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  • A BIENTOT! (or in other words… Hoping to see you soon! 🙂 )



I’m so glad you are HERE where I invite you to pull up a chair on my front porch, grab a colorful cushion and join me in taking a breather… with a cup of something hot or iced, some fresh-brewed stories…and a library gallery full of archived pages to browse when you just want something… refreshing

And to leave a bit of your own story in comments…help us get to know one another…

For this blog is the ongoing “book of word photos” I’m writing just for you…my blogging and reading friends.



For you, I’ve designed some pages located just below the header, so you may:

  • Sample both my extensive business writing portfolio through a few posted links under the tab,  Portfolio
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I would love to write for you!  To contact me for possible writing assignments or job interview, please email me here: pam.depoyan@gmail.com.    



Words, words, words. 

They’ve always been my passion. Beginning as an avid, voracious reader, loving to roll new ones around on my tongue. Later, keeping me awake long after I should have been, constantly making up scenarios or dialogue for my favorite TV shows… dreaming on thoughts of writing for children someday.  And today…filling me with article ideas and inspirational pieces for you.

If you’ve ever laughed and cried with Anne Shirley in Anne of Green Gables, you must remember Miss Stacey – the teacher who lit Anne’s mind to joy in poetry and literature and color with words.  My own high school Miss Stacey (Mrs. Sharon Daley Barovsky) did the same for me, filling me up with the wonder of T.S. Eliot and Wordsworth and Sir Thomas Mallory’s Morte D’arthur.  From the first minute in her creative writing class to every course I could find to take with her over the next three years, she wrote hope into my dream of writing. (You can read about that here:   Word Power…Day 4, “Words Matter” Week 2012 )

Once in the work world, I began with technical writing, eventually leading to 13 years as a Corporate Communications Specialist/Copywriter in the Marketing Communications Department of an insurance company – where I interviewed clients and wrote and managed copy for everything from corporate newsletters to direct mail marketing pieces to advertising campaigns.

In my spare time, I went back to my first love of creative writing… pursuing it in freelance – at that time, mainly for children. To my joy, I was published twice in Highlights for Children, with a third (my first fiction piece) sold in 2011 and currently awaiting a publication date.

These days, I’m actively writing and submitting articles to editors…for everything from inspirational to women’s magazines.  I’m also enjoying writing and blogging stories here for you…pondering book ideas and where they might take me… and (as so many of us writers) keeping my dream alive with an eye to ongoing publication.  🙂

As for my blog… most of all…my heart is to write to encourage, with Apples of Gold.



                  “There’s something so exciting to me about preserving                                        a perfect moment,” the photographer opened up to someone                               asking what things made him passionate in life.  “To be able                                   to hang on to something beautiful that never fades                    or goes away…”

                                     ~ spoken by Harold (Eric Mabius), a lead character                                            in Hallmark Channel’s recent, How to Fall In Love

Magic time.  As I heard these words softly spoken from this character in a film, I thought… that’s so exactly how I feel about my blog writing… how exciting it is to preserve a simple moment in time, one we might easily forget otherwise…moving someone tenderly by its color and light… surrounding it as though with music, and putting it in slow motion, to savor, to remember… 

The photographer in this story wants his friend to see what he sees in the early morning light, explains why this light is so vital to the camera – “This is magic time… when the air is soft,” he says, reverently, as one might in a lovely cathedral or standing before a master painting.

Yes! I thought… that’s what I hope to do with my words here.  To paint the soft light of moments… like a photographer might see a unique angle, capture a certain light that forever preserves something in a way only he saw with his eye.  Word photos.  To stir my readers with thoughts of… oh, I too have known that kind of moment I remember the person who touched my life like that… or, even more, I never realized how much beauty is in that simple experience… It makes me see God in my own life, like that…

Mmm… Magic Time.  To discover it together… stand in that joyful light. 


When I started this blog nearly two years ago, what I wanted to post was just a glimmer of an idea.

I had read many different online authors that I loved and still follow. Writers who inspire me with their wondrous way with words, gifts and insights… touching stories of family life… gorgeous photos of charming homes in seaside cottage or English tea or quaint farm style décor… memories of personal pain beautifully, lovingly transformed by healing Grace… and more.

