Remember when wonder tasted like Christmas morn?

Image result for clipart of evergreen boughVisions of vintage Christmas images I might draw have been playing round the edges of my thoughts lately…  particularly the kind you see in all those wonderful movie treasures of the 1940’s.   Some of the 50’s… 60’s too.   I just love the classic lines of the children’s clothing of those eras – the sweet curve of a knitted cap against a rosy cheek, the Swiss chalet design on sweaters.  And the way they remind me of some of my favorite artists of Good Housekeeping cover days…like Jessie Wilcox Smith…

Mm… just the sort of artwork that tells our stories even today.  Art that marks a special memory or season or child’s accomplishment… like treasured ornaments we choose to hold our memories year to year…

So… googling for images I might use as inspiration and modeling… I’ve hit upon a theme for this new season.


That frosty day, zip across ice, soar on a Star, ring a Christmas bell sort of wonder!

Image result for clipart of an old fashioned ice skate

Won’t you join me over at my other blog

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to see the first in this, my 2016 Christmas Design series?


Look for my Christmas Savings Celebration there too!




Recently, fellow blogger Sarah Geringer graciously asked to  interview  me for her lovely Christmas series on finding peace in our hearts and lives.  To read that interview, just click here:


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13 Responses to Remember when wonder tasted like Christmas morn?

  1. Thanks Pam, I was so happy to interview you! I appreciate the link!

  2. Your Christmas Wonder series sounds great. I’ll hop over to check it out. Linking with you at #TellHisStory.

    • I’ve been thinking how wonder is really a gift He gives us because it leads us to looking to Him in awe for His beauty, greatness etc. Thanks for checking my other blog — Hope you like the first drawing in this series – the small skater 🙂

  3. Lori @ Frog's Lilypad says:

    Pam, your designs are beautiful! Thank you for sharing with Thankful Thursdays.

  4. Being Woven says:

    Wonder…as I have aged, sometimes the “wonder” has dwindled to a tiny amount and then I will see a butterfly or a child or something…and my wonder returns. Yes, Christmas mornings were once filled with wonderful wonder. I can recall many a morning that the “wonder” still flows through me and I can feel it all so well. Yes, I want the wonder of my Savior to be so precious this Christmas morn. Thank you, thank you.

  5. welcomeheart says:

    I think ice skating always looks more wonderful than it actually is – Ouch when I fall and weak ankles! Ha! Perhaps the wonder is lost on a California girl but yesterday my husband put in a slate hearth and we are looking forward to stockings being filled by the chimney with care this year after 13 years of a remodel! Praising God for His Wonderful son!

    • I’ve actually never been ice skating (even though this former Calif girl could have at local ice rinks during growing up years) but it always sounded like fun to me to skate on frozen lakes like they do in old movies! And I always looked forward to watching figure skating on TV with my mom, going to a few ice shows … 🙂 Enjoy your new remodel! I love the stockings on the mantel!

  6. Jann Olson says:

    Those images evoke wonderful childhood Christmas memories. I’m sure whatever you do, it will be fabulous! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

    • Thank you, Jann, for such wonderful words! That means so much, to know they evoke wonderful childhood Christmas memories for you – my hope they would do for all who see them! 🙂 Just like your delightful cups of tea evoke warmth and joy!

  7. Thank you for stopping by to link up with us at Literacy Musings Monday. 🙂

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