A Tale of Hearts Not Just for the Romantic

Digital Camera  Been illustrating a fun project this week… True life tearooms dotting the English landscape!  This one reminds me of a lovely surprise Valentine by the sea.   :)  Won’t you wander with me through the Cotswolds, Selworthy and Devon, here?  People and Landscapes After the English Heart


     A different sort of Valentine, bubble-protected in an unexpected manila envelope,  slipped into my mail box yesterday.  No note… but with tell-tale West Coast address on the outside…in the writing of an old family friend.   One whose family grew up with ours, spent many a day and vacation and holiday together.   Mertzes to our Ricardos, only kids on both sides.

Cutting away the paper edge, my fingers tugged at the red tissue folded and seemingly stuck within.  Until there it was… a simple message of friendship, no words needed.  Just a piece of square cable-stitched knit, with a heart-woven design… like a swatch from a beautiful cream-colored Irish sweater… in my hand.

I held it on my palm, soft as a snowflake threaded with loving care.

A memory of  last Valentine’s Day flitted, unbid, across my mind…  Dad’s first day in a dark and dreary rehab room after three weeks of hospital deterioration.  The cheery, heavy-accented nurse who coaxed actual smiles out of him with her geared-to-get-him-out-of-himself chatter.

“Ju know – it’s balentine’s day, ‘oney?” she bustled round him, snipping his fingernails lightning quick ahead of his outburst against such ministering, and striking me with awe at her nimble dexterity with the gruff and resistant.   Her joyous effervescence.

And Daniel…the crusty, barnacle-hearted 90-year old over on the other side of the room.  Deeply deaf to the point of loudly barking every word he enunciated, gravel-throated, grousing and spewing his anger at his circumstances and over all who would pay him any mind.   Justified in many ways, as I was to discover with the unpalatable food he was served that caused him no end of problems.  And his dark loneliness at being stuck there, alone most of the time. Unabashedly coming down on us to his visiting daughter for us “spoiling dad” with our 12-hour day attentions, spitting those words out like distasteful morsels.   Yet, somehow… maybe with a touch of, ‘wish you would be here more,’ too?

“I was a policeman in Maryland for forty-five years,” he later pronounced several times  to us in his overbearing, stentorian tones.  “When my wife died, I raised my two little girls all by myself!  This food is a swill bucket in here…!”  He glanced up at me as if over spectacles, a look of disdain and false bravado, I’m sure I have you whippersnappers stumped, in his eyes.  “Do you know what a swill bucket is?” he snarled.

I gave him the definition.  “Well,” he spluttered, “you got it.  That’s what this place is!”

That afternoon, my sister and I stopped at Hallmark on the way back from lunch.  Not for one…but two cards.  Plus a  third I’d tucked into my purse.  One of those kid-style, cutout kind of heart message I’d bought a package of to wing back home to some little boys I know.

A “Thank you for your wonderful cheer” card to the nurse.  She simply smiled and tucked it away in her apron, unopened.

A “Happy Valentine’s to a wonderful Father,” along with his favorite of Snoopy, to brighten a drab bedside table for Dad.   He read it with care.

The old-fashioned “Just stopping by with a Valentine ‘Hi!'” cutout in it’s reminiscent of school days tiny envelope… to Daniel.

Feeling a bit intimidated but pushed by the One who called him by name and wanted to give him a tiny sign of that, I stepped across the beds to place on his table.  His stern eyes met mine, flickered softness for a microsecond.  A grunt, a nod.  Later, a smile of wonder from his daughter who had stopped in.  “Daddy, isn’t that nice?” she said loudly, behind the curtain.

“Grumble grumble,” he acknowledged. Still… for that moment,  I thought just maybe I detected the slight sound of ice cracking, just round the edges.

Now, holding this handmade knit Valentine in my hand, I’m reminded…  The world would have us believe this is a day just for starry eyed couples.

It is… partly.

But… how much more is it a day when God is whispering…

This one over here…. they could use an unexpected bit of lace and love.   A memento of friendship… a knowing someone cares…a thank you for ordinary services.

A rose in the form of an envelope they can slit open.

A blessing in the shape of paper and heart, cookies frosted pink, a phone call out of the blue.

