Remember when wonder tasted like Christmas morn?

Image result for clipart of evergreen boughVisions of vintage Christmas images I might draw have been playing round the edges of my thoughts lately…  particularly the kind you see in all those wonderful movie treasures of the 1940’s.   Some of the 50’s… 60’s too.   I just love the classic lines of the children’s clothing of those eras – the sweet curve of a knitted cap against a rosy cheek, the Swiss chalet design on sweaters.  And the way they remind me of some of my favorite artists of Good Housekeeping cover days…like Jessie Wilcox Smith…

Mm… just the sort of artwork that tells our stories even today.  Art that marks a special memory or season or child’s accomplishment… like treasured ornaments we choose to hold our memories year to year…

So… googling for images I might use as inspiration and modeling… I’ve hit upon a theme for this new season.


That frosty day, zip across ice, soar on a Star, ring a Christmas bell sort of wonder!

Image result for clipart of an old fashioned ice skate

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Recently, fellow blogger Sarah Geringer graciously asked to  interview  me for her lovely Christmas series on finding peace in our hearts and lives.  To read that interview, just click here:

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Happy Thanksgiving!


On this day of giving thanks, what if we take up a refreshing challenge to  be a blessing?

Today, I am pondering the grateful hearts of the first settlers celebrating teamwork and mutual respect and adventure of beginning on a wondrous new journey…how they came together in humble and joyful spirit after so much heartache and struggle…

O, how we need to turn our hearts once again to that spirit of giving and receiving blessing!

Have you noticed lately – all the tares among the wheat?  “What is happening to a world where we think nothing of taking disrespect for others to seismic scale?  Hatred and anger and fear and rudeness – even attack — are considered elite, correct stances and no one is more important than number one.   “I don’t care what you are feeling!” one young, otherwise intelligent woman decries, captured as if in tantrum display on media for millions more than the immediate crowd to hear.   And I pray… “Oh, Lord… is there a way to soften tares into wheat?”

I have blessed you to be a blessing, He reminds.

Today… counting our personal blessings… let us ask His Holy Spirit how we can most bless Him –  what is on His heart –through Advent and in to every day of the new year.     Let us listen in to how He would have us bless friends, acquaintances and strangers alike…bring back civility, common caring and compassion,  understanding… and weave hope, light and grace citizen to citizen.   Ask Him to bring people our way in divine appointments of grace and encouragement.  Blessed are the peacemakers…

Blessings come in so many shapes and sizes…

  • Heartfelt prayer for another
  • A smile across a room
  • A lending hand
  • An encouraging word
  • Old fashioned never go out of style courtesy
  • Putting someone ahead of ourselves
  • and __(Let His Spirit fill in)__… 🙂

Much as the settlers, we can embark on a wondrous new journey, create a refreshed world around us…go forward as light-keepers to a new day.  Not necessarily thinking up ways, but leaning in to His whispers and lead…

Happy day of blessing keeping!

Autumn cornucopia - symbol of food and abundance

and, mmm…mm…happy celebrating with once a year food delights, family and friends!


©   Pam Depoyan

pen and ink, “Cilla and the Giant Pumpkin” : mine.  (Please do not copy without permission. See my copyright info button on the sidebar.  :)  ) 

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When inner whispers come…

little-boy-with-pumpkinYou know those “I want you to step out in faith and do something bold” thoughts that whisper into your heart and mind in the most unusual moments, and though seemingly out of the blue and sometimes even sounding incongruous to your ears, you can’t deny you do recognize the Holy Spirit’s voice in it?

Do you, um…immediately follow those instructions to boldly shine His heart in a way you hadn’t imagined? (I wish I could say I always hop to it! Though I do see myself getting there faster than I used to… )  🙂

Or do you find yourself hedging a bit.  Trying to talk yourself into thinking… “That isn’t really You, Lord, is it?”  Or…“If I do that, so and so is just going to be embarrassed/put off/run away/laugh mirthlessly…”  

I was ordering a scan and print of a recent Autumn portrait drawing at the local store the other morning, there much earlier than I typically am so to be sure to get the clerk who really knows her stuff, when one of those thoughts began edging round the corners of my mind.

