What is it about a home with a verandah…

 …that just invites us into tea and magnolia?

Digital Camera


Mm…I know what it is about this one.

  • The way it’s rounded shape reminds me of an elegantly classic showboat, somehow moored here lakeside on a hill…
  • The air of story that calls me back to delicious mystery reads set in Charleston or Savannah… (Can’t you hear the stories whispering in the trees?  🙂  )
  • The beautiful interplay of sunlight and shadows dappling across the lawn, into the treetops, over the home…
  • The modern take on Victorian that creates at once a warm mix of new and old charm, makes me envision it bedecked at Christmas with garlands of boughs and red ribbons and tiny white lights… shining cheer to others across the lake…

Digital Camera

A couple of months back, out for a breather along a wooded path that winds lakeside, a friend and I caught up on each others lives while nonchalantly taking in the beautiful gardens, hilltop manses set in among a smattering of smaller, cottage style waterside cabanas – just enjoying the great weather and refreshing surroundings.   Until… rounding a curve we suddenly stepped as if into a dream.

“Wow,” we exclaimed together, simply staring.

“I love how it looks like a showboat,”  I breathed in a near whisper, as though we might be overheard.

“And just imagine relaxing on that porch with a good book, looking out at that view,” she sighed, waving her arm at the expanse of the lake shimmering blue beside us.

Simply a stunner.

Along with the also wonderingly ship-like appearance of it’s neighbor to the right, this home took the breath away.  Not in an envious manner…just in a sort of step into a wonderful story sort of way.  Instantly, I longed to catch that sunlight and shadow tripping lightly up and over that sweeping green landscape.   I wondered – could I really illustrate all the little intricacies?  That delicate lattice work at it’s “bow.” The windows and doors winking in the sun?

And this week, seeing it come alive in black and white was like finding myself back in the pages of all those wonderfully written mysteries I used to devour – novels by Mary Stewart and other wordsmiths who always drew me into the landscape and architecture of their settings.  I’m nowhere near the South, but somehow this showboat home seems as if it belongs there…  I can hear the voices murmuring from the front porch, over tea and sleuthing.  I can smell magnolia and roses in the garden…Even melt to a gorgeous romantic number from Jerome Kern’s classic musical, Showboat...“Make Believe…”


Showboat (“Cottage”) at the Lake


I just love the way a home portrait whispers stories to our hearts…

And I’m wondering…

What story do you ‘read’ in this one?



©   Pam Depoyan

pen and ink, Showboat (“Cottage”) at the Lake : mine.  (Please do not copy without permission. See my copyright info button on the sidebar.  :)  ) 


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photos: mine


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