A you are loved reminder in a written prayer tucked inside a note and wrapped with a ribbon…

You still have two days until Valentine’s…  Is there someone – even a relative stranger (maybe a clerk who is always helpful at a store?) — who might be tickled by your thoughtfulness?

I was skim-reading an interesting and genuine and humor-laced book yesterday — Giving Candy to Strangers by Stan Holden ( http://givingcandytostrangers.com/ ) – about making connections in this great big world of ours.  Not just for what we might get.  But what we might give.  The author pointed out how small children can run onto a park playground and make instant friends with strangers round the swing set.   How we’ve lost that as wary adults.  But… he suggested… what might happen if you found yourself in a crowded Starbucks for example, and looking around the room you began to think of each one there as one of your family or friends you hadn’t seen in awhile? How might your thoughts of them change and soften?  How might you greet them with a genuinely warm smile?  What might you say?   What new friends might you discover?


hope your Valentine's Day was filled with love and a littleWho might need some Valentine ‘chocolates’ from you and I today?  :)    What if we really ponder that and come up with some deliveries between now and Sunday?  Like my knitted gift… sometimes, words aren’t even needed.


© Pam Depoyan

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A valentine invite, touch of Brit and five minute Friday

valentine: Valentine frame design with space for your text

I’ll be getting to my Five Minute Friday post on “FOCUS” in a moment…but before I start my clock for writing…

I want to invite you to a special Celebration for the Month of February over at my new Picture it in Pen and Ink! Art Gallery site… where I have a Valentine waiting to be opened…

Won’t you please join me in A Little Communiqué Spot  to read about it?  :)

Jehovahs Witnesses Online - Censorship Free Discussion Board  And… if you are a lover of all things British, as I am, you might also enjoy a click over to see my newest addition to  People and Landscapes After the English Heart  — my rendering of a real life Cottage England Tearoom, located in the Cotswolds… just completed and scanned in to my site today…  :)    If I could, I’d invite you to Valentine tea and scones there…

I’d love to know what all you who’ve been blessed to visit England think of this one!  I’ve not been there yet… except in gorgeous photos like the one I used to draw this!

And now… five minutes…

[Focus on Me], call to Me

and I will show you great and unsearchable things you do not know…

Jeremiah 33:3, Parenthesis mine

My mind is running hither and thither it seems, as I settle in with the daily Word passages, make ready a soft CD of praise to begin when finished.  Focus, I am continually commanding my rabbit trailing thoughts as I reread a section over again.   It takes occasional reining in, until I am quiet.  Listening.  Soothing sounds of rain on the windowpane somehow calm my heart enough to hear.

“I am always focused on you,” He offers, gently.

I am continually turning my spirit to His throughout the day, but oh, to be able to totally turn out distractions when I’m actually sitting here, wanting to focus solely on Him…

“It is enough, in this moment, that you are here,” He says.  “Wait upon Me and let Me breathe My Spirit in you… I refresh you today with living water.  I make you strong and not weary.  You will walk and not faint.”

In awhile, I put on the CD… recognize His anointing on it and enter into the worship.  And as I do, all those cares, those distracting, darting thoughts melt away.

He is the One who enables me, even in this moment, to turn my eyes more fully on Him… and makes me so grateful He only wants our willing hearts…


© Pam Depoyan

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Valentines Are Waiting, Addressed to You…

... Wilcox Smith, Rain Dance, Jessie Wilcox, Jessie Willcox Smith, Clips

Lately it seems as though jabbing whispers pelt me like sudden onset of ice-crunched rain, making it hard to stand against whipping winds.

Such as when the handyman — who is outside my open kitchen doorway discussing the repair of something that the condo association will take care of — suddenly fixes his eyes above my head and across the room to where peeling away paint seems to form a crack along the edge of wall to ceiling.  Dire look in those eyes.

“Um,” he asks, pointing, “Mind if I come in and take a closer look at that?”    He does, then poses there pondering long as if afraid to tell me the horrific news.

