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At the Scent of Wonder

“At the Scent of Wonder,” available in my new gallery, Easter…Spring…and Mother’s Day   So…  I’ve resisted for a long time.   I just didn’t want to get involved with it.  With one more thing to keep up with.   With … Continue reading

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From 30 – 90, how to revitalize your young-at-heart spirit…

Often when I look through photos as ideas to draw, there are those that just make me smile… like the one that inspired this little gem. Who is this middle-aged, bowler-hatted, suit-clad gent riding so elegantly but incongruously on cycle?  … Continue reading

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Blue Skies in the Morning… Part 2

Mm… this wonder-filled image!  It so captures the artist, the reader, the dreamer in me. It whirls clouds of white stallions across blue skies.  Stirs remembrance of England’s Cornwall coast as one of my lifelong favorite story themes, where protagonists … Continue reading

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Blue Skies in the Morning

Battery Point Lighthouse, Crescent City, California   Softly, at your morning pillow, He bids you, “Come.” You feel, more than hear the call to a freshly-crafted story unfolding in the dawn.  To a small, leather-bound volume that seems to be … Continue reading

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At the Scent of Wonder

It was ten o’clock on a recent September morning, sunny and warming, the air scented with the last of white puffed hydrangeas and red roses spilling down the hillside to my right.  The aroma of fresh-turned earth rose from the … Continue reading

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The house across the street…

Birdsong wings its piquant patterns, as if in tune to the way light is dappling and softening the  lawns as I step from my car this morn.  The perfect stillness, the refreshing…the memories I love here… all is enlivening to … Continue reading

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A Friendly Game (And An Unexpected Lesson)

Humming obliviously, happily, two year-old Micah busied himself around the circular play base on the church lawn. Now he was even dipping his rosy cheeks, nose down, inside the hole at it’s top – curious to spy inside.  Investigating.  Learning.  … Continue reading

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