Nothing Compares to Our Promise In You

Some of His Healing Promises to Ponder This Holy Week


I tasted death for you.  I destroyed the devil who had the power of death.  I’ve delivered you from the fear of death and bondage.  (Hebrews 2:9, 14, 15)

I wash your body with pure water.  ((Hebrews 10:22, Ephesians 5:26)

I have given you My Name and  have put all things under your feet.  (Ephesians 1:21, 22)

The same Spirit that raised Me from the dead now livs in you and that Spirit will quicken your mortal body.  (Romans 8:11)

I am the living bread that came down from heaven. Whoever eats this bread will live forever. This bread is my flesh, which I will give for the life of the world.  (John 6:51)


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20 Responses to Nothing Compares to Our Promise In You

  1. Eileen says:

    I love all of these scriptures, but especially Romans 8:11, during this holy week. It is a nice reminder that that same Holy Spirit that raised Jesus from the dead, is in us, and is at work in us. Thank you for that reminder.

    • Each of these verses speaks to me of Holy Week and all Jesus did on the cross for us – so much more than we often realize. Because of His suffering and death in our place then resurrection, fear is broken… the wonder of His pure water is flowing inside our bodies and spirits, bringing healing in so many ways…He’s given us authority and victory in His Name and all that belongs to Him is now our inheritance..He is our bread of life… and yes! His same Holy Spirit dunamis power is living in us! So much to ponder and savor and declare as His promise daily. Thanks, Eileen…

  2. So beautiful.
    An Unfittie’s Guide to Adventurous Travel

  3. A beautiful photo! Peace to you.

  4. Love, love these verses. Met you over Purposeful faith

  5. May your Holy Week and Easter season be full of blessings!
    Thanks for joining us at

  6. betty - NZ says:

    His Word is full of wonderful comfort. Thanks for posting.

  7. lynndmorrissey says:

    These Scriptures speak so powerfully of the power of God through Christ and the Holy Spirit, of renewed hope, and the gift and promise of eternal life. Not sure I recall the translation that He “tasted death” for us. That is so utterly powerful, amazing, and humbling. Because He did, we never shall! Thank you, Lord, Jesus!

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