“The painters claimed that’s just settling that happens…,” I offer lamely.  And at his prolonged stare, add, “It’s not a sign of leaking, is it?”  Crunching machine numbers ring off streams of dollar signs in my head till he shakes his head ‘no.’   “Just that you need drywall replaced there…”

“Is it dangerous to leave it?” I ask, wordlessly thinking…well, it’s been this way for 6 or 7 years now…  And I’m also in the middle of waiting for a garbage disposal replacement that’s going to take a hefty sum.  Not to mention the widening crack in my garage floor that will need attention sometime in spring or summer…

“Oh, no…”  he says.  “Just something I’d do… ” proceeding to explain how they’d ‘cut a bead’ of dry wall, replace, have to repaint…”

Mm… Put that on the long time to never in the future list.

That is, until I wake up in the middle of the night, dodging arrows of worry flying round my pillow complete with nightmare images flashing behind my closed eyes.  What if the wall is so flimsy or insecure that the cabinets should fall off?

Suddenly, thoughts of where I’m going to get funds to pay for so many other bills that keep streaming in lately… still for the broken shoulder.  Various insurance payments due.  Escrow time.

Fear.  Worry.  Heart-pounding no,no no…

Not just concerning bills.  But all those other what ifs...

Until I pull in the reins and pay attention to whose voice I’m listening to.

“God is calling us to be His stewards in the earth, stand in His Name authority and talk the Word Truth back to the onslaught of fears,” a minister couple teaches this morning,”whether that is blasting at us from all the fear-mongering bad news on TV or screeching into our personal situations.  Now is not the time to fold, but to stand up as His army and  take back what the enemy has stolen…stop him in his tracks from taking one jot more… and follow the Lord’s instructions to bind  terror in His Name, and loose God’s Heaven on earth!”

They continue to exhort.  “When news announces the security level is high or a sickness is taking over the world, bind that word from happening in your house, in your town, in your country.  Don’t just sit there and let it soak fear into you…  Speak what you hear your Father saying!”

My sheep know My voice,” He reminds me softly.  “I speak peace, blessing, hope, provision — never fear.  I speak power, authority, ruling and reigning in My Righteousness, doing greater things in My Name, My angels surrounding you…”

“Peace,BE!  I instruct my heart then, like the Lord to the storm — putting an abrupt halt and hush to the enemy’s age-old tactical lies.

I rebuke the depression that’s been hovering fog-like over me in the dreary, dark weather we’ve been having too… and how I’ve been giving in to it…

To the jeers of the enemy who is counting on me not knowing what God means when He calls us to the authority of  redeemed, conquering heirs of the King… His original plan in the Garden, bought back at blood price.

And I feel myself physically calming.

Pen in hand, I grab my One Year Bible where I’ve been following and meditating on Old Testament and New Testament readings broken out in days, and nestle into my chair, brace the word in my lap, legs knees up on the ottoman…  I’ve been writing in the margins of this bible this time round, making notes where I convert certain verses into His Declarations to speak over my daily life.  Underlining the words that show God’s character and desire as blessing and life.

[Valentine] Words of His Heart to Declare, over my bills and other worries that wilt like scorched and uprooted weeds in His Spoken Presence:

  • As God looked at his creation with pleasure and blessed them all (Genesis 1:22), so he looks at me!
  • As God placed man in the Garden of Eden as it’s gardener, to tend and take care of it, so He is calling me as His own in this world…  to tend it with His Word of Life…
  • And with the psalmist, I declare — The Lord watches over all my plans and paths!  (psalm 1:6)   With Solomon, ” The Lord delights to increase me with wisdom!”  (Proverbs 1:6)  “I will trust in and reverence the Lord!”  (Proverbs 1:7)
  • Lord, you are my shield, glory and only hope!  You lift my head away from shame! Even if 10,000 surround me, The Lord is my protector!  I will lie down and sleep in peace and wake in safety for the Lord watches over me!” (Psalm 3:1-8)
  •   The Lord will bless my storehouses, open his windows of heaven and pour out a blessing I cannot contain.”

Whose word  are you declaring over your life today?  The enemy has come to steal and kill, but the Lord chooses abundant life over you!  

