When you want a professional writer,                                                                                 for your business story or your personal one…

Think beyond a wordsmith to — a ‘word photographer.’

Word-photographer (noun)… One who transforms words into story snapshots.  Captures the light or angle others may not see.  Senses the story portrait in simple everyday moments.  Writes to preserve or present with flair.


Word photos that put the pictures in those you want to motivate or move…and keep them there.



My promise to you:  The right words.  To connect, captivate, inspire.  Delivered on time.  You know the thoughts you want to express.  I can help you tell your marketing story in a way that engages imagination, inspires action, even entertains while informing.  Or…for those who have their own inspiration to share… I’ll light the hearts of your readers to make them feel they are right there, in the moment with you.  (Scroll down to find out more about how I can help you.)

          Everyone remembers a story with a happy ending.  Why not contact me today?  I’m just an email away at pam.depoyan@gmail.com.




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I have the WRITE words.


In Marketing… 

Stories connect us.  Who the elderly woman is who plays piano once a week at the hospital you manage or promote.  What her music respite means to the sick and their families.  Where she comes from.  When and why she volunteers.

Stories build business.  Who you are reaching out to. What your service or product offers. Why and when your customers know you treat them with priority. Why your company is the best choice.

Stories draw people to what you offer.  Who your CEO is and how the company started with a dream. What your dream means for them.  How your employees take that dream even farther.  Why you believe in bringing that dream spirit to your community.


In life…

Stories celebrate our moments, big or small.

Capture the exquisite in the ordinary.

One word-photo at a time.


Who.  What.  Where.  When.  Why.  STORY.

Don’t wait any longer to tell yours.   


 (Contact: pam.depoyan@gmail.com)




When you need a dedicated professional writer – for your magazine, your company or your memoir stories – here’s what I can do for you:



Divine Appointment story sample:  Passionate About Purple

Published article on prayer: Sing God’s Heart Into Someone’s Life

Writing sample: Emerald

  • Do you have a personal story that needs professional polishing before you submit it to a magazine?
  • Are you perhaps a public relations liaison marketing a charity function, looking for someone to write some inspiring testimonial pieces? 
  • Or…Are you an editor who wants fresh, poignant, snapshot-in-time stories to hearten your magazine or e-zine readers?  

I’d love to help…or to have you consider my stories for publication.

Perhaps the best way to describe what I can do for you with this writing style is to show rather than tell…

Write to celebrate the ordinary moments.  We all have them. They sing, if we listen. Maybe like me, you’ve found yourself lifted unexpectedly in the most unlikely place – such as waiting in a depressing medical office, when out of nowhere someone begins playing melodies on piano that whisk heaviness away.  You discover this elderly volunteer plays but one time a week, and in this moment, you feel divinely brought to listen and receive her message of hope.  You can read that story here:  Day 8: The Autumn Angel in Sturdy Shoes

Mark the wondrous.  Or when a national tragedy occurs in the midst of a simple vacation, you find yourself in an extraordinary time of oneness with so many strangers-turned-comrades of sorts. You’ll find that story here:  Remembering…candles in the darkness

Remember the miracles. Other times, one memory leads to another and a moment of the miraculous from the past lifts you to faith for the present.  Be inspired here: When Embers Fly

To get an even greater flavor of the type of word portrait piece I can help you put into words — the stories only you can tellI invite you to read more of these “snapshot stories” on my blog.  Just check out the links for Living Letters, Wonder Moments, and Carols of Christmas, indexed under Categories on the right column of my blog home page.

Editor, public relations liaison, or simply someone who has a story to tell... this is the heart and professional writing touch I can offer you:  I’d love to take your inspirational stories and help polish them into gems.   Or to discuss publication if you are an editor and like what you see here.

I look forward to hearing from you!  Contact me today at pam.depoyan@gmail.com to get started.  

A few words from writers and readers…

Bestselling inspirational author Elizabeth Musser says about my writing, “As always, you use words like poetry. Excited to follow your blog…  I have to say that you are a lovely writer and have a beautiful way with words, so I encourage  you to continue writing.  I am sure the Lord is using your words to encourage many!”

DaySpring Cards writer and bestselling author Holley Gerth, commenting on my Autumn Leaves post (Day 2: With hearts full and arms abandoned…embracing joy in fall)  says, “I could totally see the lovely picture you painted with your words, Pam!”

