Cottage Cozy…

What is it about a British-Style cottage that just welcomes us in, like a candle in a window?

“You should draw the home my sister used to own,” she said on sudden inspiration.  “I’ve been looking for a special gift for her.”

She went on to tell me how the family had been encouraging her sister, husband and kids to return from states away and when they did, they’d found and fallen in love with this place.  “If they hadn’t needed more room eventually, she’d never have left this home,” she added.  It’s a lovely old Tudor – probably built in the ’30’s or ’40’s.  You’d love the neighborhood too.”

Just this  brief description had me envisioning the charm of this place.  And a street of homes that did not disappoint – all miniature versions of English, Cottage and Southern column and verandah style homes, closely nestled together, yet distinct of their own. They made me want to go up and down the block, snapping pictures…


Image result for tasha tudor english garden drawing

Join me over at my other blog today to see the rendering I recently drew of this English Tudor cottage — and read the rest of this story! (Picture It in Pen and Ink!)


©   Pam Depoyan

Tudor photos:  mine

English Garden  photo – Tasha Tudor’s English Garden

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When all is spinning crazy…the earth declares His Glory

Digital Camera

His Glory reigns.  Let us wave it as a banner… in the way Autumn does…that all may see His Light is greater than the darkness…

For this reason, and since many of you are newer readers here, I thought I’d re-share an uplifting post and prayer for the nations I wrote a few autumns back.  One that more than ever seems written for days like we are living in this moment…

Won’t you continue reading at the following link

and join me in this prayer?

O Let us walk… Hand in hand With Spirit Wind


photos: mine

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What is it about fall that sets a cottage aglow?

Heirloom House Autumn

“The Fall Umbrella Tree at Heirloom House Cottage”  (Note:  The true color on this in person is more pumpkin and persimmon)   ~  Prints available now in Heritage Home Portraits…


Mm…I know what it is about this one.

  • The way the stately tree sits atop the sloping lawn, holding its persimmon glory like an umbrella over this cozy home, casting it in golden hue and sending down feathery leaves to carpet at its feet…
  • The beautiful, delicate shapes of the narrow windows flanking the chimney, the dormer, the porch. 
  • All the many colonial details envisioned and crafted by an architect about 70 years ago…  the corbels supporting the bay window, the storybook lines of the roof and chimney, the rose window above a second bay, the copper-roofed cupola with its aged patina and weather vane…
  • The charming hanging lantern shedding light on the stair…  and colonial one below.
  • And… the old English-reminiscent antique store that comprises the lower half…

OOHHHH….. Love, Love, Love it…still.

Long ago and far away, I drew this one from the front view, wanting to capture the quintessential charm of the Heirloom House Antiques Shop that makes up the bottom part of this building.  Now… this time… it’s been  another view entirely, playing in my imagination…the cozy, warm, cottage home view…

For oftentimes lately, images I want to draw steal into my mind’s eye long before I put them to paper.  Such is the first memory I have of this warm little place as it was then, bathed in fall light…  

  • The first times I walked up the stairs and onto that porch, breathing in the scents of autumn…  reveling in the way fall illuminates a fire in the leaves that in some inexplicable way glows all the more on an overcast day. 
  • Moments of friendship I recall sharing over bowls of creamy wild rice and potato soup served inside that kitchen,
  • The warmly charming touches my friend added to its inside decor, friends and family celebration evenings by the cozy mantel fire…
  • Special memories that open up like a storybook now…

And as I sketched this from the picture in my mind (as well as from a few summery photos I took of it this August, envisioning the trees turned golden), planning it as a gift for friends who spent their honeymoon newlywed years inside it’s dear walls – another feeling swept over me. 

How there’s just something about it from this angle that reminds me of a seafarer’s cottage perched on a hill above the waves… 

Perhaps… it’s the ship-like lanterns? 

Or the shape of the chimney rising like a lighthouse tower? 

Or, mm… the sweet cupola and weather vane up top? 

I’m not sure… (yet, it actually does look out over a lake…at least, you can spot the water through a glen of woods when the leaves have fallen!)

But…most of all…

There’s just something in this cottage image that evokes  warmth of home to me.   The one that makes me think, oh…that would add the perfect touch on my walls or shelf, here!   🙂   Maybe… for you (or as a gift for someone you know), too?

Every cottage tells a story… I hope the bit of story in this one makes this cottage drawing even more alive to you! 

Image result for free image of black and white candlestickAsk about “The Fall Umbrella Tree at Heirloom House Cottage” for purchase.   :)   See more in my  Heritage Home Portraits… collection at (Picture It in Pen and Ink!)



