Beyond Time

More than most years, to me, this spring feels like being led to a key glistening on the ground in a patch of melting snow one day –  and finding that key, slipping it into the lock of a suddenly revealed door in the wall, to an amazingly perfect fit!  And thrusting that door open to a sensational secret garden growing there all this time.

A garden not just growing higgledy-piggledy there, but planned just for you, for me.

I’ve long felt it was no coincidence that a pink dogwood was planted beside my front porch – not a yellow or a white of neighboring homes — years before I would own this little cottage.  A not random jewel of love thought ahead and designed with me in mind, by Someone knowing how those rosy buds could soar my spirit and fill me with thankfulness – set there before I would even come.

Only one year ago, that lovely tree appeared to be dying.  Bare and brittle branches stuck this way and that, the few blossoms that did come forth seemed papery, crinkly and withering before they even fully bloomed.  Nothing to be done, was the consensus of those in charge of the gardening.

Well…nothing that is but — speak to it in the way the Lord spoke to the fig tree sort of prayer, I thought.   So I did – calling it to LIFE and bloom once more.  A prayer maybe even sort of buried and forgotten under the snow until a few weeks ago when I saw the first new buds appear.

And appear and appear and appear.

Lush and overflowing, every branch covered.

OHHHH, I breathed every time I sat by the window and drank in that rose haloed glory.  For three whole weeks of intense bloom.

Coincidence?  Are there really any coincidences?   I don’t think so. 

Recently, I was thinking of my favorite teacher and a of moment in an over 40-year ago classroom when for some reason her birth date came up in class conversation, and how I had filed it away in my mind.   I think it struck me at the time because it was the same month and day as a popular holiday and as a kid I simply thought it was a cool day to be born.    Just one of thousands of everyday moments over three years of taking every class I could with her… yet that memory of a date “spoken offhandedly” somehow stayed with me.

Now, having been back in touch for the first time just this past year, I thought maybe I’d surprise her with a birthday email.

“I’m not sure if I’m just conjuring this up or if today really is your birthday,” I wrote, “but if it is, I just wanted to let you know I am thinking of you and wishing you a happy day!”

“Wow, you have some memory!” she wrote back almost instantly.  “You are right and I had even forgotten all about it today…”

I couldn’t help thinking that no one should forget their special day, and how if we lived close to each other, I’d have loved to stop by with a surprise birthday bouquet…

But then again… maybe, in a way, I had.  For in God’s time, He knew and arranged for the teen me to hear and take to heart that date, in that really non-standout classroom minute  — knowing that forty plus years later He could use that remembrance to touch someone with a bit of His heart…

I don’t know that she recognizes Him in it.  But the thought of God doing that — sitting with us in that classroom and planting that fact in me – keeping the memory of it alive there for just such a time as this — and all the while seeing so many years ahead to how it could become a blessing sent “out of the blue…” stuns me with the magnitude of His knowing us inside and out…

Somehow in the words behind her words, I feel it was a blessing needed.

Letting her know.  You are not only thought of, but specifically, uniquely remembered and cherished today.

And letting me know…just how wondrously He weaves the colors and threads of tapestry in our lives – even decades ahead.

Just because He is always thinking of us.

Beyond time.

Revealing His heart in the most un-imagined ways.

And creating ways for us be a part of it… one to the other.

©  Pam Depoyan

Have you seen God’s Hand in a way that makes you recognize something He planted years ago is now revealing His tapestry in and through your life today?  I’d love to hear your stories…


Inside The Child Corner of an English Garden drawing — above: mine.  This is one of several new full color pastels in my Bluebonnet gallery at Picture it in Pen and Ink.  (Please do not copy without permission. See my copyright info button on the sidebar.  :)

See More of My Full Color drawings celebrating the beautiful bluebonnets — in my newest gallery over here:


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17 Responses to Beyond Time

  1. welcomeheart says:

    it’s so true that when i take time to listen I recall something that could make a little bit of a difference in another’s life – and we are all blessed in the doing of the blossoms!

  2. Helene says:

    Those little things, the stirrings of the Spirit, matter enormously!

    • I’m just so amazed to think how He stirred up that innocuous conversation in a high school classroom so that simple info could be used to bless decades later… mm, the stirrings of the Spirit! 🙂 He sees our lives beginning to end, and is working in every moment tieing them together in wondrous ways… Thanks, Helene…

  3. I definitely can relate to how God does things for us just because, because He loves us, because He can, because He delights in us and wants to be our delight.
    When I went to Africa, there had been drought for years in the country where we were. The Lord knows how much I love rain on a hot summer day, and He broke the drought with numerous downpours that first year we were there.
    When we moved to a town in France, I was told that they had not had snow for three years. The Lord knows how much I love that first snowfall of the year, and sure enough, down it came, so beautiful, so white, so pure!
    God is good and so faithful! 🙂

    • Love your stories of the rain and the snow!! That’s just like our Father 🙂 I imagine His watching us for our delight in His delighting us (as we do when we give presents to those we love)… Thank you for sharing – sounds like He has taken you many exciting places!

      • I like that picture of Him watching us for our delight in His gift! I want to learn to continue in the delight and gratefulness that should become a part of our soul when we intentionally remember those delightful gifts that He has given and give Him the glory and praise that is due Him, Who is the delightful Giver!

  4. Just lovely, Pam – your beautiful blossoming tree and your words. I’ve been thinking how those small remembrances can make a big difference in someones life. How thoughtful of you to reach out and make someones day extra special. Glad to be your neighbor at #tellhisstory.

    • Thanks, Tiffany. I’ve been thinking too how we may never even know if or how those little remembrances affect someone because they may never say… but I just believe God is at work in things like this, and how exciting it is to contemplate that. 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

  5. Kelli LaFram says:

    Such a sweet and beautiful story. Thank you for sharing. 🙂

  6. Bettie G says:

    Oh, such beautiful thoughts! We’re neighbors over at #TuneInThursday, and God seems to be speaking in similar ways to us this week! In my post I shared how He spoke to me through a golden drop of dew. Isn’t our Lord so precious to find just the right ways to touch our hearts? I love your drawing of “The Child Corner of an English Garden” also! Blessings to you!

    • Thank you, Bettie! I just hopped over to read your “golden dew” – such a beautiful revelation and something that encourages me today too! I declare His healing word of 1 peter 2:24 over you today, the promise that he has already healed us by his wounds, and we declare by faith what we do not yet see, but what He says is so! I’m so glad you enjoyed that drawing too. I love those secret English gardens! Blessings to you today too!

  7. Brandi Raae says:

    Pink Dogwoods are so whimsical. I miss having them around. I live in the desert now but used to live in Tennessee. I do love desert weather, but we don’t have Dogwood trees. Thanks for linking up at the #LMMLinkup.

    • I love the dogwoods too. Didn’t grow up with them so they really stand out to me. When I found the child’s bench to put under it in my garden, it seemed just right… 🙂 Whimsical is a good word for it! I noticed the pale yellows across the way from me this year looked like yellow stars on branches… Thanks for sharing, Brandi!

  8. Dani Muñoz says:

    What a beautiful testimony, Pam! It’s such a blessing to reflect on God’s goodness, and how it often appears in a timing we don’t expect, or in little details. His ways are so worthy of praise!

    • Thank you, Dani… I was hoping that the detail about God bringing about a conversation 40 years ago and then using that info now to bless — and to show His heart down to the minute details — spoke to everyone here as it does to me… 🙂 Yes, His ways are amazing and worthy of praise and awe 🙂 I’m so glad to know this touched you!

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