Another customer, a woman of about 73-ish, nicely dressed, hair just so, came alongside me as we were discussing the piece.  Her pretty, but careworn face struck me as she leaned in to look, exclaimed how much she liked the drawing and how something in it just “spoke” to her.   And in between offering her thoughts about how the card version was looking, agreeing with me about making it a little smaller, centered…she confided a bit of her life.  How she was caregiver for her husband, how he was becoming worse, and it was getting harder and harder for her to take care of on her own.  How he couldn’t be left alone, but she had someone there right now so she could run a quick errand.  It wasn’t complaining so much as just a weariness and a discouragement coming through, stranger to stranger.

“I know how hard it is,” I sympathized softly, having recently been caregiver to an elderly, bedridden loved one for most of a year.

Since she kept talking about my artwork with enthusiasm, I gave her one of my business cards and told her how I enjoy creating pieces that tell our “stories.”  She said, “Oh, let me show you my baby…”

My mind immediately went to grandbabies, and I was so glad I hadn’t talked about loving to draw children when she popped her phone into my hands.  For there was the most adorable little pup…all big brown eyes and variations of furry brown and white streaks.  I don’t do animals much, but this one I knew I could draw…if she ever wanted.

Rung up before me for her simple purchase, she turned to leave.  And that’s when the thought clearly formed a message inside me:  “Give her one of your card prints of this Autumn drawing…” it said.

She was walking away to other parts of the store then, as I stood there silently, debating back and forth.  What if she thinks I’m nuts? What if she is offended (by being offered something for nothing and no reason)?  What if she was just being polite and would never really want this?  What if…what if…what if…

And then she was gone.

The clerk was chattering away at me even as these thoughts had and I made myself focus on the purchase.  A few minutes later, walking toward the front entrance I apologized to the Lord for missing it if He had really wanted to use this to encourage and uplift a stranger, let her know somehow that He was thinking of her… is helping her in her situation…will give her strength.  Could a simple gift of drawing do all that?   Well, more than the drawing was the action, He reminded me.  And her response wasn’t up to me and shouldn’t hold me back.

I remembered something then that I heard on a Christian program recently.  How God uses our creativity, our artwork – even as simple as a stick figure! — to bring healing in ways we do not imagine.  And I am always praying for His Glory to shine through my drawings in a deeper way than I even know.  I had prayed for that as I drew this one, asking Him to help me make it look the way I envisioned, because I hadn’t even been sure I could do it.   I knew He had done exactly that…it isn’t hard for me to know, it is only Him helping me to create.

“I’m sorry, Lord,” I reiterated.   Even as I said it, I thought how the woman had seemed to be looking for something else to buy when she’d left the printing center.  Possibly...she could be at the checkout by the door.    Looking up…there she was, moving towards the entrance step by step with me.

“Susan,” I called, remembering she’d told me her first name.   “I’d like to give you something…”

Taking the greeting card size drawing from me, she paused, brushed at her eyes.  “Oh, now I’m going to cry,” she said.  I wanted to say more, something like “I think God wants to encourage you,” but just couldn’t get it out.  I simply repeated, “I know how hard it is to be a caregiver…”

She hugged me, exclaimed she wanted to frame it because she loves to have pretty things around, walked out with me.   Parting at the door, I think a bit of wonder anointed us both.

And a prayer in heart…  Thank you God,  for putting wonder in our hands, beautiful and shining as a pumpkin aglow, to place in someone else’s hand…from You.   And for arranging our days according to your divine appointments, right on time.

I still wish I’d said a bit more…but then, God speaks volumes even in our wordless moments.  And I prayed again… Lord, make this drawing a source of Your light and hope and encouragement in her home…

Digital Camera

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Do you have a story of following a God whisper on a step of faith?

