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Like light through the trees

Sometimes, as a sort of long distance teacher’s assistant, I find myself reading  paragraphs written by anonymous children I will never really meet.  But every once in awhile, one of them knocks my socks off with their tenderness of thought… … Continue reading

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Feeling blue?

  …Today, breezy blue clouds of lavender billow their sails like schooners of light… ~Me ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ “I have set a large vase of lilacs just to the left of me as I write.  The flowers are heavy with scent.  They … Continue reading

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Just around a corner…a whisper waits…

. “[Wandlebury] was a very small town, of course – a sleepy, sunshiny place that looked as if the rush and hurry of the modern world had overlooked its existence.  Barbara found herself in a big square, paved with cobbles.  … Continue reading

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D. E. Stevenson – A Charmer of a Read

I met a “new-old,” now favorite author this week.  Scottish writer, D. E. Stevenson, who – it appears – was one of the most prolific writers of her time.  I closed my eyes, thought back.  Had I ever heard of … Continue reading

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Day 4: To Life! To Life! La Chaim!

“Today, I have given you the choice between life and death Between blessings and curses Oh, that you would choose life, So that you and your children may live And that you may love the LORD your God, Listen to … Continue reading

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Dappled Peace And a Touch of British Isle

. . Peace…be.  I’m driving around town Sunday afternoon, searching out English countryside-style architecture and gardens to photograph for you here… when peace, gold-leafed with sunlight and shadows dancing across woodwork and stone and carved words of blessing and Old … Continue reading

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Day 3: The Heart of Our Father: I rise on You today!

God will bless you more than any other nation—your families will grow and your livestock increase.  You will no longer suffer with the same horrible diseases that you sometimes had in Egypt. You will be healthy…  ~ Deuteronomy 7:14-15, Contemporary … Continue reading

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Hobnobbin’ with Holley Gerth! :) And… chocolate!

We-ell… Holley and I didn’t exactly… hobnob.  Not in the way my Walter Mitty mind played out the scenario as it might have been … 🙂 Ring ring.  I pick up the phone.   “Hey, Pam, It’s Holley!  I’m going to … Continue reading

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Dove Light

. . “His heart has just become so hard,” she said sadly, as we were saying goodbye.   We’d talked about many things as she snipped and shaped my hair for the last hour or so, circling around as we … Continue reading

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Come in to praise and sup… Day 2

“Worship the Lord your God, and his blessing will be on your food and water. ‘I will take away sickness from among you, and… give you a full life span.’” ~ Exodus 23:25 – 26 Worship:  To honor with reverent love, … Continue reading

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