Cottage Cozy…

What is it about a British-Style cottage that just welcomes us in, like a candle in a window?

“You should draw the home my sister used to own,” she said on sudden inspiration.  “I’ve been looking for a special gift for her.”

She went on to tell me how the family had been encouraging her sister, husband and kids to return from states away and when they did, they’d found and fallen in love with this place.  “If they hadn’t needed more room eventually, she’d never have left this home,” she added.  It’s a lovely old Tudor – probably built in the ’30’s or ’40’s.  You’d love the neighborhood too.”

Just this  brief description had me envisioning the charm of this place.  And a street of homes that did not disappoint – all miniature versions of English, Cottage and Southern column and verandah style homes, closely nestled together, yet distinct of their own. They made me want to go up and down the block, snapping pictures…

A next door neighbor sat out on her porch, talking on her cell, as I drew up, found the house number and alighted from my car camera in hand.   I cringed slightly.  Would I appear as some sort of stalker taking photo after photo from various angles?

I could feel her inquisitive stare following me as I stepped to the side, across the way, back to the front…clicking non stop.   I prepared to explain that I was an artist who loved this charming architecture… But, perhaps too engrossed in her own conversation, she said nothing to me, and I simply left…brimming with ideas and thoughts of coming again at a better time of day for light… (Thankfully, no one was there the second time I came by!)

This one was a delight to put to pen and paper – like illustrating one of my favorite classics anew!   The kind of picture and landscape setting that simply makes me envision stories.  As I believe any good piece of artwork on our walls should do!  🙂



Prints available now in People and Landscapes After the English Heart

at (Picture It in Pen and Ink!)

Image result for tasha tudor english garden drawing

There’s just something in this Tudor cottage image that evokes  home and light to me.    Maybe… for you (or as a gift for someone you know), too?


©   Pam Depoyan

Tudor photos:  mine

English Garden  photo – Tasha Tudor’s English Garden


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2 Responses to Cottage Cozy…

  1. Sylvia R says:

    Lovely rendering, on your other site. (Couldn’t figure out how to leave a comment there.) Beautiful!

    • Thanks so much, Sylvia! I love these cottages! And of course, I’m hooked on all things English. The comments on this blog are at the bottom of the post as you know. Over on my other one, they are up at the top of the post. You should see “comments” to click on up top at the Communique post if you landed there (or of course on any of the other category links on the right of the blog, it is the same.) Probably your first comment wouldn’t appear right away the first time you leave me one over there until I approve it.

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