Five Stars… Five Balloons…and Five Kites to “Mary Poppins Returns!”


I didn’t think they could still do it.

Create a new and lilting, touching, charming, engrossing movie – for both young at heart adults and children — in the style of musical gems of my childhood.  

I’ve watched disappointed, for example, so many fresh attempts at “new” versions of Anne of Green Gables… but in every one, the chief actors are consumed with trying to mimic Megan Follows’ most wonderful performance, right down to her inflections.  So rare to find anyone who offers new facets or character or charm.

As the iconic Mary Poppins however, Emily Blunt shines both as the Mary we love and remember  (“Spit, spot!” she is still commanding her charges… 🙂 ) while  simply making the role truly her own.

I wondered about how they would do the music without the original Sherman brothers who penned so many of the movie songs that set our feet and hearts to dancing and singing long after each film  (and added a delicious and super new word to our vocabulary!) Though the credits do show that one of the Shermans acted as musical consultant in this new film.  Their music had such unique quality…

Well, though I think I might have to listen to this majestic new soundtrack (which I immediately want to go out and buy!) several times before I could sing them by heart, from the opening song to the last the music is just as lift-you-to-the-sky, carousel feel glorious!

I loved all the London architectural background, both in beautifully photographed scenes and in lovely painted portraits… The way  the new story line, though still set in turn of century eras, draws you deeply into the grown up lives of Jane and Michael Banks on Cherry Tree Lane… The way certain scenes echo distantly of the original but add so much new delight… And most of all the way the “magic” remains sweet, endearing, with absolutely NO notes of overly high tech-y or darkness.

There is a joyous vibrancy and color and style to many scenes that made me think of lovely turn of the century English paintings,  Gilbert and Sullivan, images I’ve seen of the Gibson Girl in her striped long dress… and simply lifted me into them.   And as Michael says in one scene, he as a painter would love to capture the beauty suddenly burst on the world, this movie makes me want to do that too!!!!

Though I’d say the majority of actors are not well known, which really made this all the more fun,  I happened to spot a few classic surprises in the Movie trailer on TV — so I was actively looking for them to appear…  But maybe it is better if you simply let yourself fall into wonder and enjoy what you don’t expect…  🙂

I didn’t think they could do it.  But OH… how they did!!

Somehow, I can just envision Walt Disney joining in on the exhilarating last scenes of the movie, a twinkle in his eyes, pride of legacy shining, lifting him to the blue-skied clouds in free abandon!  For this one… this one… truly reflects the heart he created like no other musical film I’ve seen since he gave us the original.

Soooo…. Mark this one down for your Christmas joy and don’t let it zip on past you!  Take the kiddoes, yes… but do expect a movie that speaks to your adult heart just as much!   The clever characterizations, the beauty in sets and scenes and costumes, the heart in the story, they all just made me smile (and sometimes dab a tear).  I can’t wait to go and see it again!  🙂


© Pam Depoyan

Image from “Mary Poppins Returns”


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4 Responses to Five Stars… Five Balloons…and Five Kites to “Mary Poppins Returns!”

  1. Lesley says:

    Great review! I am so looking forward to seeing this film and it sounds like I won’t be disappointed! I have tickets booked for the 27th and I have been listening to some of the music online. It’s good to hear more about what to expect. Visiting from Holley Gerth’s.

    • You won’t be disappointed! 🙂 I can’t wait to get the soundtrack, but it was nice to hear it all fresh as the movie unfolded too. Thanks, Lesley! Have a beautiful Christmas and I’d love to know what you think when you see the movie!

  2. lynndmorrissey says:

    Pam so invitingly, winsomely written, and that’s my answer. I don’t go to many new movies, and especially remakes which, generally, are most disappointing. but perhaps I should make an exception to this! xoxo Merry Christmas!

    • Thanks, Lynn! I agree… but the great thing is that this is NOT a remake but a truly fresh and creative continuation of story (I remember reading all the Mary Poppins books but I couldn’t say how faithful they were to those sequels…). This will NOT disappoint!! I am choosy too about what I go to see, but this one is a gem in the genre I never thought they could do again. And as an England lover too, I know you will enjoy all that Londontown joy. The very first song is sung by a lamplighter who is turning off the lights for the day and singing the praise and blessing of a lovely new day in London. Very uplifting and starts you off with light from the beginning! Hope you do make an exception and see this one! xo xo and Merry Christmas blessings to you too

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