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Happy Giving of Valentines!

Sugar and butter, melting mini chocolate chips, dried cranberries… mm, these valentine shortbread aromas mingle in my kitchen like song to a dance, as brightly-colored flowers to a white pitcher vase. Checking my napkin stash, I decide between sweet-scalloped appetizer-size … Continue reading

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Today’s Valentine Notes…

“You really don’t have any idea of all the things going on around you, do you?” ~ Spencer Tracy, to another who was unaware of his presence, in the movie “A Guy Named Joe” . The other day, I tuned … Continue reading

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A month of valentines for you, and this is the first

It’s February!  And love and friendship are in the air. Certainly, there’s the romantic…but this time of year always makes me rekindle the old-fashioned, dust off the vintage charmers, remember  when we used to take time to consider kindred spirits … Continue reading

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A Tale of Hearts Not Just for the Romantic

  Been illustrating a fun project this week… True life tearooms dotting the English landscape!  This one reminds me of a lovely surprise Valentine by the sea.   🙂  Won’t you wander with me through the Cotswolds, Selworthy and Devon, here? … Continue reading

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Valentines Are Waiting, Addressed to You…

Lately it seems as though jabbing whispers pelt me like sudden onset of ice-crunched rain, making it hard to stand against whipping winds. Such as when the handyman — who is outside my open kitchen doorway discussing the repair of … Continue reading

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Need A Smile?

    I’ve been having fun trying my drawing hand at baby portraits this past week, using photos as my models…  And I’m finding, nothing makes me smile in the midst of harried moments as much as these!  How can you … Continue reading

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How do your valentines grow?

Mistress Mary, quite contrary, How do your valentines grow? With silver bells and pearl-pink  shells and Queen’s Lace all in a row…                                     … Continue reading

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