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audio equipment for studio sound recording playback Stock Photo - 9416213                                                                                           REFERENCES FROM EDITORS,                                                                               WRITERS AND OTHER PROFESSIONALS:

  • “Pam, your words…(The house across the street… )… I love to sit and read them and settle into the rhythm you weave. Your words are just as beautiful as your drawings…you are artistic in many ways. And I love the inspiration that you are planting here. Beautiful!  Thank you for sharing this at the #GraceMoments Link up last week. Visiting you made my day.” ~ July 2016, Dawn Boyer
  • About Wordsingers are we,  “Pam, you always paint such beautiful word pictures and captivate me with poetically crafted words. I was enjoying every minute of it… “~ July 2016, Debbie Kitterman, Writer and Blogger
  • “You are a good writer.  You kept my interest, but then it was all about me.”  August 1998 Andy Williams, Celebrated Musician/Entertainer (I interviewed him for an article)
  • “I love the premise of this, and your writing is very entertaining.”  (Received in a letter referring to a fiction manuscript, purchased March 2011)   September 2010                  Joëlle Dujardin, Senior Editor, Highlights for Children
  • What a lovely review! Thanks so much for sending me the link. You have a beautiful way with words.” (Commenting on my blog review of her book, Finding Father Christmas.) January 2011 –  Robin Jones Gunn, Author and Novelist
  • “I just wanted you to know how deeply your letters and blog post touched my heart.  Thank you for taking the time to write to me and to write about The Sweetest Thing on Apples of Gold.  I have to say that you are a lovely writer and have a beautiful way with words, so I encourage you to continue writing.  I am sure the Lord is using your words to encourage many!  I have posted a link to your blog on my website ( as well as my fan book page.  I hope others will discover your voice.”   July 2011, by e-mail             Elizabeth Musser, Author and Novelist
  • “Pam – what a wonderful blog you have!  It is a fine presence that is much needed in the world.” August 2011 — Elizabeth McBride, Writer, member of MichKids, Michigan chapter of the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators (SCBWI)
  • “Your copy suggestions were very well written…”  May 2010 (E-mail response to my submissions)  —  Susan Gessell, Senior Editor,  DaySpring Cards

 Collage of successful businesspeople at work Stock Photo - 11448593                                                                                                         FROM SUPERVISORS, BUSINESS CLIENTS                                                            AND CO-WORKERS:

  • Pam is an excellent writer, editor and project manager whose attention to detail and organization keep her projects on time and on budget. She is pleasant to be around, works well with others and follows all department processes and procedures. I recommend her to any organization in need of a communications professional.” November 26, 2010 ~ Jennifer Reamer, Co-worker as Communications Specialist    Foremost Insurance Company
  • “Pam shines in customer communications.  She is knowledgeable on business issues, systems and processes so her ability to understand customer issues is much greater than that of most incoming writers.  She’s quick and precise and produces a high volume of work.  Pam is non-judgmental, professional, asks good, appropriate questions and is an excellent communicator.  She checks her facts prior to completing things.  One client has commented that Pam ‘is great to work with and makes Foremost look good – even in situations that are challenging.’ Pam uses her knowledge and a friendly, down-to-earth style to deliver important messages to our agents.  She is a valuable member of Corporate Communications.  She keeps a positive attitude and focuses on doing an exceptional job.  She makes it easy for me to give her a project without a lot of direction and have the confidence that she will run with it and provide superior results.”  (Comments made in my performance reviews.) ~ Ruth S.Walker, Corporate Communications Manager  Foremost Insurance Company
  • “I would like to wish you well in the next chapter of your career.  You are an ethical, hard-working, and dedicated person.  It is a pleasure to work with you!  I believe the next phase of your life will be positive and productive.  You are a good person and a diligent worker.  You have produced work that is of value to this company. ” September 2010 ~ Nan Treul, C.P.C.U., Vice President Farmers Midwest ServicePoint® Farmers (Foremost) Insurance Company
  • “I really enjoyed working with Pam on our Process Recovery efforts.  She did a really nice job of keeping a large number of efforts organized and on track for us.  She will be missed.” September 2010 ~ Tracey Hart, Innovation and Business              Development Foremost Insurance Group
  • “You were my ‘go to’ person for Corporate Communications and were always so gracious to help me out when I needed something quick.  Best of luck to you away from Foremost.  You will be missed!”  September 2010 ~ Sue Leitz Staff Underwriting Foremost Insurance Company
  • “I wanted to be sure and tell you how much I enjoyed working with you over these many years.  You are a very thorough and polished professional and I so appreciated all of your work.”  September 2010 ~ Georgia Edsall, Product Manager Foremost Insurance Company
  • “You’ve always been a pleasure to work with and have done a great job with the letters.” September 2010~ Patricia Crater, Personal Lines Specialty Underwriting Manager Foremost Insurance Company
  • “I like the lead-in – very pro-customer!”  July 2010, regarding an available features marketing document I wrote. ~ Dave Emaus, C.P.C.U., Assistant Vice President Product Management Foremost Insurance Company
  • “I think you captured the essence of my outline very well.”  January 2010, regarding a direct mail introduction letter I wrote. ~ Jessica Andrusiak, Sales
    Kraft Lake Insurance (Foremost)
  • “Thank you for your continued service and being a part of the success of this organization.”  December 2009, regarding my anniversary with the company. ~Peter M. Murray, Facilities Manager Foremost Insurance Company
  • “I just have to say I really appreciate working with…you on Process Recoveries… With your help, I’ve been able to close PRs that have been left open.  I couldn’t have done it without your help.  I appreciate all  you’re doing.  You’re helping to keep my objectives on track and making it easier for me…”  April 2009 ~ Jim Wert, Innovation and Business Development Foremost Insurance Company

Woman sitting in armchair, reading book, holding coffee mug, smiling.� Stock Photo - 7257560 


  • “Last week we had some amazing posts submitted [to Salt & Light Linkup]. We enjoyed each and everyone of them. Marissa and I decided to each pick a featured post. Man I didn’t realize how hard that task was going to be. However I was able to come up with one [from Apples of Gold].Happy New Year…..On the Sacred Scent Of Beloved:  In this post instantly you begin to smile as you are reminded of all the scents of the Holiday season. Instantly you begin to smile as this post seems to open flood gates of wonderful memories.” ~ January 2014, Bridget Childress, commenting on my post at their blog Salt & Light,
  • “Wow, I really enjoyed your Nancy Drew piece!  I love historical stories!”  (Referring to my published Highlights story, “Uncovering The Ghost of Nancy Drew)  March 2010  ~ Laura McCormack, Musician
  • “Your words, your expressions leave me with a warm tingling feeling! Such imagery, I see myself right where you paint a picture with your words! I am uplifted! Thank you for that reminder to use our words for encouragement.” — Nov. 2010 ~ Christine Duner, Teacher (Commenting on Splendor)
  • “Pam, I hope my comments help. I didn’t change much of the vocabulary, though. I think that half the fun of reading is learning new words and phrases and expanding your dictionary. I hope it gets into the magazine! I think it’s a really cool story.”  November 2010  ~  Caitlin W. (aka Cait, with a C) , a young friend and great reader (Regarding a children’s fiction story manuscript I asked her to read, for her perspective)
  • “You do engage, encourage, and inspire through your words, through your heart.” July 2011 ~ Fellow encouragement blogger, Diane Ronzino, commenting on Remembering…candles in the darkness



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