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Through the Midnight Hour

         “I’ve never thought of the little things [in life] as Valentine’s but they are–            little reminders of His love for us and His beauty.” ~  from one of you, recently in my comments Ever thought of … Continue reading

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Starry Songs the Blossoms Know

I love the moonlight, I love the old fashioned things… The sound of rain, upon a window pane… The starry song that April sings! ~ J. Mercer/J Kern ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Ever consider yourself old-fashioned? In the lovely sonnet sense of this … Continue reading

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Bear Hug Blessings

Know someone who could use a hug today? Over breakfast, she told me about the three-year old she’s been caring for, his frightening tantrums of late, the lashing words pouring forth from his sorrowing spirit, the world weariness this child … Continue reading

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You Are Cordially Invited…

Think Anne Shirley (aka, Lady Cordelia) added to a touch of Lady Mary’s  Tea…(of Downton, naturally)    🙂  …  and you’ll have my latest Valentine Anytime… Sometimes, much as I hate this fact,  it takes two tries before you know … Continue reading

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Becoming a receiver

“One check or two?” the waitress inquired. “Two,” we answered together. “No — one,” my friend swiftly interjected on second thought.  She brightened, glancing down at the late-Christmas gift she’d just opened from me.   “I’ll treat you!” “No, nooooo, … Continue reading

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One of our greatest ways to bless…scattering violets

As I drew one of  four nostalgic Valentines this week, melodies and words from music eras long before me came singing into my ideas.  This one references “April Showers” – an old loverly I always recall from one of those … Continue reading

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My 30-day blog invite is almost here…Let the blessings begin!

Sun on snow is casting tree shadow art across the pristine palette outside my window today, and speaks to me of everyday Heavenly valentines that surround us, sometimes unnoticed… . Walking through the mall parking lot the other day, I … Continue reading

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One idea to begin our 30-day blog and bless: Toss some blessing confetti!

Through the window on my world, beside my computer desk, I gaze out at the confetti-tossed snowflakes swirling dreamily by.  They remind me of the slim rectangle slips of paper that have just fallen from a decade or so old … Continue reading

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Inviting you to a 30-day, Ring-in-the-New Year, Bless and Blog party

  Snow is whipping powdery sugar gusts round the eaves of my little bungalow tonight.  It’s frosting and frothing the frigid air, stirring up occasional white-outs.  Turning the skies misty pearl. But out in the center island across the way, … Continue reading

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What day is it?

Here at the frontispiece page of a New Year… Let us take one another’s  hand and walk fresh into a new chapter with songs and words and banners raised to hope and staying in the moment: He has washed each … Continue reading

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