Diane Ronzino – Nutritionist and one of my blog readers – says about one of my true Carols of Christmas stories (In the Merry Month of Mae),“Miss Mae…I can picture her, hear her, and I think smell her (like walking through the perfume area of a department store). Delightful story, Pam with lessons from a teenage heart…”



stock photo : Light bulb hand drawing in hand       CORPORATE COMMUNICATIONS COPY 

Marketing Sample:  Smart Choice Article – Hungry for More of the Property Pie

Corporate News Sample:  Company Intranet Article – Foremost Team Captures Silver in Support of JA – Page 1

  • Need a writer for an upcoming project?
  • Have you ever thought of technical or marketing writing as story? It has  all the elements — who, what, when, where and why.  The WRITE touch to add flair to your ideas — from letters to ads to Web copy.

I’m here to help you...  Thirteen years writing as a Corporate Communications Specialist for a national insurance company not only gave me an extensive and professional writing platform.  In one way or another, I continue to build writing expertise in weaving stories as an integral part of every project I manage.

Take existing pieces to the Web audience: Translating company brochures to a Web format, for example, means providing your customers with fingertip information in a more easygoing, readable, fun and inviting conversational style.  The same approach may be used in marketing with customer postcards, trade ads, mailers and so forth.

Give your customers your story.  Similarly, as I found in managing customer communications, the best way to resolve sensitive situations, provide easy-to-read documents, or promote products is to convey the company in a more personal light – integrating a type of story form, if you will. The company that puts the customer first.  Promises to set things right.  Makes them feel they have undivided attention, along with the business acumen and neighborly appeal of a local agent to a client.  The company they connect with.

Capture the stories right there in your office. When managing corporate newsletters and writing articles for the company Intranet,  interviewing everyone from clients and employees to managers and CEOs – I tell their stories for company publication, agent relations, and marketing pieces.

This is the professionalism and marketing expertise I can offer youWhy not contact me today at pam.depoyan@gmail.com?

A few words from managers and co-workers…

Ruth S. Walker, former Corporate Communications Manager at Foremost Insurance Company says,   “Pam uses her knowledge and a friendly, down-to-earth style to deliver important messages to our agents.  She keeps a positive attitude and focuses on doing an exceptional job.  She makes it easy for me to give her a project without a lot of direction and have the confidence that she will run with it and provide superior results.”  Regarding the roll-out of a major product and marketing campaign I worked on, she wrote in my review, “When this project rolled out in early fall, by the end of October there were over 1,129 new policies on the books, 4,000 pieces of business in progress and more than 1,000 independent agents and 2,000 [company] agents writing business with this product.  Pam’s pieces were a big part of this success.”

Jennifer Reamer, Corporate Communications Specialist, says, “Pam is an excellent writer, editor and project manager whose attention to detail and organization keep her projects on time and on budget. She is pleasant to be around, works well with others and follows all department processes and procedures. I recommend her to any organization in need of a communications professional.”

 Nan Treul, C.P.C.U., Vice President Farmers Midwest ServicePoint® Farmers (Foremost) Insurance Company, says:  “You are an ethical, hard-working, and dedicated person.  It is a pleasure to work with you! You are a good person and a diligent worker.  You have produced work that is of value to this company. ”

Jennifer Iannuccili, Communications Manager at Priority Health Insurance, says about a three-month freelance project I worked on for their company:  “Thank you for all your help…  It has been a pleasure working with you and I look forward to working with you on future initiatives (if given the opportunity).”


stock vector : Magazine layout design template. Vector Illustration   GUEST WRITING CONTRIBUTOR

“Sunday Whispers” devotion sample: Called By Name

“Wonder Moment” sample:  Light in My Heart

Devotional story: Taking a breather…in the calming hour

Book review sample:  Book Review and… A 2-Novel Set GIVEAWAY!!

“Living Letter” samples: Laser Rays…and Moonbeams, Fridays with geometry and a little A. A. Milne…

  • Is your magazine or contributor site looking for fresh writing from inspirational and Christian writers?  Stories, book/movie reviews or devotionals?  I’d love to submit something for your consideration.

Devotional/Word Photo Stories.  As a writer and blogger, I’m finding my style is much like a photographer who loves to capture that “magic time of light” that may only come once.  To preserve a simple moment we might easily forget otherwise.

I love using words to paint the soft light of what may seem ordinary – to look for a unique angle in a way only a photographer sees with his eye.  I hope to stir my readers with thoughts of… oh, I too have known that… Maybe God wants to use me like that… or, even more, I never realized how much beauty is in that simple experience – it makes me see God in my own life and know that He sees me

“Sunday Whispers” and Other Devotions.  Recently, I’ve joined with some other bloggers in their invitation to post simply a scripture verse and a short reflection on Sundays.  (You’ll find these listed on my blog under the category, Sunday Community Devotions.)   These are meant to coincide with a quiet Sunday, a Word meditation for the day. Most of the other bloggers for these are also photographers and may or may not include anything beyond the photo and verse.  I don’t post my own photographs, but as I thought of how I wanted to express these brief pieces, the thought came to me  “His Sunday whisper to me… and maybe to you” – much as I may write in a prayer journal as I read the Word on my own.

