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Flowers in the Snow

“Come in, come in! and know me better…” ~ Charles Dickens, A Christmas Carol . Through mists of snow and dove grey skies, this Friday before Christmas dawned, the air brisk, yet a warmer bookend to the week’s beginning.  Standing … Continue reading

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Razzle-Bright Blessing

Sunlight streams in across my mantel this afternoon,  moving gentle as fingers across piano keys, casting shadows sweet as unexpected melody.  It tiptoes those fingers in caress over the frost-tipped fern I placed in an ornament-red tin there today – … Continue reading

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Christmas List

I’m making a different sort of Christmas list this season… and inviting you to join me as I jot a few toppers here…    🙂  Humming the beautiful tune about girls in white dresses with blue satin sashes…snowflakes that stay on … Continue reading

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Remember when wonder tasted like Christmas morn?

Visions of vintage Christmas images I might draw have been playing round the edges of my thoughts lately…  particularly the kind you see in all those wonderful movie treasures of the 1940’s.   Some of the 50’s… 60’s too.   I just … Continue reading

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