Action point:  Take a psalm of praise [or a specific promise God leads you to in His Word] and turn it into a personal declaration of hope over your situation, your family, your town, your country today… 

  God’s Valentines, waiting for you…


And for one more refreshing word…

Hop over to read this lovely devotion from Lynne Morrissey in her guest post here today:  http://deeperwaters.us/beautiful-boundaries/?utm_source=Deeper+Waters&utm_campaign=6aaf1d4d22-RSS_EMAIL_CAMPAIGN&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_cbba9f3a27-6aaf1d4d22-297782281#


© Pam Depoyan

valentine: Valentine frame design with space for your text I’m also inviting you to a special Celebration for the Month of February over at my new Picture it in Pen and Ink! Art Gallery site… where I have a Valentine waiting to be opened…

Won’t you please join me in A Little Communiqué Spot  to read about it?  :)





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A picture of Glory is in the horse…

free horse pictures photo: German Horse in Snow Hermanto120-20Germany.jpg

There is no secret so close as that between a rider and his horse. ~Robert Smith Surtees

…I heard a neigh. Oh, such a brisk and melodious neigh as that was! My very heart leaped with delight at the sound. ~Nathaniel Hawthorne



In person, I was always a bit intimidated by horses.  I didn’t have that passion for them that so many young girls had.  The wondering kind that made them think of nothing else, like young Elizabeth Taylor in National Velvet.  So enthralled  that she often kept herself awake at night, picturing herself riding, putting herself inside the horse’s mind and heart, of a sort, feeling what she imagined them feeling, soaring as she felt they must.

Still, through authors like Lenora Mattingly Weber who painted such words of wonder in characters who lived and breathed and sacrificed even other more homey dreams for the love of a horse, I think I glimpsed a majestic beauty, fell in love from afar.  I liked the idea behind their passion…for it was all giving, open-hearted love – on both sides.

“Mary Fred Malone had just bought a horse. He was black and his name was Mr. Chips and Mary Fred was riding him home. The January wind had the moist breath of snow as it rippled the bridle reins, flapped the green scarf over Mary Fred’s unruly dark hair, tugged at the end knotted under her tanned squarish chin. She thought, “I’ve bought a horse.” The thought could still startle her. For certainly she had not had the slightest intention of buying a horse with the money that had been sent for her to buy a formal…

Mary Fred rode down the sandy road that led from the Hilltop Stables toward the outskirts of Denver, and the very rhythm of Mr. Chips’ trot, the very flapping of her scarf in the wind kept time to an excited singsong inside her, “Mr. Chips is mine–all mine. He’s nobody else’s but mine!” And Mr. Chips’ ear kept twitching back, as though he didn’t want to miss a word of it. She reached over and patted his warm, black, sinewy shoulder…

Opening to Meet the Malones, Lenora Mattingly Weber

Throughout my life, in other stories and in movies that spotlighted the friendship between horse and owner, I’ve been drawn to the idea of that “no secret so close” feeling Surtees references in the above quote.  To what it must be like to know that joy as Hawthorne describes.

Certainly, in the beautifully filmed Secretariat, in the stirring reading of the words from Job 39:19-24 at the opening and closing, in the majesty and splendor of that grace-filled horse and the woman who gave her all to take him as far as she knew he could go — I brush away tears at the GLORY and very Heaven I see in this animal.

For surely, God put so much of Himself in this creature, a picture…as in the stars and in beauty that surrounds us… to reveal Himself.

beautiful horse: A pair of horses showing affection   I felt that anew this week as I finally put pencil and pen to an image that has long been in my mind to draw –  having found a lovely photo of a beautiful little girl with her arms encircling her horse, just like the picture in my mind.  I posted my drawing in  From Vintage and Family Photos , where I invite you to click over to see :)  though, it really is a more recent than vintage photo.  I wasn’t really sure I could execute it, but I wanted to try.  I’d been thinking of it since last year when a woman contacted me excitedly with the idea of doing a portrait of her three daughters when they were young, with their horses.  For reasons unknown to me, she didn’t follow through with the photos, so the project ended before it began.