I’d love to hear about it in my comments!

pen and ink, “Finn’s Favorite” (boy with pumpkin) : mine.  (Please do not copy without permission. See my copyright info button on the sidebar.  :)  ) 

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Movie Review: Hallmark’s “Finding Father Christmas”

File Jun 18, 9 16 43 PM

Where, o where did all the charm go?

I am ever a fan of Hallmark movies.   Feel-good, light, warm, endearing, romantic, Christmasey, mysterious, sometimes a touch of heartwarming drama…  all these adjectives and more.  Though predictable in many ways, I love that they feature an ensemble of recurring cast members fun to spy out in the best of offerings – the way classic films do.   “Oh, that’s the lady who played in Chesapeake Shores!” you might suddenly recognize in their eyes and smile, even should they have changed the color of their hair.   Lately, I’ve fallen for the various mystery series with regular characters too.  It’s part of the cozy charm.

Erin Krakow, lead in Finding Father Christmas is one of those whose name always signals – this is going to be one of the ones I will watch time and again!  And this time?  She is starring in a production drawn from a Christmas novella I’ve read and savored at least three times, over three seasons.  How could it miss?

Last night, I found out. 

They say that someone who has so experienced a book always has a hard time with the movie version – it can just never match up.  I think that is often the case…however I also count several old films that made me sit up and say aloud, “Oh, they’ve caught the book so exactly!”   Treasures like DuMaurier’s Rebecca, Bronte’s Jane Eyre.

While Finding Father Christmas, the novella, may not be in the category of such great literature, Robin Jones Gunn’s often lyrical writing in this story envelops the reader from the first page.  And central to all of it’s charm, scenes of transformation in the characters, beauty of scenery and setting is all where the story takes place – in merry, warm, cozy old England. 

So…My first disappointment with last night’s Hallmark offering of this charmer? Reading the TV guide description as a story set in Vermont, New England.

Huh? I thought, on a sinking feeling.  Why not England, I wondered? It should be perfectly feasible, even on a low budget..   After all, I’ve loved other Hallmark movies set in France, Ireland etc.

Well, New England could be cozy…  I love that setting too.  Be open minded,” I admonished myself.

Then… the opening scene.  Erin Krakow, as Miranda, high-powered executive type with her own assistant.  Typical of Hallmark branding, definitely.  Argh...but not of Gunn’s Miranda.

The Miranda I remember reading about was a loner, broken in spirit since losing her mom as a child, working in an ordinary everyday job but trying to figure out where she was meant to go in life.   Although the movie tried to interject the idea that Miranda “hid out” at Christmas time, avoided friends, was still hurting from her childhood… somehow this did not seem the same from the get go.

That’s okay, I told myself.  They can still make it the same idea… even in Vermont.  She can arrive at a cozy tearoom there that could be similar to England…

But…um,  no tearoom, central to the unfolding of the written Miranda’s journey, in this movie.  In the book, Miranda is staying in a hotel, alone and bereft, but in seeking out a clue that has led her from America to search out her father’s identity,  is led to a village somewhat away from London.  Snow swirling, she ends up in a quintessential tearoom where she is immediately drawn into lives unbeknownst to her who intertwine with her own…

The movie however places Miranda in a B&B in a scene where it almost seemed forced to bring in the homemade scones, and no one was British.  The entire setting, the interweaving of characters and how Miranda enters into their stories – which unfolds her own — completely changed. 

Key to this change was the Hallmark centering on budding romance.  Though this character really never arrives in the novella until the last few pages, setting the scene for the sequel of romance, I was fine with that.  The actor, Niall Matter is appealing, the character realistically woven.   I enjoyed the warm chemistry between Krakow and Matter immediately.  A natural fit.

Throughout the film, I kept trying to watch impartially…  see through the eyes of a non reader who did not know the story.   Overall, I would recommend it as pleasant Christmas fare, cute in many ways, enjoyable to watch.  

