Message 14: Luminaria

“Lights of Christmas”

I stand and breathe in the brisk December twilight, watching  lights sparkle on one by one, house by house.  Oh, the tenderness I see in this welcoming of the season’s joy!  Something in them mists my eyes,  stars and moistens my lashes.  For a moment, Heaven shimmers a touch of Glory, like luminaria glowing, fluttering brightly in bags of sand… set out by loving Hand to lead us to where the true celebration begins …



The Glory of the Lord is shining upon you.  Anointing you to proclaim the good news, bind the brokenhearted, set the captives free, bestow a crown of beauty and light on a world hungering for light…as I did.  For you are My followers and you are to move in greater ways than you have allowed…

This is the power of My Spirit in you.  Not anything you work out in and of yourselves.  I simply call you to invite ME to shine more brightly in you.  To make you like a house lit from every corner, as with gold, for celebration!

Invite Me to take your hands so I may ENLIGHTEN every corner of your mind, heart, spirit… for you are the Temple of My Spirit and I want to string My Lights from window to window inside you!  Not just for a week or two, as the world does in this season…but to burn brighter and longer with My eternal Light of Glory.  ENLIGHTEN – with wisdom, yes.  Also, as in ILLUMINATION, with my Glory rising in you to all who see you. Drawing wandering sojourners to find and know they are home only in Me…

As the Northern Lights reveal Mystery and Wonder and Majesty to a watching, wondering world, how much more I long to shine and wave colors of such radiant beauty in and through My People!

Invite Me.  

Daily pray Isaiah 60 and 61 in such a way that you are prophesying those words of truth in and over your life.  Sing over yourself and others – “The Lord is rising His Glory on me, on you… !”  Rejoice in that truth and put it on as your Heavenly raiment even now.

The world awaits festive, merry, hope, joy, light…  Ask Me to open eyes to seeing My Glory over you, and be ready to share the reason for the LIGHT.     

I mist eyes, soften hearts, bring them to the LIGHT. And no one is too hard for me to draw close.


To Ponder:

What does it mean that His Glory is rising on me today?


© Pam Depoyan

This is the 14th post in my December Christmas House Calendar theme… similar to an Advent Calendar where you “open a door” to receive a message.  In this case, one born of prayer and whispers from our “not so secret admirer.”  Mark your calendar to come back here often this month for more “secret messages!” 

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“Lights of Christmas” is now on display and available for purchase at my new gallery in  my “Picture It in Pen and Ink” blog  —  Christmas Wonder

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8 Responses to Message 14: Luminaria

  1. Hopeful50 says:

    I “discovered” you this week – so may lurk a bit!!! Beautiful work.

  2. Beautiful pictures, as always. May you enjoy all the joy of the season. Merry Christmas!

  3. I love the lit house, quite the opposite of being under a bushel.

  4. So pretty! Praying that the Lord will help my light to shine brighter in 2018. Merry Christmas!

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