Possibly, I put her off unknowingly by admitting I’d never drawn a horse before.  These last few years of working from photos rather than imagination, I’ve suddenly been able to do so much more than I ever could before, so sometimes it is hard to believe I can with a photo before me.  The difference between what I used to draw and now  is stunning to me and only proves to me the wonder of God blessing the work of our hands anew…

In many ways, though this may sound strange, it feels as though He has suddenly increased the little seeds of what I could do...  as long as I have a photo as my clear model.  It’s like that prayer I’ve prayed… and I think you probably have too…from Jabez.  Lord, enlarge my territory…

Only… I often stand back and simply marvel, because it just feels like it is more Him than me…  There is just something of Glory that tugs at me when I look at the open  joy on the face of this little girl in this drawing.  The horse… well, I like the way it looks like it is lowering it’s head to nuzzle into this child who loves him.  My drawing’s more of an impression of the horse than a true rendering by someone more skilled at animal anatomy than I am…  but there’s something that is making me unable to take my eyes off this piece.  Not because I drew it – but because I see Him in it.  And just evokes much to me that I can’t express with words.

It’s that old feeling coming back about the wonder of loving and being loved by such a magnificent creature as a horse.  It’s the sweet innocence of the little girl… the absolute light of delight in her eyes and smile!

beautiful horse: Bay horse running in fieldIt makes me ponder how God is so clearly seen in the character and radiance of a horse – power, majesty, glory, selfless love that will spend its all and even burst it’s heart for the love of fulfilling it’s race, giving endlessly…

It makes me want to encourage YOU to know God wants to increase you…and you…and you…  in whatever gift(s) He will blossom in you as you lean into Him… Because – as with the horse – He shines through… and enables us to do so much more than we ever imagine…

“And I am convinced and sure of this very thing, that He Who began a good work in you will continue until the day of Jesus Christ up to the time of His return, developing that good work and perfecting and bringing it to completion in you.  [Not in your own strength] for it is God Who is…[energizing and creating in you the power and desire], both to will and to work for His Good pleasure and satisfaction and delight.”

~ Philippians 1:6, 2:13

I quickly had this drawing printed, put it into a frame so I could include it in a bookstore showing of my work locally that only lasts one more month.  Lord, make it shine You to all who see it…and if it could be purchased by someone who somehow sees that light, added to a young girl’s bedroom or placed where it will lift and inspire!

Debating what to title it, musing horse names I’ve heard of before, I suddenly thought of this… because it’s what He makes me see in this image, and what I hope others see…

“For the love of ‘Glory'” 

scan0009 Sitting at a small table in the bookshop, inconspicuously writing out my new site address on some of my business cards, I overheard an older woman talking with a teenager.  “I think that horse picture is my favorite…she draws them from photos,” she remarked.

I haven’t heard from any buyers yet…and I’m still envisioning this one for some young girl [or woman who once was that girl] who has that passion for horses!  But her words were like His singing over waters to me… a thought that maybe He is using it to tug at a sweet memory in her that reflects His heart… If so, I ask Him to keep the image inside her.  A story that keeps unfolding…  :)

I wonder...Do you see the Lord in the beauty of a horse?

Was there ever a special horse in your life?

 I’d love to hear in what ways!

To see my drawing, click here at my “Picture it in Pen and Ink” site (if it evokes any thoughts or memories in you, I’d love your comments… )   :

From Vintage and Family Photos


beautiful horse: bay horse and dog on the black backgroundAnd one more lovely quote:

Where in this wide world can man find nobility without pride,
Friendship without envy,
Or beauty without vanity?
Here, where grace is served with muscle
And strength by gentleness confined
He serves without servility; he has fought without enmity.
There is nothing so powerful, nothing less violent.
There is nothing so quick, nothing more patient.

~Ronald Duncan, “The Horse,” 1954


© Pam Depoyan

  • Pen & Ink Bookstore Portrait shown above: mine, under my copyright  (please do not copy without permission. See my copyright info button on the sidebar.  :)  )  View more of my artwork here:  https://pamdepoyanblog.wordpress.com/
  • horse images from stock photos

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Quiet is a photo that draws you in to beauty…

Free-HD-Snow-Heart-Backgrounds : Med e-News   Clicking on a friend’s blog recently, I felt a quiet hush the moment I landed on her page.  For there, simple in beauty and in lines, I ‘stepped into a photo” of…peace.  

