What Worlds We Are Creating…?

Do you believe in the magic and beauty of words?

Though He doesn’t use the term “magic,” God does.  Only, He calls the speaking of words Holy Spirit-breathed, dunamis (dynamite-powered), the power to give life (or death) in  in our tongues.

In His Word, the Lord relates countless moments when He created  light and worlds with only His Words.  And Genesis explains how, making us speaking beings after His own Creative Heart, He has put that same power within His People, intending for us to come alongside Him and create beauty, hope, everything that brings life with every word we speak.

Oh, what might change around us if we only did!  

When we say something like “Cross my heart and hope to die,” certainly we don’t mean those words literally.  It’s just an idiom, right?  But if we are to take God at His Word literally, are we  not speaking a sort of death knell into the atmosphere with those types of sayings?

Worse still… what if Satan – who used to know and walk with God as the one called light-bearer (Lucifer) – takes God at His Word more than we do?   That he, thief and murderer that he is,  comprehends greater than we have how we give him license with our words to kill and destroy, because he knows and truly believes… God has made us speaking people, filled us with His very self, and put power behind our words – the same dunamis power He used  to create worlds, resurrect Jesus from the dead, and bring forth life!   

Can you imagine Satan’s glee then, every time he hears us gossip, speak careless words of death, go along with the crowd that is tearing down another?  “Go get those words and bring them to pass!” he engenders his minions!

In the same way, God tells us in His Word – His ministering angels are standing by us, ever waiting for God’s Words upon our lips!  Waiting upon us to speak them, so they can take them and fulfill them on our behalf, on the world’s behalf, on God’s directive!  Its an overwhelming, yet so true gift of God – but what words are we giving the angels and God to move in?

Often, I find myself reading and marveling at a most beautifully and stirringly written novel, how gifted is this author in the art of taking words and making the reader feel, touch, hear and see them!  Yet… there are many with the most stunning talent, who not seeming to know their Creator… take that gift and bedazzle the world with evil under the guise of creative fiction.  Or some who just taint their beautifully written words with land mines of muck to be waded through…

Sometimes, savoring the artistry of a talented writer who has also strung their words with unnecessary passages, I am overwhelmed with prayer for the Holy Spirit touch on their hearts – for oh, what greater life they might bear to a world with His dunamis in their words!

I’ve also been musing on all of this lately as I peruse Facebook.  I expect to find rantings and ravings and negative verbal and video bashing on sites where I know those who are posting don’t really follow Him or have publicly said they don’t want to.

New to this avenue of social media though, I am somewhat stunned to see these very same videos and postings, those that are tearing down politicians we don’t necessarily agree with, cursing with our actions what life God might be wanting to bring through these elected — on the sites of many I know are faithful to His Word!

“It breaks My Heart,” I sense His whisper, as I gaze at this sort of content on these sites.  “Have I not called My People, My Bride, to pray for kings in power?  Promised to heal and restore the land of those who pray for such?”


I think I understand the righteous sort of motivation… wanting to enlighten others with what we perceive as unworthy on the political scene… yet, is it not a whisper of our enemy such as he insidiously wheedled into Adam and Eve’s thinking in the Garden, to make us join in with the hate war out there?  To make sure our words  (and videos are today’s most powerful word-bringers) don’t bring the the LIFE God intends, but tear down and destroy instead?

I think we are just being thoughtless, not really realizing the impact.  Posting things we think the world should know.  Yet…

Proverbs 12:18 warns: ” Thoughtless words can wound as deeply as any sword, but wisely spoken words can heal.” (Good News Translation.) 

God has set certain laws in place, just as much as the law of gravity – and one of those is that we bring life… or death… with our words.  Magic in the sense of   beauty.  Power in our words.  

Let us activate His Word in this world… NOT Satan’s invectives.  If you have posted things that tear down just for the sake of fueling hatred against someone who is leading whether or not we want him to, I would suggest un-posting them.  Ask God to give you uplifting and prayer-laden truths that challenge others to see the story behind people they might not otherwise see… the kind of story that makes us recognize tenderness or hope or light.

Let us lift up our leaders to God’s leading.  Let us be willing to look for  the good that is being done, whether or not we voted someone in, and laud those events!  Satan has tried, and succeeded in many ways, in turning our world into a sort of black and white “he’s wrong, he’s right” sort of place.  But God says no one is so unreachable that He can’t transform… pray, build up, speak LIFE into these and see what I will do with My words in your mouth!  Let us use our words and platforms to open the way for God to lead through our leaders… Give His angels words of His word to pour out…

Even when we do something as “simple” as posting… let us ask ourselves if it is Philippians 4:8 worthy, lovely, Life-Giving…

Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think (and speak!) about such things.


© Pam Depoyan

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11 Responses to What Worlds We Are Creating…?

  1. My friend Taylor is doing a study about fasting words. I was reluctant to do FB, because of young people and goofy post and arguments, but I’m selective about friends, I’ve only had one or two that post politics, I avoid that, and don’t get into arguments, I’m sure the devil would enjoy drawing us into, got better things to do. Your post is excellent and full of wisdom.

    • Thanks, Rebecca. I am mostly talking about videos that make fun of a specific leader in hateful ways, or constantly tear down, nothing constructive. I don’t really listen to them but can tell what they are by their titles etc.,. So seeing the same ones also posted on Christian FB sites is shocking to me. We can’t pray for God to use someone and then tear them down with the next breath. Of course, I am not saying we should not stand up for God’s Truth in our world, not at all. I am talking about posting things that are just really slander or not edifying at all, but since it is “acceptable” in most areas, we enter into it too… I think that is what breaks God’s heart…

      • People are fickle aren’t they? And they don’t watch what they say or think it has any affect. I hardly watch the news at all. When I started, I used to defend ministers that helped me, and then I quit. They probably aren’t reading it, still knowing it’s out there hurt, but they hated Jesus so we’re in good company. Nice talking to you today.

  2. mommo6 says:

    Words are a powerful tool. May our words be building-up tools and not tearing-down tools. I am reminded of the cautions regarding the tongue in the book of James, particularly James 3:9 “With it we bless our God and Father, and with it we curse men, who have been made in the similitude of God.”

  3. MaryLou Pettaway says:

    Hi Pam, it is so true about words… As I read the words that you did share “speak LIFE” I thought of the song of that title by Toby Mac. He has a really good video that goes along with his song that really brings the truth about what our words can do to those around us. I am really trying to be careful what words I use but it is too easy to sometimes slip up… but I keep on trying! 🙂

    • I will check out that song, thanks. It is hard to keep a check, especially with words that are just everyday negative that we say to or about ourselves. Also, I am realizing how things like videos or articles (if they are negative in some way or tearing down of someone, political leaders etc ) we share with others are words too that can be sent out astray… Yes, I think just catching ourselves, taking every thought captive and asking forgiveness when we slip and starting again is all He asks 🙂

  4. Very thought provoking post! I agree that words can either bring life or death as the Lord has told us!

    I have specifically chosen not to be on any social media apart from Pinterest…as they are just too unpredictable with people dropping their normal social manners & etiquette!

    You’re most welcome to drop by for a cup of inspiration.

    • Thanks, Jennifer! I resisted FB for a long, long time… just got on there to showcase my artwork recently and have been surprised to find many others I do enjoy looking through.. uplifting etc. And some really beautiful ones sharing Him. There is the good and bad in all of it, I guess. I’d just like to encourage Christian FB’rs to keep it to encouraging and not things that can tear down too… I will stop by for your tea! 🙂

  5. Pam, I so agree with you. We may not agree with our leaders at various times, but we are called to pray for them and show respect.

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