I mused how I too, have stories of personal heartbreak and tragedy that I could tell…  for who doesn’t?  Life for each of us has been peppered with dark skies, though some more than others. YET… those aren’t the stories I feel called to in my heart.  At least not here, online.

No…here at this my blog bungalow 🙂  … I want to write from a place where those dark skies may be in the backdrop… alluded to at times…but sort of like the softly smudged in background of a lovely photo or pastel drawing where beauty from ashes, roses blooming out of winter, moments that brush us with ahhhh… are more glorious and in focus.

The Mitford Years (Box Set 1-6) by Jan Karon (Paperback)I love how one of my favorite authors, Jan Karon, puts it; she says she writes “to give readers an extended family and to applaud the extraordinary beauty of ordinary lives.”

Mmmm… yes.  Finding extraordinary beauty in the ordinary moments.  Extending my stories and thoughts like family to you.

And the words of a wonderful inspirational writer of fiction I so enjoy, Elizabeth Musser…who, though I’m not writing fiction here, inspires me with her lovely purpose to write.  She says at her site, www.elizabethmusser.com:

          “My heart’s desire is to create beautiful stories of hope, faith, forgiveness and love–sprinkled with history, mystery and much more–thereby offering my readers ‘entertainment with a soul.”

Ah, yes… I think this so applies to MY heart for my non-fiction stories…


It won’t take you long to find that my faith in the Father, Son and Holy Spirit is here in every story, though sometimes more subtly than others… for I can’t help seeing every moment of life through a lens of His heart for us.  Not preaching or religiosity… but a natural outpouring of who I am…and living life in His presence.

What I DO want to do is write naturally…and for me, it is natural to find Him in every line of our life stories. Whispering into our thoughts.  As natural as breath. My hope is that these stories inspire you (and even me, as I write) so we may

  • See and listen for Him more… our friend, Father, loving Lord… quietly, tenderly there in our everyday ordinary moments…
  • Recognize His artistic beauty all around us, and wonder at His delight in our delight… and how He calls us to create along with Him…
  • Discover those wonder moments I’m finding He sends our way more than we know…sometimes tiptoeing so softly into our days that we might easily miss them.
  • Listen and hear…between the stories and the words…His whispers, letting us know He sees us, longs for us, forgives and wants to heal us, lifts and inspires us…to Grace.
  • Be encouraged and know… No matter who we are, where we’ve been, what we’ve done or not done – He wants to hold each one of us, close to His heart, always reaching to take outstretched arms


stock vector : Abstract colorful illustration with movie projector, numbered filmstrip and clapboard. Cinema theme    After awhile here… you may also notice that I am a HUGE classic movie fan.  How I so enjoy the old black and whites, TV and Cinema.  You know… those classic stars who always seem to have perfectly witty and charming words so quickly and easily on their tongues!  (Of course, they had script writers!  I remember a revealing quote about that from the seemingly always suave Cary Grant, himself – “Oh, I wish I could be Cary Grant!”)  🙂  I especially love those known as character actors, like the endearing old fellow who played Clarence the angel, in It’s A Wonderful Life.

For… I LOVE the way those screenwriters told stories.  Scenes that spark from the true, maybe idealize a bit, but lift us to dream…aspire…hope.  Make us giggle or guffaw, brush away tender tears, leave us refreshed with maybe a song in our hearts or sweet pondering thoughts in the mind…

And a dream to write like that.

Stories I’ve literally breathed in over the years, and am now collecting on DVD when possible… for they never cease to awaken a compassionate heart in me – a longing for the ideal that God breathes into each of us as we sojourn here on our way to the only perfect home…the one He is calling us to and readying for us.

Some have said… oh, those stories are so unrealistic…outmoded…too perfect.  But– is that really true?

  • What of the current trend to be instruments of random acts of kindness?  I think those are indications of our hearts longing to look for moments of wonder, to hope for rays of light through clouds, see one another in a more lovely light.
  • Or the child I overheard recently, in line at a theater, unsure if it was cool to like “Singing in the Rain” until her mom said, “Oh, that’s a GREAT movie!” – and how her whole tone changed by her mom’s approval to, “Awesome, let’s see it!”
  • She makes me believe there is something in us all that WANTS to sing joyful light…to bring it to others, remember and mark simple moments that might just waft away on a breeze if we don’t take a moment to stop, savor and press to memory.