But for anyone who has read the book – watching the movie is like seeing it in skeleton. 

Oh, the plot line is there.  But so much else… isn’t.

In the novel, a huge part of the transforming takes place in a beautiful old country mansion (somehow translated to a much simpler, cute little house in the film) where Miranda is swept in as a welcome after-theater guest and is about to uncover the secret in the photo that has brought her to England.  Here, she is a stranger, but at the same time is made to feel part of these people she has just met in wondering ways.

Unable to leave due to a blizzard, she stays overnight…leading to a growing intimacy with the children,family, and British Christmas tradition of the home.  Tender and pivotal scenes I recall in the book – how Miranda has never known a Christmas stocking or the joys of a very British one with it’s special chocolates, Crackers you pull etc. and awakes to find Father Christmas has not forgotten her, how the young 5-ish Julia forms an endearing relationship with her and they sneak down the stairs together, discover the wonder of a winter wonderland scene that has covered the landscape overnight, how the family weaves her into their lives and English Christmas celebration — these simply vanished from the movie version.

The movie does attempt to intimate certain of these moments – that little Julia (for some reason a bit older in the film)  somehow takes to Miranda for no explainable reason, gives her a stocking etc. (though Miranda never stays overnight in their house)  but they are so fleeting and awkward – as though just “stuck in” to reference the book in some way —  that it really doesn’t come across.

There is a beauty in Gunn’s story that is completely just — not there — in the film.   The book is a heartwarming tale of a young woman finding family and real relationship with them before she even realizes they are really a part of her.  It is a story of following clues to finding healing.  (Romance to come in sequels.) The friendship she forges with young Julia, the getting to know each of the characters, the finding of a true home she has always longed for, the wonder she discovers in this almost storybook setting – that’s what makes the novel one I have returned to so many times.

Image result for christmas tree clipart

My Rating:   As a Hallmark movie, similar to previous movie scripts and enjoyable enough, beautiful scenery, warm acting.  I loved the music in background.

But as a book adaptation, I can only say… truly disappointing.  Lacking all the charm.  I don’t enjoy writing negative reviews, but in this case, if I had seen this movie before reading the book, I would never have bothered with the novella.  It just doesn’t convey the richness and would not have sparked me to get hold of the book.


Image result

SOoooo…  again I say, to anyone who loves a charming read, DO treat yourself to Finding Father Christmas, the novella by Robin Jones Gunn!  I’m looking forward to checking out her new third novella in the series…


©   Pam Depoyan

Read my book review of this title here:  Finding Father Christmas

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When you are simply…gobsmacked

Digital Camera

Sunlight poured rich and warm as golden syrup on the day, pooling, spilling onto the neighborhood where I walked.   Here, there, random showers of pumpkin and russet bits of glory flickered as they fell,  gilt round their edges as if by strobe…Brisk wind sent the sound of others, these paper bag scrunching leaves, scuttling, scurrying, scampering in great gusts of dance across lawns.   It soughed through treetops, calling, whispering in sea-wave voices — till the very air teemed with excitement, as hundreds of unseen angels, trying, hoping, wafting a coppery message to “look up!”

I felt my eyes starring, misting at this simple beauty.  It wrote words across my spirit, filled me with longing to impart to all those fear-filled, heart-and fist-thumping, lost and angry students who have been keeping up outrageous rampage since Tuesday…

This, this is the only “safe place” there is in this world. 

