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Looking for light

Rainwater is tat-a-tat-tatting raucously through the downspout today, even as a grayness falls heavy over the early afternoon, like a cover pulled over a birdcage to fool the singer into thinking it is really time to sleep. All this darkness … Continue reading

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When Faith Declares “Only Believe”

“Autumn Splendiferous over the Village”  New England —  Autumn Glory . Fall is taking sooooo long to appear this year. Where are all the trees that look like paint brushes dipped in overflowing paint standing upside down in the ground, … Continue reading

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Another Spot of Luminous

“First Blaze of Indian Summer,”  available in my  Autumn Glory gallery . Autumn wisps in hand in hand with Indian Summer breezes today, sketching in a cardinal red leaf on my dogwood, casting leavetaking to wing — like birds dancing … Continue reading

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When inner whispers come…

You know those “I want you to step out in faith and do something bold” thoughts that whisper into your heart and mind in the most unusual moments, and though seemingly out of the blue and sometimes even sounding incongruous … Continue reading

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