and beautiful houses, the ways they write stories on our lives … I wanted to capture this bit of warm Americana charm and story in pen and ink and pastel.  For you.



Pen and Ink, “Yellow Victorian Shoppes at the Village Corner,”  mine.

Ask about “Yellow Victorian Shoppes at the Village Corner,” for purchase.   :)   See more in my Quaint Shops and other Architecture collection at (Picture It in Pen and Ink!)  (Please do not copy without permission. See my copyright info button on the sidebar.  :)  )


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