Resting in the Secret Place, under the shadow of His wings… 

You won’t find it in stomping and marching out of classrooms en masse, shouting obscenities at anyone who disagrees with you.    You won’t find it on set apart “safe” benches on campus.  You will only trample over it with violence…

And again, I know… this so-called protesting but actual rioting is being spurred on by the demonic, just as C.S. Lewis so portrayed in his Screwtape Letters The unseen voices of the evil one’s troup of fallen angels, stirring up hate, terror in people …and cackling at their success in creating havoc that deafens hearts and ears to rational hope.  Sometimes whispering insidious thoughts of despair, other times wheedling and working through agitators who would stir the caldrons with “oh, what are you going to do” fear till it perpetrates to hyberbole, hysteric levels.  People claiming to be “fighting for their lives” – in a FREE NATION (where so many other places in this world they’d be locked up or killed for opposing viewpoints) — “because someone they did not want to win was elected.” 

I am gobsmacked.  Aghast.  

I think of how I (and millions of others) have not been “happy” to have the leadership we’ve had these past many years.  Did we take to the streets and terrorize?  Absolutely not. 

In the land of democracy, we’ve known the best of what America can be and simply respected that a choice was elected.  We’ve remembered those who have died to give us such freedom. We did not riot or stomp for our own way.  We accepted that the “people had spoken,” we’ve held onto our faith, hope…as people do in a democracy.  We’ve supported where we could support…and as is the tradition in a democracy, used our voices peacefully and lawfully to affect changes.  We’ve kept our perspective...everything WILL be alright.    As much as I’ve not liked a particular group in office, I cannot fathom being party to staging something as denigrating and horrific as symbolic burnings of said people in effigy.

And I stand in open-mouthed gape at this horrific display going on right now.

What IS going on, Lord? I seek.  

Into my mind, he showers these leaves of understanding…

  • These students have been raised to believe that the government is their god in a way no other generation has.  To them, that god is toppling without warning and that is scaring them to words of death.  Where anyone older than 22 has known what it is to live in free democracy, these have only known the introduction to a socialistic bent.  (I read an online “letter” written by one young girl yesterday who actually stated how, unsuspecting of her “world about to crash,” she’d felt like a bride on her wedding day as she went to vote, “smiled at her socialistic senior neighbors” who had just voted…  Her WHAAT?)
  • Rhetoric from the election trail that many of us recognized as overblown and false has been heard and digested by these young ones as ultimate truth until they are living in a delusion of terror that their lives are under attack — simply because someone they voted against is now in office.  Rhetoric that makes them believe that someone wins an election like some sort of award…rather than the choice of a free people.
  •   All of this, perpetuated under the guise of “legacy” to our young people.  A legacy of a feeling of “entitlement” so overpowering that it allows them to do exactly what they are afraid of – while unfoundedly accusing any who disagree with them of doing — in the name of protest.  To have no respect or understanding at all that this is the way of free election.  But I ask…how could we want anything but a free election????  For, tell mehow is burning in effigy, destroying the flag, vandalizing, looting (and worse) unlike a spirit of KKK?  How are you trumping hate with love when you are screaming HATE in the streets?
  • Today, I even heard that these protestors are spewing hate even on fellow voters of their choice who simply want this nation to go on with hope, as most of us do.  When Oprah Winfrey  stated that though she did not vote Trump, that seeing the way he and the President met and treated each other with mutual respect gives her hope, twitter lit up with statements like “You are now dead to me!”

Digital Camera

Walking through showers of gold, I listened again to the wind scampering in the light,  soughing through treetops.  Mmm.  Yes,  the very air teemed with excitement, much as hundreds of unseen angels, trying, hoping, wafting their coppery message.

This time, it said… remember My 911 call.

Psalm 91. 

The four million of us evangelicals and Catholics who stood up and voted for God’s values – oh, let us keep declaring this prayer over these students, over our nation now more than ever!   It should be daily on our lips…

I heard a minister opening up revelation to beautiful truths in this Psalm.  Taking us through each line, he explained how it begins with you and I declaring we will live in God’s safe place, under His shadow, know Him as our refuge and fortress no matter what.  What follows is then actually being spoken into us by Jesus our High Priest, our Melchizedek as wondrous promises of truth —  the very promises that these who are rioting need to take into their quaking hearts.  God alone will surround them with his angels, keep their feet from stumbling, save them from pestilence, keep them from fear and terror in the night…

The minister then unfolded a beautiful testimony of how God moves in His Word spoken aloud as our shield of faith…  

He spoke of a friend who was being deployed asking him for specific prayer for he and his platoon…known as a platoon for many casualties.  The minister instructed his friend to memorize Psalm 91 and to have each member of the platoon memorize parts of it, to go out into their battles with that word in their mouths, literally and figuratively as their shield.  When the man returned, he sought out his minister friend and told him the incredible story of what happened as a result of following this “prescription.”