And so… I invite you to my word photo gallery here…   

Where I’d love to hear how they may turn a new light on a moment in your own memory… something maybe you’d forgotten until you read here…

Because even in the saddest parts of life, I think we all have these flashes of wonder, too… just waiting to be plucked out of our memory, noticed in the moments happening all around us.  And if not there in memory, then inspiring to create in our families and lives today!

And…as you join me in this venture… I’ll leave you with one of my most favorite literary quotes… from the pen of Lucy Maud Montgomery in the voice of her Anne

Today is new and fresh, with no mistakes in it… yet!  🙂



Want to find a story you remember reading here, but not sure where it might be located?

Go to the right column side of my main blog and look for the section titled, Categories.  I’ve filed each story under a specific subject title listed there.


If you know approximately what month and year you read a particular story you are looking for, check the Archive section, a little down from Categories.  To read from the blog beginning or pick a time in between, the Archive section allows you to peruse at your leisure, day by day or month by month!  🙂

Wondering what some of those category titles fully mean?  Here’s a synopsis of the post categories I most enjoy writing!

Living Letters – 

One day, I was musing on how our lives are meant to be living letters written from God’s heart to ours to others.  As I thought about this, I remembered people who have brought me beauty or joy or some new light… some I know personally, others I may not.  I wanted to paint word portraits of some of these people in my life…  My hope is that their simple but poignant stories might stir a lovely remembrance of those ordinary people who have touched or changed your life with a word, a gift of themselves, a moment of starlight.  Or…even better… inspire you to ways you want your own life to leave a legacy of a living letter! 🙂

Wonder Moments –

In Wordsworth’s The Prelude, he writes of what he terms spots of time that nourish and repair the soul.”  Author Sue Monk Kidd calls these “brief, concentrated moments – little epiphanies – that inflame us with a sense of the holy.”  I think of them as everyday carols we sometimes miss because of the noise and busyness of everyday life. They are singing all around us.  The crimson cardinal that lights on the tree outside our kitchen window and splashes colors of hope into our thoughts.  The bright hello! from a child, that breaks through the clouds across our hearts and kindles a flame of joy.  The ordinary moments that are rimmed with gold… if we will only take time to savor them… and bring light to darker ones.  Such are the simple moments I try to capture in “word photo” here…

Carols of Christmas —

Thinking about Dicken’s Christmas Carol, and why he might have called it a carol… I decided to try and write some of my own…  Some, just little snippets of Christmastime memories over the years.  Others, more like lovely encounters, Guideposts-type stories. The Christmas an elderly woman, a stranger amongst us, made all the difference at our holiday table.  The year I lost my grandfather on Christmas Day.  The season a high school friend and I met someone who could only have been an angel.  And more.

Autumn Leaves –

I wrote these as an ode to the beauty, warmth and unexpected blessings I’ve known in fiery-festive fall days… from childhood memories of pies baking with my mom after school, to God’s whispers at the wonder of hundreds of geese filling the sky above my office with their honking joy, to delicious autumn recipes that will warm your heart and soul.

Interviews —   

Some opportunities come so out of the blue and wondrous, that you know they are not a simple coincidence.  Such was my thought when I had the great pleasure of interviewing entertainer and singer, Andy Williams. From celebrities, to my then 13 year- old friend, Cait with a C, to planned interviews upcoming with noted authors…  I love talking with well known or everyday people, capturing their lives and hearts in their stories.  This is a category I’ve only just begun to explore.