A lovely, classic little scarlet-roofed church, it’s steeple rising to what appears to be a scroll work cross… with  nothing but expanse of snow in the forefront and sky and hint of sea to the back…

And in my friend’s words written there I heard a whisper answering a long time prayer of mine…  What drawing can I create as a gift for Diane, Lord?  Something to breathe Your Peace on her…

For she opened heart of how this photo speaks His Spirit to hers in such grace and light and lilting joy…

And through her words, He breathed quietly into mine…

This... He said, in reply.

This charming little church… so different from the detailed pen and ink work I typically do…  Still, there it was, His Glory over it…

And so, I prayed as I worked on it, inspired to add in my own bit of rays breaking through clouds over the church, and sent it winging, wafting peace in an envelope and trusting Him to shine in simple lines…

Cup with green tea on grey wooden background  And on this Friday when we are sipping a cup of QUIET, I encourage you to go to my friend’s blog here


to be lifted by her worshipful thoughts…

And maybe, leave her some of your own!  :)

Then…If you’d like to see my rendering of her lovely photo… you  might click here to go to my new Picture it in Pen and Ink! site as well:  :)  Churches



© Pam Depoyan

   P.S.  I wrote another, lengthier post this week on this same topic of finding quietude in the loveliness of a poem… in emerald beauty and invite you to read this too!  https://wordglow.wordpress.com/2016/01/27/when-youre-looking-for-peace-that-drops-softly-from-the-morning/


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When you’re looking for peace that drops softly from the morning…

And a harvest of righteousness is sown in peace by those who make peace.

~ James 3:18, English Standard Version


Yesterday, I was sketching a photo portrait that comes from a famous story of a man who journeys to his old family home in Innisfree, Ireland… in search of peace.  There’s a look of wispy sadness, weariness of worry, hint of anticipation on his face as he stands beside a white-washed, thatched roof cottage, looking out and beyond.  You can’t see it in the snapshot I was working from…but I KNOW that out there, in the beyond just outside the frame, there is wild and Emerald isle-glory to lift his soul to the one road to that peace!  He only has to crunch down a few more brambles and briars, be a bearer of peace to others there,  and he will find it…

The  promised harvest of righteousness.

Peace… such peace… is falling from the skies as I complete my drawing, slip it into a gallery frame and trade it out with a more Christmasey one I have up at the bookshop for the next month… White, fluffy, gentle swirl of peace.

It whispers over the world outside my window… Remember the Promise.   Take it in your hands as My Gift and hold it up against fears… worry… he who would try to devour.   I have won it for you, but you have to take it from My Hands and pass it on, to keep the harvest flowing…      

Later, it falls softly round my shoulders as  I uncover this utterly entrancing poem by William Butler Yeats online…

From another long ago heart looking for and finding quietude, waiting in Trust, for him…

“I WILL arise and go…!” he vows joyously.

The Lake Isle Of Innisfree

I WILL arise and go now, and go to Innisfree,
And a small cabin build there, of clay and wattles made:
Nine bean-rows will I have there, a hive for the honeybee,
And live alone in the bee-loud glade.

And I shall have some peace there, for peace comes dropping slow,
Dropping from the veils of the morning to where the cricket sings;
There midnight’s all a glimmer, and noon a purple glow,
And evening full of the linnet’s wings.

I will arise and go now, for always night and day
I hear lake water lapping with low sounds by the shore;
While I stand on the roadway, or on the pavements grey,
I hear it in the deep heart’s core.

It is an old story of our human hearts… this seeking such a  place of respite.  A quietude within. Beauty and reassuring glory that reaches into our innermost part where God has crafted this longing… and shown us He has made it part of our inheritance.   One to hold up against the worry, the fear, the unknown that may be slithering into our thoughts right now with a — Ha! Be gone!

For I will rest assured in the “veils of the morning where the cricket sings…
and in a place where ” midnight’s all a glimmer, and noon a purple glow,
And evening full of the linnet’s wings.”

And with Yeats, I will say…

“I will arise and go now, for always night and day
I hear lake water lapping with low sounds by the shore;
While I stand on the roadway, or on the pavements grey,
I hear it in the deep heart’s core.”

