Message 12: The Gift of Blessing

Little Girl Christmas Baking

“Mama’s Little Christmas Baker”

Take time to make a wonder-memory.




I have given you the gift of speaking blessing over each other…

Of coming alongside, placing your hand on another’s shoulder, declaring Light and Life and My Glory that was, is and is to come…

Do you ever think about the people – some you know personally, others who may be strangers — who opened your fingers and placed wonder in them?

Maybe they spent hours upon hours with you, sharing laughter, putting their hands over yours and guiding you as you began to learn…

Maybe they wrote a book or sang a song or acted in a play that moved you greatly… stirred hope and light and joy into the mix of your life. 

Maybe they reached out and helped you over a hurdle you never thought you could scale?

To those who somehow made a wonder-memory within you that still rings like bells of joy in you today… 

Even to those in the world you know by name only… communication is more available than ever before…

Might you find a way to bless them with a fresh memory that says, “You are honored.  You changed my life.  Your gift has brought light and life and hope to me in so many ways”?  Perhaps a written note that comes as a hand of blessing on their head?

He who honors, encourages, uplifts, thanks another and lets them know how important they are to them… does so to Me.



To Ponder:

Has someone been in my thoughts lately — even a stranger — who could use a note of my blessing on their life?


© Pam Depoyan

This is the 12th post in my December Christmas House Calendar theme… similar to an Advent Calendar where you “open a door” to receive a message.  In this case, one born of prayer and whispers from our “not so secret admirer.”  Mark your calendar to come back here often this month for more “secret messages!” 

Missed the introduction to this Christmas House Calendar Theme?  If you’d like to catch up or read any of the posts for this month, you’ll find them here:

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“Mama’s Little Christmas Baker” now on display and available for purchase at my new gallery in  my “Picture It in Pen and Ink” blog  —  Christmas Wonder

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4 Responses to Message 12: The Gift of Blessing

  1. colarnold says:

    What a lovely idea. In today’s quick communication world, a handwritten note is a treasure, and a personal one thanking someone for touching my life would be really meaningful – for them and me! I’m off to try it now!
    Colleen Arnold

  2. Sherry Stahl says:

    Gonna write some Christmas Blessings today!
    Praying you have a Merry Christmas!
    ~Sherry Stahl

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