Book and Movie Reviews —

I’m planning to add more to these two sections soon!  So many books and movies… so little time. 🙂

Prayer Corner –

I have always loved to pray and lift others up.  In this section, I occasionally invite you to join me in prayer for specific people and times of need, as well as to share any requests you may like us to pray with you about.  For confidentiality, minimal name or identifying info is given… but enough to join in.  Remembering the beautiful Bible promise…For wherever two or more gather together in MY Name, there I am… (Matthew 18:20)

Psalm Seasons –

Here I’ve written a few poetic lines as my own psalms unto God…  words that have flowed in  ordinary, pensive or prayerful moments when I have “heard” His voice in the rain falling, or autumn leaves dancing…



From my Christmas Carols Collection…

In the Merry Month of Mae

Carol of the Belles

Candlelight Carols… “Third Stanza”

From my living letters word portraits…

Laser Rays…and Moonbeams

The Little Girl From the ‘Old Country’

Fridays with geometry and a little A. A. Milne…

One Bella Day

Remembering…candles in the darkness

From wonder days

A Wedding Album: Photo in Words (1)

A Wedding Album: The Lindler (2)

Light in My Heart

When Stars Come Out

When Embers Fly

Some Autumn Leaves...

Day 5: Scarlet Ribbons…

Day 19: Melt-in-your-mouth magic

Book Reviews…

Simply Put – A Must Read…

Looking for a good read?

Interviews… Snippets to entice reading all the parts… 🙂

One Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious Morning – Part Two with Cait

Conversations with Singer Andy Williams: Part One…The Phone Call



    A BIENTOT! (or in other words… Hoping to see you soon! 🙂 )

The lovely sound of languages… There’s just something about them that’s always moved me. Especially when sung.  I once studied Spanish and a little Italian.  But never French.

Lately – though I only know a smattering of French words – I’m loving the sound of them on my tongue.  Maybe because I just finished reading the first two of Elizabeth Musser’s newest Trilogy set in France and enjoyed her sprinkling of the language and countryside images throughout.   Or it may be that I’m suddenly quite hooked on a Canadian cooking program, called French Cooking At Home... just loving the feel of being invited to the host’s cozy chalet, the fun French-sound music that lights up the background of the entire 30 minutes… her contagious delight of speaking out those poetic-sounding French words.

So… a bientot (pronounced ah.bee.en.toe) seems a fun way to close this page… for I AM hoping to see you soon… because...

A cup of hot tea, a slice of warm patisserie fresh from the oven, is served here daily…just for you…  🙂

May you drink deeply and ever find new shades and colors… fresh nuances of light for your days… in every word photo of my gallery, each time you stop in! 

And…should you crave a bit more from other writers who share my same bent for such croissant morsels… check out my Tea w/jam and bread tab beneath the header for a list of links to some blogging writers whose encouraging hearts nourish my spirit…and I think may lift yours too!  🙂

Oh… and… a bientoh!!  🙂


All writing on this Blog is copyright-protected as my sole property, Writing…Apples of Gold © 2010-2018 by Pam Depoyan, except where otherwise noted.  If you would like to publish or reference my writing here, please contact me by e-mail.     I appreciate your consideration!

contact: pam.depoyan@gmail.com

29 Responses to ABOUT~WELCOME

  1. Hello Pam,
    I came across your website because I did an “Apples of Gold”
    I’ve enjoyed reading bits from your site. Bless you,
    Peter j Foster

  2. I promise I will be a frequent visitor to your Apple orchard. This is a great place to pick some golden ones. If you will offer me a cup of tea, I’d be delighted to stay and talk awhile.

    Thanks, Pam…… God bless you and your pen….. to grow and share those apples of gold to your readers.

    Funny to come back to the Welcome page after days of roaming around already. Anyway, the doors were open.

  3. Yes Lolita, these doors are always open! I can’t tell you how nice your words are… so happy you are enjoying this “orchard” as you put it. I love that thought. Thank you for staying and talking awhile too!

    I was wondering… how did you first find my blog?

    • lolitavalle says:

      Sorry that I did not go back here then (Dec. 2011).

      I was just blog hopping or perhaps I was searching something like books online or something which made me stumble here.

      And Oh, I was super glad that I did. I think and I believe it was not an accident, Pam. Then I started going back. It was a long time yet before I posted comments…. it was fall then. I started reading back…… and found the Scarlet Ribbons etc…. about autumn…. and I kept coming back for more. It seems that I can’t get enough…. your words, imagery, analogy….. combined with the scripture was just so amazing to me.

