Before they were famous…

I just shared this on my FB page, but for those of you who do not have access there, I thought I would post it here for you, too…  🙂  (with the addition here of the photos below)


I was only looking for possible portrait subjects with that mid century charm when I came across this engaging image. I had never seen this family so young before, or even imagined them in this time before so much fame. The story I see in it endeared me to wishing I could know more about this simple, everyday family moment, so frozen in time … and makes me ponder — How much more joyful people might be if we could get beyond the stereotypes and prejudices… concentrate more on what we share …
For this image reminds me how putting ourselves into others lives, taking insights and seeing others with new lights – whether or not we hold the same viewpoints – is what RICH life is all about. A tapestry of colors…
Like the love of reading has been shown to imbue us with deeper compassion, empathy, insight into characters and delighting in discovering we are similar in feelings, hopes, dreams… so is it when we can take time to see ourselves within others, in the midst of the storybook of their lives.
If I was even born when this was taken, I would have been but an infant (I am thinking it was photographed around 1955), still a bit of nostalgia wisps over me in this lovely garden setting. It lilts memories of Sunday family picnics in Grandma’s and Papa’s garden patio within me — and I see again the fiesta riot of color in her roses, hanging fuschia of purple and pink, flowers of every kind blooming gaily all round us, scenting the air. Spy his tomatoes and beans on stalks in the way back, and the look of his fingers moving as he showed me the way to delicately remove them when ripened. Hear the flowing sounds of laughter and conversation…
I love the look of tenderness and admiration passing from boy son to strong dad here… and the young mom’s enjoyment of anticipating the effect of whatever words were being shared with the unseen photographer and encircling her family. I love the reflections of blooming branches in the windows behind, the sunlight and shadows, and the inviting feel of that cozy space. The sort of prophetic moment caught on film long before presidents and first lady and grandparenthood… Most of all the reminder… that each of us is more than a simple moment, varied and complex, with a lifetime of story waiting to be lived and read…

And as this First Lady now leaves behind one chapter to begin another we have yet to read…in her home-going… I just thought I’d post this one today.

God Bless You, Barbara, as You Join Your Lord..

I encourage you to watch the funeral on CSPAN or some news channel if you can… It was a truly inspiring and beautiful testimony to the Lord, in the Houston St. Martin’s Episcopal Cathedral – beautiful hymns and sharings of a life loved for Him.   I was especially moved by the gorgeous rendition of the hymn, “I Come to the Garden Alone…”

Here is a link to the service:




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12 Responses to Before they were famous…

  1. I do think she was an inspiration. And that song about the garden, I have read it was written in a dismal place. just the authors longing. You might want to look that up.

  2. sparksfit says:

    Enchanting. Thank you for sharing. Visiting you from the Faith on Fire Link up today.

  3. Thank you for this very beautiful & descriptive post Pam.

  4. Hopeful50 says:

    I am very familiar with the hymn – it was one of my mom’s favorites. She went to be with the Lord in 2012. Thanks for the link to First Lady Barbara’s funeral – I missed it on tv. Will watch today.

    • It is a beautiful one! Sorry for the loss of your mom… Mine is home with the Lord too. That does make heaven seem closer though. Hope that link works – I took it off someone else’s tribute and didn’t watch it all on there. It was a beautiful service!

  5. I don’t think there are many like her still around. I always love your beautiful drawings!

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