Because… He said so.  And He is not a man that he should lie.  But rather, turns us – though occasionally quake we might — into a people of quiet strength and singers of joy.


Yoona Innisfree - Im yoonA Wallpaper (26486277) - FanpopThe “phrase” He seems to have led me to this year, a harvest of righteousness, keeps popping up in unexpected places for me to share here with you…like a crocus appearing out of the snow! 

Today, it came in gentle grays and soft whites and ink black lines of watching an image emerge on my sketching paper… each time, amazing me anew with the wonder of what God can do through us!

This, I thought – this must be just an inkling of how it is to breathe forth new life…  An inkling He has put in each of us, gift after gift after gift…   In children of our lives.  In music, words… and whatever “art” He has put in you…

SO… I’d love it if you’d join me here at my art gallery site, just to take a peek and let me know what this “Quiet Man” makes you think of..:)

Memorable Movie Moments We Cherish

and also here

From Vintage and Family Photos


© Pam Depoyan

The story behind why I chose to draw THIS portrait…

     I can’t say I’ve ever watched the entire film that inspired this drawing of yesterday.  I think I just haven’t been able to get into the plot.  But there is breathtaking light in the photography of this glorious place Yeats wrote about that always stirs me to view a bit of it when it is playing…

I had simply been searching online for a photo of an Irishman sporting one of those wonderful caps –– just wanting to capture that quaint charm, a rugged face,  on paper. Then, finding this snapshot that I used as my model — well, it just spoke of STORY to me. Much more than a famous person – I can’t even say I was really trying to make it resemble him as much as to capture a look of Ireland that I love…


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All Alone and Feeling Blue? Take a snapshot of remembrance…

   I think I first heard Haley Mills say it to her character’s Grandpa in Parent Trap, incognito — for he is yet to to know for sure that she is not the twin he has helped raise, but her sister separated from birth…

“What are you doing?” he inquires of her, as Haley holds his coat, tender and close to her face, breathing in the scent of his pocket peppermints.

“Mmm… I’m making a memory!” she chirps brightly.

The words of that scene wisped into my thoughts last evening as a friend drove us home from a fun birthday celebration, winding her car through quaint shop-lined street where Christmas still glows from white lights twining evergreened lampposts, passing the old wooden bridge which though dark still sparkles with it’s wreath of lights hung up top.  Then circling round the tiny, semi-lit ball park turned ice rink, where a couple and their plaid-bundled up little ones were slipping and sliding on skates, all alone,  a la Norman Rockwell… 

I let those images fall feathersoft inside me, willing them to stay.  Along with others my mind had been snapping all afternoon.   Golden helium balloons rising up to the ceiling, each one tied to fun photos from A’s childhood on up, in the room where we gathered to celebrate her 30th.  The small stocking-ed feet of  little brothers 5 and 7, her  nephews, snuggled close together on the couch, dangling their legs together, giggling over cute animal sounds on an app.   Faces aglow in the light of pretty birthday candles on a cake…and warm chatter all round.  Sweet two year old daughter of the birthday girl running round the room with immense bundle of balloons in her hands… later, echoing the grownups and calling “g’night boys!” to her app watching cousins.

Mm… yes.  Making a memory.

Now, driving home, I snap the picture of this little one again, fussy from weariness.  I LOVE that she’s truly calmed only by the warm and beautiful voice of Josh Groban singing, Glo-o-oria in Excelsis Deo (how I can pinpoint myself the very first time that ethereal song reached into my own soul and made it take flight, just a few years older than she is right now!) and asking for replay over and over  till she’s floating away on soft snooze…

Making me take out and recall again a similar picture of her I’d tucked away so, this Christmas Day… when in a room filled with twenty seven adults and kids all chatting at varying decibels of joy, I alone watched her, as in live, slow motion, dream-like video moment… Bedecked in her beloved purple tutu (she loves to wear it with any and every outfit, her mom says!)  I once again spy her suddenly catch her reflection in the glass door of the oven, down at her level.  Watch her, oblivious to all round, twirling to her own dream music, lifting her arms and smiling sweetly at her reflection, swishing her skirt to the light in her eyes… turning up the corners of my own mouth…

Keepin’ a memory for another day in need of a smile… and another.