      Then it was a few weeks before I started noticing Diane, and ever present commenter, and with a picture to see….. that I linked up to her blog. Then from here and from hers, I linked with a few…. that I thought would respond to me, and they did.

      BTW, I went to Ms. Vorster’s and she came back to my site and followed me, joined the faces as followers, and now I got 9 already. It is amazing how others have gotten hundreds…. like Ms Ann of A Holy Experience….. she’s got thousands. So amazing. I love her kind also…. imagery, reality, grit and super deep words, which I can’t even begin to form in my mind, sometimes leaving me blank…… and re-reading to digest them. Her meanings are so deeply rooted.

      And Oh, I am making another post in this. Ha ha ha.

      • So amazing to me to hear that you were here that long before I knew it… and lovely to know how much God has done… bringing you to know others from here. I’m glad Claire is following you too! Yes, it is really amazing to see how many follow blogs like Ann’s. She is quite a writer and deep thinker, yes. Thank you, Lolita! I’m glad you were blog hopping and somehow got here… 🙂

  4. Betty Draper says:

    Hi Pam, met you on Diane…an encouraging word blog. Your words of wisdom to her on “writing for five minute Friday” struck home with me also. I lack so much in my writing skills but at times am so impressed by the Lord to pen down my pondering thoughts. I am truely a wanta be kind courageous wise hearted woman and love to gleam from others.

    I must admit I hesitated to even write a comment after reading your list of accomplishments and schooling, easy for this GED graduate to be intimidated. BUT, this I know, it is not you that is bigger then life but the God who spurs you on and guides your fingers on the keyboard.

    I plan to come back often for I know I could use the tips you give out to guide my feeble try at writing. It’s not a hobbie or a desire to be noticed. Just a pure desire out of my gift of exhortation to encouaged others in the Lord and release the love He pours out on me. Since I am more face to face in my communications my blog is only when moved to write. Often I have disobeyed due to lack of confidence but age has a way of doing away with most insecurities. I am motivated by His love for me, not so much by my love for Him for it is frail so often and His NEVER is for me.

    As my son says, Mom you are wordy…must work on that…so I appreciate any help given.
    I think I have found another courageous wise hearted woman.

  5. Thank you for your kind words, Betty. The Lord uses gifts in each of us… making us courageous and wise as we give it to Him. That is a prayer of my heart too. May He bless your words as you write them. 🙂

    Please don’t ever be intimidated to leave a comment on my blog or anyone else’s… it is always encouraging to receive them! It sounds like you have a gift for conversation. I envy that too. Writing has always come easiest for me. I think that’s because I can go back and clarify something written.

    I only include “my accomplishments” here, as you say, as a sort of job resume for writing…since I am a freelance writer. But encouraging others is at the heart of all I write. I encourage you to just write… the more you do, the more the Lord will lead. Especially in one who has a heart to lift others up, as you do. And don’t worry about being wordy. You can always cut if needed. 🙂

    Thanks for sharing! Hope you come again! 🙂 And please don’t be shy about leaving a comment… no one is “grading” anyone here! 🙂

  6. Dawn says:

    Hi Pam, Thanks for visiting Beneath The Surface: Breath of Faith. What a wonderful blog you have. I am happy to get to know someone who is an experienced writer. Will you adopt me?
    Will enjoy perusing…
    In His Grace,

  7. Hi Dawn,
    Welcome! I want to peruse your blog too! I loved your post. Thank you for your kind words. 🙂 Hope you enjoy what you see here…


  8. Hi Pam! Her I am again. I just wanted to let you know I will be doing another Bloggers Prayer Project soon and it will be an open link. The last one was so challenging. I have made pondered and will be planning a new link up- for bloggers committed to pray for fellow bloggers. Details coming soon. Perhaps you can join in for that and link. It will be more maybe having the badge on the site with the commitment to pray (without specific structured details). Hope that makes sense but I promise it will be clear when I post! THanks for dropping in and leaving a comment!

