Blossoming blooms and heart whispers

To my imaginings, the tiny market round the corner offers the ambience of coming upon streets of France – like closing a blast of wintry gray behind you, to enter upon a vacation open air market overflowing with rainbow buckets of blossoming blooms and the wafting scent of warm bread loaves fresh from boulangerie ovens in the back corner.

I can’t resist bringing home the feel with mini pinks for my white pitcher, and add this small luxury to my cart.  Astonishingly, they never seem to fade and continually cascade in tumbles of fresh-cut color atop my kitchen counter for three whole weeks or more, painting joy like birdsong to greet me every time I enter.   Mm… Perhaps this market should alter their name to Marchand Joe’s, I smile.   Such a bargain of simple smiles for $3.99…

This small-priced but extravagant delight reminds me of something I heard a new author of a book on faith telling a news anchor in interview.  “If God is talking to us all the time, why don’t people hear Him more?” the reporter poses.

“Because we aren’t listening…,” the author rejoins.  “Have you ever noticed all the people on the subway or standing in lines, headphones to ear, fingers to I-pads?  How can we hear amid all the other noise if we never listen to the quiet?”  

Thoughtfully, the anchor nods.

Out of stillness of soul comes lyrical poetry.  Music.  Ideas.  Even – the gift of fresh cut flowers.  But most of all… awareness of (and more, connection to) One who knows our entire story first page forward and calls us beloved. 

For some reason, that thought leads me along another rabbit trail to thinking of something someone told me recently.  “I love a childhood picture I have of my husband because it reminds me to see parts of the tenderness, the young innocence of who he was then is still in the man now…”

A sudden image of our Father, holding our baby pictures before Him, seeing us through the lens of who we were and who we will become in His dream for us,  stirs me…

I love that, for I love to see photos of others when they were small.  Because often they were taken before the heart was masked.  They can make me see someone in a whole new light, or reveal there is more to their story than meets the eye.   Perhaps a coworker seems constantly disgruntled, but seeing their childhood photo reveals a happy go lucky person.  What happened along the way?

See them as I do, the Lord whispers… to all who will hear.


Pink petals background. EPS 10 vector file included Stock Vector - 68245428

   They might be of people you admire or not…

Yet, when you look into their much younger faces, maybe you’ll find a bit of well known expression, a touch of endearing that makes you see them in a fresh light, gives a deeper insight of their story…

      ( Won’t you join me over at my Picture it in Pen and Ink blog for an illustrated P.S. to this post and a fun “Guess Who?”  Just click here…    )


©   Pam Depoyan


About Pam@Writing...Apples of Gold

I love to hear your thoughts, even chat back and forth amongst comments.Won't you join the conversation? :) ..................................................................................................................... May my stories refresh you, like a whisper from our Father's Heart !
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14 Responses to Blossoming blooms and heart whispers

  1. pamecrement says:

    Love this thought and image, Pam! A small bouquet of fresh flowers adds so much to my day tie when I take time to choose to pick them up.

  2. Your words truly are like “apples of gold in a setting of silver”! I can almost smell the fresh bread and mini pinks!

  3. lynndmorrissey says:

    Pam it is wonderful to be back from Iona and to read your lovely words–cascading as always. God’s creation were words for my journey, His natural handiwork the lines of speech. It was enough, though obviously I’m a word person. So it is good to be back home and reading again. I took books, but didn’t have time to read them. Instead, I often walked and soaked up the beauty. Interesting that you should speak of the photos, because my cousin discovered one of my father when he was a little boy. But he’s not smiling–it is almost haunting; so we’ve wondered what experience evoked his mood. Well, I have jetlag still and am falling asleep as I write. Need to eat dinner. Sending so much love and gratitude for your endless gifts!

    • God’s words painted in all the beauty there for your soul, Lynn! I can only imagine from all the photos I’ve seen of Scotland, all the beautiful descriptive words I’ve read of the lochs and byrnes… I did something to my back and haven’t been able to sit and post much here, so I hoped this one made some sense…

      I have a few photos of my dad when he was small that haunt me in the same way you describe, Lynn… I am wondering if they were taken in an era (early 30’s) when most did not really smile for the camera though. Later pictures have smiles, but it does make me wonder what was happening in those younger ones. Even the somber picture of the little girl I drew in the coat and hat (on my other blog) makes me wonder why she is so serious. Yet in her face I don’t see sadness, just pretty features. She is one of the “before they were famous” drawings I’ve started doing of people we know now, but as they were when they were little… Inspired by this one I came upon by chance of the little girl. No one has guessed her… I was astonished to find the photo that drew me to draw was of Nancy Reagan! I don’t recognize her as she was in her first Lady days, but I have seen her in old movies of the 50’s… and when I compare the child’s face to that young woman’s, I think I do see it! 🙂 I love the family one I did too because it so reminds me of a Norman Rockwell image, and because I can see something of the same expression in the little boy there that I have seen in him as a man…
      Get all the rest you need! So glad you had such a wonderful and blessed trip!

  4. lolita says:

    Oh, Pam.
    How I wish I didn’t get lost in a maze of my own making. I lost my voice for a while but I never forgot your fresh encouragement. I also lost so much refreshment from here. Like a dear to water, my soul thirst.

    Anyway, from Palawan Philippines, where God has planted us anew, mu son being there ahead of me to serve the tribes there, I may find a little bit of the voice, which is not my own but God’s.

    I underwent so much pain, which a blogger could not quite publish, a deep soulful sorrow. But I am healed.

    I love the tenderness of a heart not world-corrupted, like the photos of childhood.

    Thanks, Pam. ( I miss you so much!)

    • Dear Lolita, so wonderful to find you here today! I am so sorry to hear of all the pain you have been experiencing. Not sure if you are referring to physical or emotional, though it does sound as though you have had a heart ache most of all. Whatever it has been, God has never left you and I pray that you will feel His arms around you in every moment. May that healing you know now just go deeper and deeper, singing His joy inside you as your strength. I have missed you here too, and I think of you and pray for you – rivers of refreshing to you! I have found myself reading psalms aloud in prayer a lot these days and encourage you to do that too… Bless the Lord O my soul, He restores and beautifies and lifts me out of the pit!

  5. So much beauty and depth in your words. Thank you for sharing.

  6. MaryHill says:

    I love the thought of hearing Jesus more and focusing on Him and His Word and not the myriad of distractions in our daily lives. Thanks for joining us at the #LMMLinkup this past week.

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