Silver Christmas card Stock Photo - 9958175  And as I ponder all these images in my heart, echoes of Another ring like sweet bells across my spirit…  for isn’t this snapshot sort of remembrance just like God asking us to speak back His Word of Promise to Him?

“Put me in remembrance of My Covenant with you,” He enjoins us.  Make a memory of My Word over and in you.   For I take your words of My word and create LIFE, just as I’ve spoken all the world into being...

Becoming, as Jesus exemplified for us, like our Father… doing what we see the Father doing.  And the Father?  He SPEAKS worlds in answer to our prayers into being.  And writes that same spiritual DNA into us as His heirs!

He writes in the Written Word as well as in our hearts…that Faith comes from hearing the Word.  And when we put the Word in our mouths and hear ourselves speak it out, Faith soars, sweeps out the enemy who is trying to steal the Word from our mouths and peace from our lives – in the same old way he did in the Garden.   It also sends the angels out to perform His Word on our behalf, according to the Psalmist.

The best defense?  God’s memory-making Words spoken as sword!

The woman with the issue of blood put herself in remembrance as she purposed to get near enough to Jesus.  “If I just touch his clothing, I know I will be healed,” she kept reminding herself on the way there.  And I can only imagine how she glowed at His Words to her in the end.  “He calls me daughter!” she must have exulted and recounted to all she knew later.  “He told me my faith healed me!  That I would go healed of my plague forevermore!”

It’s what I see David doing in the Psalms, I recognize now.  Putting God in remembrance of what He’s promised… by singing his memory snapshots aloud, like, “You surround me with songs of victory!”  Taking out those snapshots to remind himself, “Bless the Lord O my soul, forget not all His benefits…”

And Jesus, in the desert…  meeting every lie of Satan with God’s Word of Truth, aloud.

And so I pray…Teach us to take Your Word and Sing it back as Remembrance to You, Lord – more and more.  For I am seeing how You want to empower us through Your Holy Spirit-breathed Word, to move and do as Jesus promised – greater things than He did on earth.  You, who have made us to see Your miracles and wonders as we do!

Mountain Bluebird Male stock photoOne last image comes to mind as I breathe in the scent of snow this eve... the drawing of the beautiful mountain bluebird I’d been working on the day before.  How rendering these little songbirds has been putting me in remembrance of keeping His songs in my mouth too.

To me, working from a lovely photo I found, this one even seems to have a Glory Glow on it’s blue wing!   (In a way that I pray comes across in these drawings too…)  You can view this one here at my new art portfolio site: Pretty Little Birds.

When I googled this bird species, I found that this cerulean beauty is single-hearted with it’s love, staying true to one mate.  And it sings continually… soft and long…even when flying! 

Mm… a picture that puts me in remembrance of turning every arrow coming against us from complaining or worry by singing out God’s promises in the way God has endowed this songbird and longs to bring out in us —

Let us sing out over lack and worry and illness and fear and every “arrow” that is trying to steal our peace —

  • “Glory to my God who promises, ‘No weapon formed against me will prosper!’
  • Thank you Father that you are even now turning my captivity (as You did for Job) and restoring my life!
  • I will purpose to sing Your Glory back to you even as You sing songs of deliverance over me – especially when things look impossible!
  • No enemy will steal my peace or rob me of blessings, because as I put Your Word more and more in my mouth You make Your blessings to overtake me!

Just read a beautiful post from another blogger that echoes back to God’s heirs keeping His Word in our mouths  … LOVE what she is saying about “inheritance words,” and thought you might too!  :)   . Inheritance Words | Debbie Kitterman



© Pam Depoyan

P.S.  I just updated my “Communique Spot” on my new art portfolio site  – the landing place you first see when you go to   https://pamdepoyanblog.wordpress.com/   I wanted to add a three-drawing gallery there that would give a visitor an instant picture of what they might see in the whole.  I’d love to hear what you think…  If you were looking for a pen and ink portrait, would this new addition draw you in to viewing more gallery links?


I wonder which of the birds in Pretty Little Birds. is your favorite? (I think the bluebird is mine! :)    )   Is there another bird YOU particularly love?

Would love to hear about which songbirds make your ‘favs’ list !

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