Seed Pearls

“There’s a story hidden in every wedding dress I’ve ever created,” twinkled the 90-something couturier, confidingly.

A rivulet of sudden knowing what was coming next  rippled like a whisper over me as I watched this scene from Hallmark’s latest in their mystery movie series, Signed Sealed and Delivered last Sunday evening.  Misting my eyes, for in this character’s words I heard God echoing a memory back to me, reminding me… there are so many ways He invites us to sow into each other’s lives…

To the amazement of the two postal women who were searching out the sender identity of an undeliverable package containing a partial letter and a disheveled wedding gown, the designer – gingerly fingering along the hemline of the dress – quickly and surprisingly pulled forth a bit of  tucked away material stitched with a message on it.    She smiled.   “Yes, every gown holds a secret story,” she revealed, “but not the one you think.  Mine is the story of a secret prayer I always tuck inside each one for the bride to be…”

“Ohhhhhh…” I breathed over a lump in my throat.

A tucked away prayer for each and every one of her clients!   I loved this!  Especially because it reminded me of one of my first jobs after college…   Young, freshly renewed in following the Lord and asking Him to open ways for me to lift others to Him, I often found myself praying with heavy burden for a single mom co-worker (Nancy) who seemed lost, hurting, and seeking solace in all the empty places…  She’d often invite me to go with her to a restaurant across the street after work “to talk,” and I always hoped we might truly do that talking.  That maybe God wanted to open up a heartfelt, healing sharing of Him.   Only too soon I began to understand — I was just there as cover for her to not be alone at “happy hour,” where no real conversations ever took place, but my prayer burden grew stronger as I listened to her woes.

One day, I’d brought an example of something a friend was creating and selling — popular at the time — stuffed bunnies in beautifully sewn outfits, and displayed it on my desk.

“Oh, my eleven year old daughter would love one of these,” Nancy told me.

When she ordered one, I suddenly had a thought.  “Would you stitch a hidden prayer note inside the body of the piece for me?”  I asked my creative friend.  Like a prayer cloth that St. Paul wrote of in the epistles, this hidden prayer would be a bit of His Light in their home… So, writing out a prayer for Nancy and her daughter, I included several scripture  promises of His drawing this family to Himself, slid it into a tiny envelope and gave to my friend.  Without peeking at it’s contents, she carefully sewed it like a hidden jewel into the stuffed animal body…  Presenting it to my co worker, I often pictured it sitting on her daughter’s bookshelf, a little beacon of prayer where maybe there was no other…

I don’t know whatever happened to Nancy and her daughter, long ago grown up.  Or to that prettily dressed rabbit, or how long it may have “lived” in their home.  I soon left the company and moved on, losing touch.  But He knows the little flames He sets through us, and fans them in ways we don’t imagine…

I still find myself wanting to tuck away hidden prayers like  this one.  Only nowadays it is more that I pray over every piece of artwork I sell… lifting the owner and family and home up to Him, asking Him to pour out showers of His blessings, His light and joy, His heart on these.  That every time they look upon the portrait I made, they will somehow see His Light shining in it, know His heart drawing them, healing them in whatever ways needed, embracing them.  Similar to this bridal designer in the movie,  I want my work to tell a story too… both of the lives of those who buy the portraits, and for them, in ways only He knows they need…

It’s something I often do in writing to encourage as well… praying for those who read, that He will transform the words in ways that touch and lift up…

I like to think of God sitting beside me as I watched that movie.  Anticipating my viewing of this scene, as one who has planned it for me to hear and remember …  reminding me how much He calls us each to join in weaving His story into the tapestry stories He writes through us each upon another… if we ask Him to…   Some hidden, like secret seeds waiting to burst into bloom.  Others already more fully blooming and ready to place into another’s waiting hands.

Whose story are you sowing as pearl seeds of prayer into today??  🙂


© Pam Depoyan

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20 Responses to Seed Pearls

  1. lynndmorrissey says:

    Truly lovely Pam, and how wonderful that you do this. I pray too that those who read story seeds in my books will be hearts tender and ready for whatever He chooses to plant and bring to fruition in their lives. I’ve not heard of putting a secret message into a dress or gift, but I love the idea. It reminds me a lot of Blaise Pascal and the secret note he sewed into the lining of his own jacket, evidence of a life-transforming experience he had had with the Spirit. He was never the same again!

    • I never heard that story before, Lynn! Thanks for sharing it. I know the Lord touches many through your writing too… in ways we may not know till Heaven. Maybe that in itself, that is a “secret or hidden message” 🙂 Watching that scene, it makes me wonder if whoever wrote that script has done something similar…

      • lynndmorrissey says:

        Oh you’re so sweet. Thanks for the lovely compliment. Also had meant to say I loved this drawing (and yes, this would make a great wedding gift). So glad I could share the story. It really fits all you said. 🙂

  2. What a great story, Pam. I must miss the good movies, the ones I usually see are silly and I lose interest. Years ago we bought prayer pockets, I still have one. A great place to put photos or prayers. I like tucking in the prayers, I have bought a lot of Jesus loves me. dolls, angels and blankets. That is even more of a special touch. Have you though of hiding a verse in a sketch like Thomas Kincaide did names? And one other thing, I have a beaded wedding dress on my Hebraic Study board, covered in pearls, veil and all.

    • The best Hallmark movies (in my opinion) are the mysteries and dramas on their sister channel for mysteries and dramas. The regular Hallmark channel concentrates on the more predictable romances…entertaining but definitely more fluff. This particular movie series I mentioned is created, produced and written by Martha Williamson, who also created “Touched By An Angel.” Never heard of “prayer pockets.” I haven’t hidden a verse (good idea) but have incorporated things specific to the person I originally drew the picture for… things that only they would notice. 🙂 I know Kincaid always hid his wife’s initials… 🙂 Thanks, Rebecca…

      • Prayer pockets are just sewn pieces of cloth, any kind denim or whatever, mine has angels and lace, they are about the size of an envelope and are tied with a ribbon, I have had it a long time, it is like a crafty creation.

  3. Eileen says:

    I love your real life story about the rabbit. What a special gift you gave to your friend and her daughter. What a gift of special encouragement from you, but also from God. God’s scriptures always bring hope, and “life,” and love. There is nothing better than that! 💖✝

  4. Laurie says:

    So glad I came across your blog. I have never visited before. Your story brought tears to my eyes! I hope your friend benefitted from the prayer note that you had tucked away in the bunny, and my dearest wish is that I can sow some seeds for pearls with my writing too. You certainly did today, with me!

    • Oh, thanks for those lovely words, Laurie! They mean a lot to me… I haven’t been posting as often here lately as I was (trying to get FB going with just my artwork on it), but hope you will come back here again and maybe find some more “pearls”… 🙂 Blessings on your writing too!

  5. When I pack my kids’ lunches, sew up the rips in their jeans, and all the laundry folding, I try to remember to be praying over their sweet lives, asking God for blessing, committing them to Him and His will.
    I love the tangible love described in your post.

  6. Beautiful illustration of the ways we touch other’s lives, through Jesus.

  7. Kara says:

    This reminds me of knitting prayer shawls which I used to do for those I loved.

  8. Jann Olson says:

    I’ve got to watch that movie! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

    • It’s about the 9th entry in the series, so you probably need to watch a few of the earlier ones to understand who the characters are, their backgrounds, where they are coming from etc. I didn’t really like the series at first – everyone is pretty quirky. But as it’s gone on, and I’ve gotten to know their stories, I’ve enjoyed it more. The scene I described in this particular movie really spoke to me…. 🙂

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