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Remembering…candles in the darkness

September 12, 2001 Sitting in the 2,500-seat theater that evening, I could sense a subdued daze over the audience. Most of us had planned for this night months ahead, traveled wearying-long distances and days to be here at this moment … Continue reading

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Fridays with geometry and a little A. A. Milne…

I don’t completely remember his face.  But I do recall his heart for his students… Plain old everyday math had always been a bit beyond me.  Let alone junior high algebra. In a time when calculators were available but never, … Continue reading

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One Bella Day

The first time I heard him play… snow-puff clouds studded the skyline, mirroring the distant sails out skimming the small neighborhood lake that late spring afternoon.  Quickly I scanned the shore.  Students lounging with their books.  Laughter from a young … Continue reading

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One not-so-random act of kindness

In my mind, I see her laughing eyes, hear her                                somehow-always-breathless voice bubbling over,                             remember how we used to bump into each other on campus…       stop and share helloes and hearts between classes.  How we first became friends in a … Continue reading

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The Little Girl From the ‘Old Country’

I remember her hands… …There, in her overflowing garden, moving expressively as she tells me about the Old Country, how she used to jump as a small girl from a cliff into the Black sea, and swim like a fish. … Continue reading

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If your life were a letter, what would it say?

You are like a letter…not written with pen and ink or on tablets made of stone. You are written in our hearts by the Spirit of the living God.  — 2 Corinthians 3:3 (CEV)      The other day, I … Continue reading

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Simply Put – A Must Read…

I’ve always been a “cover” gal.  One look at this beauty and mmm… I was caught. Speaks to me of eras I’m always drawn to (the 1930’s and 40’s).  Of springtime blossoms and lovely old homes.  Of tenderness and…mystery.  Not … Continue reading

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Happy 4th!

God bless us with a heart after His own!                                                   Happy 4th of July!

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On Music, Creativity and Writing: Part 6 – That’s a Wrap, with Cait

Good friends, good books…  this is the ideal life.  ~Mark Twain   As I was preparing this last “installment” of my interview with Cait, I found so many luscious quotes about reading, writing and music that I just have to … Continue reading

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