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Remember when wonder tasted like Christmas morn?

Visions of vintage Christmas images I might draw have been playing round the edges of my thoughts lately…  particularly the kind you see in all those wonderful movie treasures of the 1940’s.   Some of the 50’s… 60’s too.   I just … Continue reading

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Happy Thanksgiving!

On this day of giving thanks, what if we take up a refreshing challenge to  be a blessing? Today, I am pondering the grateful hearts of the first settlers celebrating teamwork and mutual respect and adventure of beginning on a … Continue reading

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When inner whispers come…

You know those “I want you to step out in faith and do something bold” thoughts that whisper into your heart and mind in the most unusual moments, and though seemingly out of the blue and sometimes even sounding incongruous … Continue reading

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Movie Review: Hallmark’s “Finding Father Christmas”

Where, o where did all the charm go? I am ever a fan of Hallmark movies.   Feel-good, light, warm, endearing, romantic, Christmasey, mysterious, sometimes a touch of heartwarming drama…  all these adjectives and more.  Though predictable in many ways, … Continue reading

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When you are simply…gobsmacked

Sunlight poured rich and warm as golden syrup on the day, pooling, spilling onto the neighborhood where I walked.   Here, there, random showers of pumpkin and russet bits of glory flickered as they fell,  gilt round their edges as … Continue reading

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Have you ever thought of yourself as ‘accomplice’ to Light (or not)?

Meeting with a few of my neighbors tonight, we shared prayer, testimonies, uplifting faith stories about stepping out in a boldness of the Spirit, planned an upcoming evening to reach out to others and pondered the best time of day … Continue reading

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When you still feel like staying home…

Let us remember Who calls us to voting polls and listen for His Voice… Over the last month or so, in the midst of so many insidious news reveals and corruption, words from the pen of C.S. Lewis have been … Continue reading

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What is it about a home with a verandah…

 …that just invites us into tea and magnolia? . Mm…I know what it is about this one. The way it’s rounded shape reminds me of an elegantly classic showboat, somehow moored here lakeside on a hill… The air of story … Continue reading

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