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What Worlds We Are Creating…?

Do you believe in the magic and beauty of words? Though He doesn’t use the term “magic,” God does.  Only, He calls the speaking of words Holy Spirit-breathed, dunamis (dynamite-powered), the power to give life (or death) in  in our … Continue reading

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Stories by heart…

“’Let me read to us,’ he said.  He thumbed through the little volume of Longfellow’s poems…and read from Endymion: “’…O drooping souls, whose destinies are frought with fear and pain,  ye shall be loved again! No one is so accursed … Continue reading

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Emerald Legacy

As I’ve been writing this series of posts this week, I’ve been thinking of another incredible movie scene that has long stayed in my mind. Child actress, Patty Duke, as the young Helen Keller… wildly fighting, fighting, fighting against the … Continue reading

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             There are only two kinds of people in the world that really count.          One kind’s wheat and the other kind’s emerald. ~ Edna Ferber . “My, would you look at all those rows of purple!” she exclaims, eyes shining, … Continue reading

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Word, Be Gone! – Day 5, “Words Matter” Week 2012

Ta da… drum roll!  It’s the Day 5, Blogger Challenge Question: If you had to eliminate one word or phrase from the English language, what would it be?  Why? . If it were possible to make the meaning and action … Continue reading

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Word Power…Day 4, “Words Matter” Week 2012

. Day 4 Blog Challenge Question: What person in your life helped you understand the importance of choosing words carefully? What would you say to them if you met them today? . Is there just one person who helps us … Continue reading

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Smile! It’s Day 3, “Words Matter” Week 2012

Today’s Challenge Question: Communication breaks down when words are misused.  What is the funniest or worst breakdown you’ve ever observed? . Word Quirks Being a word lover, it tickles me each time I catch Dad say one.  Not just because … Continue reading

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