What is it about fall that sets a cottage aglow?

Heirloom House Autumn

“The Fall Umbrella Tree at Heirloom House Cottage”  (Note:  The true color on this in person is more pumpkin and persimmon)   ~  Prints available now in Heritage Home Portraits…


Mm…I know what it is about this one.

  • The way the stately tree sits atop the sloping lawn, holding its persimmon glory like an umbrella over this cozy home, casting it in golden hue and sending down feathery leaves to carpet at its feet…
  • The beautiful, delicate shapes of the narrow windows flanking the chimney, the dormer, the porch. 
  • All the many colonial details envisioned and crafted by an architect about 70 years ago…  the corbels supporting the bay window, the storybook lines of the roof and chimney, the rose window above a second bay, the copper-roofed cupola with its aged patina and weather vane…
  • The charming hanging lantern shedding light on the stair…  and colonial one below.
  • And… the old English-reminiscent antique store that comprises the lower half…

OOHHHH….. Love, Love, Love it…still.


Long ago and far away, I drew this one from the front view, wanting to capture the quintessential charm of the Heirloom House Antiques Shop that makes up the bottom part of this building.  Now… this time… it’s been  another view entirely, playing in my imagination…the cozy, warm, cottage home view…

For oftentimes lately, images I want to draw steal into my mind’s eye long before I put them to paper.  Such is the first memory I have of this warm little place as it was then, bathed in fall light…  

  • The first times I walked up the stairs and onto that porch, breathing in the scents of autumn…  reveling in the way fall illuminates a fire in the leaves that in some inexplicable way glows all the more on an overcast day. 
  • Moments of friendship I recall sharing over bowls of creamy wild rice and potato soup served inside that kitchen,
  • The warmly charming touches my friend added to its inside decor, friends and family celebration evenings by the cozy mantel fire…
  • Special memories that open up like a storybook now…

And as I sketched this from the picture in my mind (as well as from a few summery photos I took of it this August, envisioning the trees turned golden), planning it as a gift for friends who spent their honeymoon newlywed years inside it’s dear walls – another feeling swept over me. 

How there’s just something about it from this angle that reminds me of a seafarer’s cottage perched on a hill above the waves… 

Perhaps… it’s the ship-like lanterns? 

Or the shape of the chimney rising like a lighthouse tower? 

Or, mm… the sweet cupola and weather vane up top? 

I’m not sure… (yet, it actually does look out over a lake…at least, you can spot the water through a glen of woods when the leaves have fallen!)

But…most of all…

There’s just something in this cottage image that evokes  warmth of home to me.   The one that makes me think, oh…that would add the perfect touch on my walls or shelf, here!   🙂   Maybe… for you (or as a gift for someone you know), too?

Every cottage tells a story… I hope the bit of story in this one makes this cottage drawing even more alive to you! 

Image result for free image of black and white candlestickAsk about “The Fall Umbrella Tree at Heirloom House Cottage” for purchase.   :)   See more in my  Heritage Home Portraits… collection at https://pamdepoyanblog.wordpress.com (Picture It in Pen and Ink!)



©   Pam Depoyan

Pen and Ink, “The Fall Umbrella Tree at Heirloom House Cottage,”  mine.  (Please do not copy without permission. See my copyright info button on the sidebar.  :)  )

Candlestick – clipart



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