©   Pam Depoyan

Pen and Ink, “The Fall Umbrella Tree at Heirloom House Cottage,”  mine.  (Please do not copy without permission. See my copyright info button on the sidebar.  :)  )

Candlestick – clipart


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The creation of a thousand forests is in one acorn.  ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

Image result for free clipart of autumn leaf and acorn

The Saturday wind was blustering musically through porch chimes, whipping the hanging dogwood leaves on their branches like clothes on a wash line and ballooning sails of white clouds across gray skies, in the way white horse caps froth over the sea.  Sending them racing one upon another, shadows trailing like banners, into an unexpected opening of blue expanse, a window into sunlight — and mocking predictions of dark cloud cover throughout the day.   It was as if the morn had caught and flung wide the page of the calendar marked first day of fall.  Then decided to initiate the season with a whoop.  All this drama for what had been foretold as ordinary and gloomy (all day, the weather reporters insisted) —  it somehow lit an indefinable excitement, like a campfire catching flame and warming hands and heart.

I slid into the driver’s seat and headed for the new store around the corner for some British-style crumpets to toast, some cashews to make Chinese chicken for dinner, maybe a colorful flower or two from inviting buckets.   And there, out front by the tunnels of   apple-red store carts,  a pumpkin fantasia overflowed and spilled out and celebrated as if hailing the start to Autumn as a party and stirring up that image of little ones jumping into gold leaf piles.   Panoramic glass fronts mirrored cloud racers overhead, forming backdrop like velvety theater curtains in windows.

Digital CameraOhhh… “This’ll teach you to carry your camera!” – I chided inwardly, and decided on impulse to just dash home and back with it.   Maybe to capture an ordinary, yet not so ordinary display… an indefinable something scooping me up in it like a kite taking head to the wind.

A feeling of wondering upon unlooked for… village gaiety.

Strangers following in behind me waited of their own volition while I snapped.  I returned their smiles, nodded thanks.

Pumpkin-a-looza… the whimsical banner flounced on the wind, sparking grins all round.

Deluging all in a wave of the nostalgic charm Trader Joe’s exudes even on a nothing in particular sort of day.

Sometimes heaven’s smile comes tripping over us as brightly streaming ribbons, to dash away the gloom, sent through the creative work of another’s hands.

Mm…Even in the designing of a quaintly charming pumpkin-a-looza kickoff to fall.   🙂

Digital Camera

 Um… fantasy pumpkins? 🙂

©   Pam Depoyan

photos: mine

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What is it about a cottage that charms us so?


Mm…I know what it is about this one.

  • The petunias spilling from window boxes on all the lower windows inviting passersby to stop, come in, browse awhile. 
  • The glimpse of white picket fence through pale pink roses, circling round to the cobbled brick pathway, revealing a garden tended with love. 
  • The quaint shop sign hung out from the building sideways on curvy wrought iron, evoking the England of storybook pictures.  

And, most of all, oh! that narrow brick chimney winding upwards from stone base!  Hansel and Gretel, in a good way! 🙂

Even as I just knew this one had to have that classic book illustration and story feel, I couldn’t resist the pop of soft color… bringing out a mood of coziness that paints this real life spot! 

The shop owner’s eyes sparkled as I held this rendering out to her last week.  “I never would have thought of this view, but it is perfect for us – and how you caught the garden!” she exclaimed, recounting to me how her sister is the gardener and it has such sentimental meaning for them both, confiding how she herself imagined the window boxes and thinks they added the perfect touch.   “Love it!”

Every cottage tells a story… and, knowing how this speaks to theirs, makes this cottage drawing even more alive to me… and I hope to you! 

Image result for free image of black and white candlestick

Are you a lover of storybook cottages?

Ask about a print of  Georgie’s in Primrose Time and warm up a nook in your home with  English-style cottage!  (I can even envision this one in miniature frame on a bookshelf!)

Like a pen and ink twist on a Thomas Kincaid style charmer,

or a favorite classic black and white film,

 there is just something that takes us into a picture like this…

inviting as the cozy arms of a favorite chair!

Image result for black and white drawing image of a cozy chair


Look for more cottage illustrations at my Picture it in Pen and Ink Blog, ,  in days ahead!  Coming next…one that is dressed for fall!



©   Pam Depoyan

Pen and Ink, “Georgie’s, in Primrose Time,”  mine.

Ask about “Georgie’s,  in Primrose Time,” for purchase.   :)   See more in my Quaint Shops and other Architecture collection at (Picture It in Pen and Ink!)  (Please do not copy without permission. See my copyright info button on the sidebar.  :)  )

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At the Scent of Wonder

Digital Camera

It was ten o’clock on a recent September morning, sunny and warming, the air scented with the last of white puffed hydrangeas and red roses spilling down the hillside to my right.  The aroma of fresh-turned earth rose from the tire-pocked path I walked, a  mysterious twittering and scuffling sounded from bushes.

From the top of the hill, great ship-like mansions drowsily woke to the breeze playing in the trees that surrounded them, framed like an aureole tinged with the first leaves of fall; they winked from windows at their lookout over the blue goblet lake to my left, lilted my spirit with their majesty, like unexpected Trumpet Voluntary.

Digital Camera

Digital Camera

Digital Camera

Save for my shoes crunching on gravel, it seemed totally quiet.  But pausing there, summery sounds singled themselves out.  The hum of cicadas grew louder, louder, receding, then returning full force — like wires zinging undecipherable messages in code.  Laughter of a breakfast boating party, a little way down and rounding a curve, sang out from a waterside cabana just out of sight.  Bee murmur hovered over the bright splash of mustard and lavender wildflowers punctuating here, there, at the foot of the hills.

