An Easter tale to hearken us to Sunday

Finding the endearing photo that inspired this drawing spun a bit of my imagination to how this long ago image might have come about…  🙂


Quickly, lightly, she tripped down the staircase, reveling in the swish swish of her lacy new dress, happy to be up and ready to await the others.  There was something so fresh, so quiet and enchanting about a new and early morning… like coming upon the first spring crocus blooming up out of the hardened brown earth… making her long to be its discoverer.

The east-facing living room had a soft air to it, a whispery feeling of secret messages yet to be told in the day and a bell-like brightness, like a brook on a rain-washed morn; someone had opened the windows so that the breeze was now billowing the sheers — where together with the sunlight flickering through them — they danced higher and higher the way music does in cathedral rafters.   It was a sweet, lovely, clean breeze that brought in the song of the birds and the rustling leaves beyond.

Above this, the mantel clock chimed, a lovely foretelling of chapel bells soon to be ringing alleluias, but it was the fragrance so filling the room now that beckoned her come, catching and soaring her heart as kite to wind.  Fragrance like a Presence of Glory.

It was then she felt it most, this Eastery, shivery, ripple-y joy.

And pulling a stool near the tall vase scrolled in blue and white birds and flowers, she leaned in to cradle and breathe in the scented blooms in her hands.

“Good morning beauties!” she couldn’t help greeting them aloud.


See two more portraits of this little girl at my Picture it in Pen and Ink blog,  All Things Childhood


May the Fragrance of His Beauty

fill your hearts and home this Easter!

©   Pam Depoyan

Heaven Scent, little girl drawing above: mine.  (Please do not copy without permission. See my copyright info button on the sidebar.  :)  ) 

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12 Responses to An Easter tale to hearken us to Sunday

  1. lynndmorrissey says:

    so lovely Pam. Your imagination takes flight. Just love where your mind so poetically wanders!!! This would make a great journaling exercise for my classes too!! 🙂 I wish you a most joyous Easter. Christ is risen. He is risen, indeed. Hallelujah!!

    • Yes, fun to see where a picture takes you in imagining creatively! Don’t know if you continued on to the related piece on my other blog, but so interesting to me to find out more about the actual girl in this drawing…and how God fulfilled dreams in her life…

      The same blessing on you and your family this Easter!

  2. Pam – you have a way with words that just makes my imagination jump right in while reading your words. I am delighted to be your neighbor at #SpiritualSundays today … it’s been a while since we have been neighbors, and I have missed reading your words.

    PS… If you are looking for another linkup opportunity on Thursday’s – I would love if you would consider linking up here: (Feel free to remove the link if you feel it is inappropriate) Party goes live at 3am Thursday and runs through Sunday night 🙂

  3. Your writing is so beautiful – it makes me feel as if I am right there in the room! Happy Easter!

  4. Such beautiful words! They always draw me in. Spring blessings!

  5. Eileen Libbey says:

    Pam, you do have a way of painting beautiful pictures with your words. So lovely. Thank you!

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