Also falling into this category, are some posts inspired out of my own personal quiet time of prayer… Some of these I’ve termed and categorized as my “Psalms” of a sort.  Others are   brief reflective stories – or wonder moments, as I’ve called them – about simple times when I sense God’s presence in the everyday.  Occasionally, I also invite my readers to join in a bit of intercessory prayer, in Prayer Corner.

Book (and Movie) Reviews:  Whenever I find a book or movie treasure, I always want to share it.  As a reviewer, my goal is to give the reader a taste of the story as well as the author – without giving away the plot.  Just enough to savor… like a great cover does, or a few notes of a symphony makes you want more.  Nothing disappoints me more than to find so much detail in a review that it steals the joy of discovery for myself.  That’s why I usually incorporate just enough of the writer’s own written words to pique the reader’s interest…get them thinking, “wow that sounds good!”  To unveil just enough of the author’s lyrical or poetic writing to spark a little of their light in the reader – and leave them wanting to know this author more.

Living Letters:  One day, I was musing on how our lives are meant to be living letters written from God’s heart to ours to others.  As I thought about this, I remembered people who have brought me beauty or joy or some new light… some I know personally, others I may not.  I wanted to paint word portraits of some of these people in my life…  My hope is that their simple but poignant stories might stir a lovely remembrance of those ordinary people who have touched or changed the reader’s life with a word, a gift of themselves, a moment of starlight.  Or…even better… inspire others to ways they want their own life to leave a legacy of a living letter!

Want to read more samples? I linked a few for you above, but I also invite you to read more of these on my blog. You will find them listed under Living Letters, Wonder Moments, Psalm Seasons, Autumn Leaves, Book Reviews and Carols of Christmas, indexed under the category section located in the right column of my blog home page.

Interested in something I’ve posted?  Or have a topic you’d like me to write for you?  Let’s talk.   E-mail me at pam.depoyan@gmail.com, or leave a comment on a particular post.

A few words from writers and readers…

Author and member of MichKids, Michigan chapter of the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators (SCBWI, Elizabeth McBride says, “Pam – what a wonderful blog you have!  It is a fine presence that is much needed in the world.”

About my review of her book Finding Father Christmas, bestselling inspirational author Robin Jones Gunn says, “What a lovely review! Thanks so much for sending me the (blog) link. You have a beautiful way with words.”



stock photo : Tree growing from book   YOUR MEMOIR STORIES

Writing sample:  A Wedding Album: Photo in Words (1)

Writing sample:  A Wedding Album: The Lindler (2)

Writing sample: Sacred Encounters

  • Would you like to write down your personal memoir stories for family or friends – or even try for publication?  Let’s talk.
  • Wedding or special occasion photographs and album books spark memories, but not the…word… details you want to remember as years go by.  Video interviews capture a more rehearsed conversation. These are treasures.  But — what about the additional stories or special family thoughts in the moment that aren’t caught on camera?

What if someone could talk informally with family and friends, get their quick impressions in the moment, and write these memoir pieces for you to keep alongside photos?  I can offer you this unique way to preserve more of your whole story…

    Here’s an example of what I mean…

As I wrote the above linked stories of my feelings watching some lovely moments of my dear friend’s wedding, I thought… if I weren’t writing these down, these particular thoughts of this moment would vanish.  I may not remember them as clearly as time goes by.  The wedding family would never even know I’d been thinking them.

That started me pondering.  What if family members or friends…such as a grandparent, non-wedding party brother or sister, close friend who is like an aunt or uncle… wanted to share how your special day brought back special memories of you growing up, or related stories from their own lives, or simply thoughts worth treasuring? These could be their reflections happening in days or weeks leading up to your big day…such as a shower or a birth.  They could be thoughts running through their hearts and minds at the actual celebration – some they’d love to put into words if they could…or if anyone asked.

As a professional writer, and one who specializes in depicting such word photos, I’d love to put such pieces together for you.  Informally interview some of those who are key in celebrating your life moment beside you – before and/or after the event.  Talking with your friends and family of your choice.  Then writing their words into stories that reveal their heart for you.


Recording beyond simple photos that mark a memory, and offering rarely expressed words you can cherish for a lifetime.


You and I have stories to preserve…but often time gets away.  Whether your stories are from your past or just now beginning, I’m excited to help you create a written legacy.  Let’s talk!   :)  Contact me today at pam.depoyan@gmail.com.

A word from the bride in this particular memoir story…  🙂

Anne Marie, the bride whose wedding story I wrote about in the three links above, says, “Thank you for so beautifully writing about our wedding! It was beautiful to hear about what was going on in your heart too…”



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contact: pam.depoyan@gmail.com


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