“Not one of my men was so much as scratched in any of our endeavors!” he reported in exultant wonder.  But after he left, casualties were once again coming upon this platoon.  Why, he wondered.

“When you left, and many of your men left, with no one to keep them at it — others most likely abandoned the declaration of Psalm 91,” the minister said.

Listening to this story, I was reminded of another I once heard.  How actor Jimmy Stewart’s father wrote out Psalm 91 in a letter that Jimmy carried throughout his service term.  He too, never had a scratch.  

There is power in our prayers…especially our Word-laced ones. 

Digital Camera

Father, I lift up these lost and angry ones who in the name of peace are wreaking nothing but havoc, hatred and the very terror they fear – in our streets.  I declare Your Holy Spirit hovers over them day and night, turning their thoughts from fear to safe haven in YOU.  Peace Be.  Peace Be. 

Help them to quiet the rhetoric, the terror, the thumping of their hearts so they can hear You. I declare America and all our people shall rest under the shadow of the Almighty, not worried what any human being MIGHT do.

That they will honor and respect the great office in this land, be open to what You can and will do to protect us and guide us if we will pray for our leaders.

Send your mighty angel armies to disband the anger and hate being sown by unseen forces.

Pour out your Light upon their hearts, like sunlight spilling rich and warm upon them, removing terror from hearts, turning them to You, lighting them with grace.

And o, God…  Fill these with understanding of what a truly free and democratic nation is and the right ways to study and learn and become someone who will make a real difference in the world…  Imbue their hearts with thankfulness that they are blessed to live here.  That such freedom does not give them the right to spew hate, stalk with terrorizing…but if they will turn to You, You will make them a light to the world in ways they have never imagined.  Help them to accept and give those a chance, especially when they do not agree.

And as Thanksgiving approaches, may all of us ruminate and ponder on the wonders and beauty and grace of that first Thanksgiving where America’s gracious respect for one another and our differences  first stirred in this nation.  How we can take a leaf from their book and give the President Elect the chance His office deserves


©   Pam Depoyan

photos: mine

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Have you ever thought of yourself as ‘accomplice’ to Light (or not)?

Image result for clipart of home bible study

Meeting with a few of my neighbors tonight, we shared prayer, testimonies, uplifting faith stories about stepping out in a boldness of the Spirit, planned an upcoming evening to reach out to others and pondered the best time of day to beat crowds at the polls tomorrow.

“Oh, I don’t think I’m going to vote,” one woman threw out softly, sounding as nonchalant as one who says, “I think I’ll ignore the storm coming tomorrow and leave my umbrella at home.”

You could have  heard the proverbial pin drop.  

“Oh, you must...” voices piped as one, only not too convincingly.

I have never been the type to push in such confrontations, but out on this precarious limb where we find ourselves, I couldn’t keep quiet.  “I believe God is calling us to vote the platforms,” I said gently but firmly.  “That we just can’t throw a vote away in His eyes.”

She just looked confused and forlorn, and I could read her mind.  But I can’t vote for either of them.  They’re both awful. 

jesus-wept-largeAnd today, on this last night before it is all decided… I wanted to weep. 

As though I could feel a thorn in His heart, for us.

“O God,” I prayed at home a bit later, “as you said to do in Chronicles, I repent for all those of your Bride who are once more about to let things slide.  Forgive us, O Lord, for they truly don’t know what they are doing by doing nothing…”  I gulped.  “But Father, somehow, move upon enough hearts to change the direction to the one that honors you…Deliver us from evil!”

