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Vibration of Harmony

“A child’s world widens like rings made by a stone dropped into a pool.  First the house became familiar to me, and then the garden.  The church came next, it’s tall gray walls and slender columns springing upward to support … Continue reading

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Celebrating April

    It’s April 1st!  YEAH!! When one of you commented on my last post that you wished you had a print of my drawing in front of you (see In the Morning Room) , I thought… Let’s celebrate His promise of … Continue reading

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His “Basket” Overflows…

     In this week before Easter, I thought I’d re-share another repost from last year… a reminder that He loves to call you by name…  And HIS basket is overflowing with fresh spring hope crafted just for you… You shall … Continue reading

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Hope is an Easter Song

    “I dreaded leaving home.  I wouldn’t see my father for months at a time.  I didn’t know if I could accept that.  Dad was all I had. “One night I came to him teary eyed.  ‘Dad, I’m going to … Continue reading

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A name’s been drawn!

Congratulations to Sylvia of The Sylver Pen blog as the winner of my pen & ink print giveaway!  The drawing will soon be on it’s way to you…  Just a clue… I hope it makes you smile each time you look … Continue reading

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Emerald Legacy

As I’ve been writing this series of posts this week, I’ve been thinking of another incredible movie scene that has long stayed in my mind. Child actress, Patty Duke, as the young Helen Keller… wildly fighting, fighting, fighting against the … Continue reading

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Words From A Stranger

    As I left work today, I heard the radio host ask, “Has a stranger ever spoken words to you that have changed your life for the better?  Or have YOU been the one to speak those words to someone … Continue reading

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