  9. Pam Steiner says:

    Now I feel really blessed that you stopped by and visited with me through my Open Window today! This blog writing is such an open opportunity to share dreams, ideas, hopes, failures, fears, and victories…and to be an encouragement to others walking along on a similar journey. I do look forward to future conversations with you over a cup of tea…or maybe it should be hot apple cider from your “golden apples orchard”! I’m so excited to have met you today!!! God’s richest blessings upon you! “The other Pam”…

  10. lolitavalle says:

    Pam, this is just perfect. I love the view on the deck. I could picture us talking and staring out from there…… see the flitting clouds changing hue as the day forwards toward the red and orange dusk to dark…… then watch as the foliage shimmer to breeze sometimes colored by some feathery friends perching and then flying out, hear the chirps and the twilight serenade.

    Up ’til now, I am still thrilled to be exchanging encouragement, knowledge, become more acquainted with each other as we progress on in this word world together.

    I just love this and I praise and thank God that we met.

    • lolitavalle says:

      ….. the word for dawn love song should be “un aubade,” serenade is a love song sang at night. Pardon.

      I love to hear the aubade of the birds as they welcome the first light of day…. and as they bade goodbye to the orange sky, their serenade and their “albas.”

      Perhaps Pam, you might like to share to us new words you will find…… creative and their origin, like the cum panis of Jen.

      Thank you.

    • Oh, I love the image you paint there, Lolita! Thank you for your words and encouragement! Yes, no coincidences… I believe God brought us into acquaintance here! I’m thankful for you and to know God uses words here to bless you! “What does un aubade” mean in literal translation? (Abide?) Does it mean more than “dawn?” I love the sound of it!

      • lolitavalle says:

        au·bade (-bäd)
        1. A song or instrumental composition concerning, accompanying, or evoking daybreak.
        2. A poem or song of or about lovers separating at dawn.
        [French, from Old French albade, from Old Provençal albada, from alba, dawn, aubade, from Latin, feminine of albus, white; see albho- in Indo-European roots.]

        aubade (French) [obad]
        1. (Literature / Poetry) (Music, other) a song or poem appropriate to or greeting the dawn
        2. (Music / Classical Music) a romantic or idyllic prelude or overture Compare serenade
        [from French, from Old Provençal aubada (unattested), from auba dawn, ultimately from Latin albus white]

        This is it. I was blog-hopping again and I found this word…. about daybreak songs or poems.

  11. Diane says:

    This was a lot of writing and tweaking! LOL…but, what joy you bring us. Thank you, Pam, for all your “tweaks”! Your heart is so precious and your words flow from that place to be bless.

    And bless you have!

    • Thanks, Diane… 🙂

      Yes, and I just woke up with another tweak in mind… ha! So I changed and added to this part under the closing a biento — because more than tea, are the word photos… As with paintings or photographs, my heart’s desire is that the viewer can see something different in them in varying light… 🙂

      A cup of hot tea, a slice of warm patisserie fresh from the oven, is served here daily…just for you… 🙂

      May you drink deeply and ever find new shades and colors… fresh nuances of light for your days… in every word photo of my gallery, each time you stop in!

      • lolitavalle says:

        …… yes, Pam and D…….. (on tiptoe and in whispers)…… I like that, nuances…. different shades, whatever lands in my mind, my feelings and my thoughts, pictures, images, sounds and fragrances.

        Great, just great……. God is the Master of all Arts.

        Kudos, my Father! Alleluia!

  12. Exactly, Lolita! 🙂 Thanks…

  13. lolitavalle says:

    I also like the way I have become your kin through this side of your life. Humnnnn (again). Thank you for the extraordinary things share out of our ordinary life.

    We have shared quite a lot already.

  14. Morninglory says:

    Pam, How blessed I have been to find your blog. I love the beauty of scripture and how you relate it to your life. Several of the authors you mentioned have brought real enjoyment into my life as they become”part of my extended family”. I would love to have you visit me at my blog and comment since blogging is a new venture for me.

  15. savurbks says:

    I enjoyed your blog! I look forward to following you!

  16. Eileen says:

    Pam- Thank you for your beautiful writings, and your exquisite pen and ink drawings! Thank you for sharing with us, also, your lovely spirituality, that inspires us all! We need Jesus in this world, today, and it is so uplifting that your words speak of praise of Him, and the fact that He is our true hope! Thank you for the gift you provide to all of us!


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