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Seed Pearls

“There’s a story hidden in every wedding dress I’ve ever created,” twinkled the 90-something couturier, confidingly. A rivulet of sudden knowing what was coming next  rippled like a whisper over me as I watched this scene from Hallmark’s latest in … Continue reading

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Words of Joy to Sprinkle You on Mother’s Day!

  “Life began with waking up and loving my mother’s face.” ~ George Eliot “I believe every woman is tempted at some point to believe she’s not a mother. Perhaps you’ve never married and wonder if you’re disqualified. Maybe you … Continue reading

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Just a little song of joy

I was just spending time with the Lord, entreating Him to renew a spirit of joy within,  when out of the blue I found myself lifting these simple words to the tune of Frère Jacques… 🙂 Want to sing along? … Continue reading

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A Day-Brightener For You

                          “Spring Morning Smiles From the Windowsill,” available in my                      Easter…Spring…and Mother’s Day  gallery . “IT WAS ONLY A SUNNY SMILE, AND COST LITTLE IN THE GIVING, BUT LIKE MORNING LIGHT IT SCATTERED THE NIGHT AND MADE THE DAY WORTH … Continue reading

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Before they were famous…

I just shared this on my FB page, but for those of you who do not have access there, I thought I would post it here for you, too…  🙂  (with the addition here of the photos below) . . … Continue reading

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When the new year ahead makes you wistful…

Standing here at the beginning of the new year, I feel wistful. A tad, spent. Maybe even a bit… jaded. Partial light has come to uncover a touch of a longtime mystery, revealing NEVER-suspected secrets and making me question with … Continue reading

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In this merry month…of writing

An announcement and a little request… I just submitted an expanded version of one of my Christmas stories  – “In the Merry Month of Mae” — to a contest and invite you to hop on over to and  read … Continue reading

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