And He seemed to whisper again into my ear of sharing something here I haven’t yet done.

“What use is it now?”  I wondered, pressed Him.  “The day of deciding is upon us.”

“Even if I only change one heart through your sharing this,” he reminded…”Is that not enough?”

“Yes, Lord,” I answered.

Image result for praying for america clipart




So… I share these words from a letter from a ministry I support,  in this eleventh hour, for you to pray upon:

I know they would not mind but would want it sent to whomever has ears to hear…

And the question it begs is powerful and moving and cannot be ignored or unseen behind a blindfold of worry —

Which platform do you want to be considered ‘accomplice’ to in God’s eyes?

Image result for praying for america clipart

For… THIS sobering thought!

  • When you do vote, remember – you align yourself as accomplice with the platform your candidate stands on.
  • If you don’t vote, does it not stand to reason that you will align yourself as an “accomplice” to the opposite party platform from the one that supports Life and Light? And that it also disrespects all who have given their lives for our right to vote?

Here are excerpts from this ministry letter that I hear God nearly shouting to all those who follow Him:

“Elections are a serious business, especially to God and to the Kingdom of God.  Voting is not optional in His eyes because

  • The WORD says in Proverbs 29:2, “When the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice; but when the wicked beareth rule, the people mourn.”
  • “So when the wicked continue to elect the wicked, the people continue to suffer.  “Well, I don’t like either one of the candidates,” you say.  Whether you or I like them or not has nothing to do with anything.
  • “In the first place, there are more people running for office than just president and vice president.  There are also the platforms that form the agendas of each party – the platforms that these candidates are supporting – that we must consider.  Those platforms are the bisg issue – especially to you and me as believers.
  • “The planks in those platforms came out of people’s hearts.  God pays very close attention to them, AND to those who choose to stand on them.  No one can stand on one plank and not the other.  You are standing on a plank.  You’re on the whole stage, which is made up of every plank.

“The One that disturbs me most is

the abortion agenda… No one can vote for a candidate, knowing they are for abortion, without being an accomplice to murder.  Deut 30:19 — I call heaven and earth to record this day against you, that I  have set before you life and death, blessing or cursing; choose life that both you and your seed may live.  

“Prov 6:16 – There are six things the Lord hates, seven that are detestable to Him – haughty eyes, a lying tongue, hands that shed innocent blood, a heart that devises wicked schemes, feet quick to rush into evil, a false witness who pours out lies and a man who stirs up dissension among brothers.

“Eccl 11:5 – The spirit comes to the bones in the womb of a pregnant woman…

“1 Cor 3:17  – If anyone destroys God’s temple, God will destroy him, for God’s temple is sacred, and you are that temple.

“Sacred?  Yes, SACRED!

“No one can escape the God-given responsibility to pray – to vote – and pray.

“What about those who, in the past, either have not voted or voted against the WORD of God or lived outside His Word?  Is 43:25 is our greatest promise – I, even I am he that blotteth out thy transgressions for mine own sake, and will not remember thy sins…  Thank God for His blood covering!

“God is not out to condemn.  Jesus is interested in YOUR AND MY FREEDOM, and the freedom of every living soul on this planet.  There could not be a more vital moment to cast your vote for LIFE.”

Image result for praying for america clipart

O Father… Move upon the hearts of your people powerfully, urgently this night, throughout tomorrow, that all will hear and understand your call to this vote means keeping one nation under God.


Confused on what each platform stands for?

Recently I found a wonderful site that lists issue by issue what each party believes.  It is so EYE OPENINGLY clear and easy to understand.  If today you are still seeking clarity… I urge you to check this out: Democratic and Republican Party Platforms


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When you still feel like staying home…

Let us remember Who calls us to voting polls and listen for His Voice…

Over the last month or so, in the midst of so many insidious news reveals and corruption, words from the pen of C.S. Lewis have been wafting back to me.  Letters written from the perspective of Satan and his minions on effective ploys to distract, discourage, detonate us with evil and lies.

