Mark Your Christmas Calendar Joy…

Sometimes a somewhat silly Christmas movie can whisper inspiration to a lovely idea here…

Vegging a bit the other night, I turned to a new bit of confectionary holiday fare about a young woman who inherits a failing bakery from her recently deceased grandmother.  Saddened and blindsided by the looming threat of foreclosure of a business she so hoped to keep going, and definitely not in the mood for frivolity, the woman barely takes notice of a mysterious mini 3-D Christmas calendar house that suddenly appears there in her shop.

“OOOOHhhhhh,” her younger co-worker breathes, fingering the numbered doors on the charming piece, carved and painted like a Victorian doll house.  “You have a secret admirer!”

News of the beautiful little house filled with its hidden messages, secret notes to be opened one a day leading to Christmas, spreads wildly — like a game of telephone — to the townspeople.  Even more suddenly, people from all over begin crowding into the bakery to speculate on who the secret admirer could be.  Finally, at their insistence, the woman agrees to put it behind glass and publicly open her daily notes at the same time each day so everyone can be there to hear them read aloud.

In this, a new Christmas tradition ensues, bringing the town together.  Friendly bets fly day to day as the people choose first one “suitor” they think is behind it and then another, transforming this gift to one of wonder and joy in their days.  And, like the oil that the prophet multiplied for the woman in the bible, the bakery is suddenly flowing over with customers-turned-new-friends.  The woman goes along with the note-reading to please them, but her heart is never really in it… until she comes to the last message.

She pulls out the final note with a sigh, knowing the camaraderie of the moment may be the last she enjoys if the bank swoops in.   Everyone leans in to hear, waiting for the grand reveal, certain they have figured out the mystery.  But… it is so much more than anyone could have imagined!  (Except for the one man who indeed has become special to the woman over the last weeks, and who then tells her he had suspected the answer all along.)

“I wanted to make this for you dear,” the woman begins to read, sudden emotion overcoming as understanding dawns,  “so in a way we could spend one last Christmas together…All my love, Grandma.”  Tears mist her eyes and she can’t continue.  All this time she had paid little attention to the words of the messages, even treated them as a nuisance, not realizing they were true love notes from the late one so cherished... and you know then she is going to go back and savor each one…

A simple calendar, carved and planned as a gift of wonder… meant for one, but given to many.

Reminding me of the One who Gave Us All His Love, and how we can often miss the treasure of those love notes…

And so I mused… Why not make this Christmas calendar house a December posting theme here?  With love notes from our NOT SO SECRET ADMIRER, the Giver of Christmas? Messages I hear Him whispering into my prayer times, spoken to me — yet, maybe… a blessing of true Christmas Present to your days too?

So… I invite you all… to Christmas Presence for our December days!

Please join me over these December Days for the

opening of my Christmas Calendar House messages!



This is only the introductory post,

so please bookmark to return!


And if you miss any of the upcoming,

or want to go back and catch up, you’ll find them

all posted here:  Christmas Calendar House Joy


© Pam Depoyan

“Christmas Calendar House,”  mine.  Please do not copy without permission. See my copyright info button on the sidebar.  :)

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10 Responses to Mark Your Christmas Calendar Joy…

  1. How wonderful! Can’t wait to read along! ❤ Amy

  2. lynndmorrissey says:

    Pam, I’ve really been ill, so we’ve been lowkey watching some Christmas movies too (comfort time). To which movie are you referring? And what a wonderful idea for December. YOu always think of such interesting, surprising, and joyful endeavors. I always think of God’s Word has His many love letters to us. Your concept is perfect as we think of the Letter of His Son, the living Word, actually signed in His blood, we can read them eternally (in person)!
    Thank you for sharing.

    • So sorry you’ve been feeling under it, but it is a good excuse to enjoy those movies! This was one I just came across recently. Not Hallmark… some other channel. Kind of kooky overall, and not really my favorite, but I liked the basic message. I think it was called Christmas Calendar. I’m looking forward to how God leads my posts… Thanks, Lynn. Praying for speedy healing, especially for your singing coming up.

  3. elizabethfstewart says:

    What a fabulous idea!

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