Message 9: A Time for Gathering Wonder

Children around Holly Basket

“Basketful of Merry For You”

“For it is good to be children sometimes, and never better than at Christmas, when its mighty Founder was a child Himself.” 

Charles Dickens, A Christmas Carol


When life’s load seems to be deepening,

    when sorrow and fear seem to be mingling,

    when wonder seems far away and almost fantastical,

    when hope is like frosted crystal you can’t quite see through…

…Remember its the thief who wants to isolate and depress…

Today is the time to revisit your remembrance stones of joy and peace, laughter and God’s providing Heart… to rejoice in times and places and prayers where He has met you with open arms of Light and Life and Healing.

It’s time to marvel and receive…

His baskets full of merry,

gathered and bundled and special-delivery sent

for and to you!

In the Old Covenant, My people often placed stones of remembrance at the site of My miracle meetings with them.  Markers to remind them of My Power, Presence, Restoration, Leading… 

There is one who would try to convince you that I do not see you, can’t hear you, won’t answer you…  He is rattling and worrying like the great moaning sound of Scrooge’s ghost partner, Marley, clanging his chains and bemoaning no hope… no hope… no hope. 

Refuse these lying, attacking thoughts in MY NAME!  Brandish the sword of My Word, put on the armor of Righteousness – for you are made righteous in ME — and quench these fiery darts with the Shield of FAITH!  You are the temple of My Holy Spirit, and therein lies the treasure of stones of remembrance within your reach.  Remember the specific moment when I lifted you out of a pit?  Recall the day I set you free?  Remember the way fear fell off you when took refuge in My Love and Embrace?  Think on these things… hold them up to the lies and receive the wonders of My Joy as I ripple them over you.  Christmas is coming… but truly, behold, I have already come!  And I leave you never…  I hear your prayers and the answers are even now in the making behind the scenes.  Only believe, as I told the man whose daughter had died.   Praise Me before you see…  I am writing  stories of your faith in My Book of Remembrance…


To Ponder:

What remembrance stones of His majesty moving in my life,

  has He shown me this year?

© Pam Depoyan

This is the ninth post in my December Christmas House Calendar theme… similar to an Advent Calendar where you “open a door” to receive a message.  In this case, one born of prayer and whispers from our “not so secret admirer.”  Mark your calendar to come back here often this month for more “secret messages!” 

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“Basketful of Merry For You” now on display and available for purchase at my new gallery in  my “Picture It in Pen and Ink” blog  —  Christmas Wonder

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6 Responses to Message 9: A Time for Gathering Wonder

  1. Fabulous post, I have read about the book of remembrance too, but I need to go get a copy of A Christmas Carol and read it instead of seeing the movie.

    • Thank you… I love how God writes that in the Word, that He keeps a book of remembrance about us, about the times we speak of Him, etc.

      I have a copy and should re-read A Christmas Carol… so many wonderful movie versions out there that it can keep us from reading too.

  2. Yes! Amen for remembrance – so critical.

  3. Beautiful post, Pam. Merry Christmas to you!

  4. Thank you, Sarah! Merry Christmas blessings to you too!

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