Get the humans off track long enough to wreak havoc it could take generations to undo.  Pull out despicable words said in the past that will get everyone off track of what is really at stake here…

Make lies and corruption seem acceptable.  “We’ve all told lies, haven’t we?” a celebrity enjoins an audience, as if that excuses the ongoing horror that has jeopardized very lives.  Evil and slipshod handling that threatens not only ours, but world-wide security.

I read this C.S. Lewis book in college, years back…but the Holy Spirit seems to shiver his message over me now, imploring…

O, my people, OPEN your eyes.

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On Amazon, you can look inside The Screwtape Letters to read a never-more-timely and chilling excerpt here – .

Chilling, because we are witnessing such a parallel spiritual warfare against our vote, our nation’s future...right now.  And we, His People, cannot just stand idly by and choose to throw the vote away to the opposite candidate by simply not voting.

I’m dumbfounded when I hear we allowed that to happen in the last serious election… and as I heard Dr. Ben Carson warn so prolifically recently, we are on a precipice right now.  “Do we want to preserve the America we have known and loved?”  he asks poignantly.  “Or are we ready to set it on a spiral that will continue for fifty years or more with little chance of return? The choice is ours, and God has put it in our hands,” he says.  

We are faced with only two candidates who really have a chance of winning.  Neither one may seem the one you would choose in a perfect world, but let us remember how God often transforms through those who seem least likely, and it is the platforms we need to keep our eyes on.

Let us recognize where worry, fear and lies originate.  Let us seek to follow God’s heart as He has written it out for us…And to trust that He above all will lead this nation as we give it to Him!

Recently I found a wonderful site that lists issue by issue what each party believes.  It is so EYE OPENINGLY clear and easy to understand.  If today you are still seeking clarity… I urge you to check this out: Democratic and Republican Party Platforms

And I invite you to join me in praying Psalm 91 (also known as the 911 prayer!) over our nation and over our voting polls this Tuesday in this way:



O Lord, may America dwell in the shelter of the Most High
   and rest in the shadow (the very secret place) of the Almighty!

And we will say of the Lord,“He is our refuge and our fortress,
    our God, in whom we trust.”

 Surely he will save us
    from the fowler’s snare
    and from the deadly pestilence!
 He will cover us with his feathers,
    and under his wings we will find refuge;
    his faithfulness will be our shield and rampart.
 We will not fear the terror of night,
    nor the arrow that flies by day,
 nor the pestilence that stalks in the darkness,
    nor the plague that destroys at midday.

A thousand may fall at our side,
    ten thousand at our right hand,
    but it will not come near us.
 We will only observe with our eyes
    and see the punishment of the wicked.

 If America says, “The Lord is my refuge,”
    and we make the Most High your dwelling,
 no harm will overtake us,
    no disaster will come near our tent.
For he will command his angels concerning us
    to guard us in all our ways;
 they will lift us up in their hands,
    so that we will not strike our foot against a stone.
We will tread on the lion and the cobra;
    we will trample the great lion and the serpent.

 “Because this nation loves  me,” says the Lord, “I will rescue them;
    I will protect them, for they acknowledges my name.
 They will call on me, and I will answer them;
    I will be with them in trouble,
    I will deliver them and honor them.
With long life I will satisfy them
    and show them my salvation.”

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Let us acknowledge God with our vote, live under His Psalm 91 blessing!

  And keep the candidates in prayer for His protection, His angel armies all around us.

Yes, Lord… help me choose wisely, feed your lambs.

When they had finished eating, Jesus said to Simon Peter, “Simon son of John, do you love me more than these?” “Yes, Lord,” he said, “you know that I love you.” Jesus said, “Feed my lambs.”

John 21:15

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