And over all, a breath of fall fell.

Digital Camera

Digital CameraAn orange leaf sailed  lazily down just then,   coming over the sloping lawns to land at my feet with a “Ha.”  I smiled.

Geese in formation, honked and flew squadron out over the trees.   And the loveliest sound of all… church bells floating and skimming across the inlet as if on watery shimmers.  I looked for and found it…the towering Colonial spire crowned with its historic Mayflower ship weathervane, just there… rising from treetops across the blue expanse to touch the white brushstrokes of scudding clouds.

I sighed, contentedly.   “Why do I not come here more often?”  I wondered.  This hidden, mostly unpaved public road that runs alongside the small neighborhood lake, sandwiched between private mansions and their beach fronts, was like a mini getaway just minutes from home.   Peace fluttered and lived here, like the splayed lashes on a sleeping child’s rosy cheek.  In the same way, it invited and welcomed you in, with a sort of hush, like a proud parent, finger to mouth, leading you in for a treasured peek, cradle-side.

Digital CameraThough the sunlight dazzled ahead on the winding path now, dappled in and out leafy glens, ran fingers of rivulets out on the water steps away to my left, it only caressed the high top homes I’d come to photograph for drawings.  Amateur photographer, I’d happened on the perfect time of day to capture them!   And now that I was here, I couldn’t stop clicking away.

Now and then, a jogger jaunted by, called hello, paused as if to share a drink with me.  One ran up to confide her own pleasure in following this one grand place I was snapping.  “I’ve been watching it through all its many seasons,” she burst forth, telling me how fragrant the roses there in springtime bloom, the joy of summer at its height, divulging its secrets.  “I can’t get enough of it, either,” I answered.  White, with balustrade and pillars across wide southern verandah, gigantic red, white and blue draped over its midsection, cupola on rooftop, porthole window accents, the shape and size of this striking beauty reminds me of a massive ocean liner somehow moored like a watchman atop the cliff.

Digital CameraYet, juxtaposed with these grand manors, their beach side cabanas below brought their own allure to me as I came upon a bit of Cape Cod cottage, lakeside, just big enough for one, two — loving the old-fashioned sailor’s lantern light hung at the door, the patterned gray shingle of its low lying roof, the vines growing up and around the door, the large pots of geraniums by the little brick path running up to it, the white picketed deck set in lapping water.

Digital Camera

Finally, sated with photos of such, I turned my thoughts to finding again the surprise glory a friend and I discovered the week before, walking here, camera-less.  That day, the lake was a mirror of white sail reflections out on holiday. 

But this morn lay serene upon the water, like a whisper.    Would they still be there, off by themselves in a secluded little pool, hidden by a circle bank of reeds?  I hoped so.

Two men stood chinning together by the path as I neared the spot where I thought they were.   Another trundled by in a golf cart.  I stepped aside momentarily for a lone meandering car, then hushed my steps as best I could, fearing I’d scare them out of their seclusion… like padding solitary on the carpet in a quiet, empty church, not wanting to breathe so heavily as to somehow extinguish the candle glow.

Then, as if pulling back a leafy drape from a private window, I found them.  Five or so, gray and white feathers, huddled together en masse — every now and then one stretching to its full startling height, then sinking back upon the others to groom and preen themselves.   I snapped pictures, knowing they were too far away and too much together to be distinguishable in a shot, probably blurry in telephoto anyway, willing even one of them to spread sail for me.

Oh!” I must have sighed after a bit, aloud and involuntary, for as I did, they jumped, peered about their quiet green haven suspiciously, even as I wondered again why they preferred this murky, reedy hollow to the clear blue just beyond…

And then… like words put to Saint-Saens’ Carnival of the Animals…my heart leapt.

For quite of a sudden, she separated from the others (I think it was a she!), and like a prayed for gift, glided out on the water.

Lighting a Presence, a cathedral, an orchestration of praise upon the scene.   A feel of walking in the Garden in the cool of the day.  An air of wonder that made me stop and breathe, “Thank You.”



Beautiful swan.

Digital Camera

Doesn’t this shot, though a bit blurry, remind you of England paintings of lily pad waters? 🙂

©   Pam Depoyan


photos: mine

This is the gorgeous piece of music from Saint-Saens’ Carnival of the Animals, with lovely words set to itIt was playing in my mind as I was watching this swan, inspiring me in this post…  :)  Love the beautiful, moving scenery someone added to this you tube version too!


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Places of the Heart

Yellow Victorian Shop


It may be a stunning old Victorian Lady dressed in yellow on a corner near you.  Or perhaps a quintessentially charming ice cream parlor of bygone era where you always enjoy celebrating as a family.   You think it will always be there – but, mm…what if it isn’t?

Remembering another and different famed, long beloved yellow house I once knew in Santa Barbara, California, I searched for the family style restaurant online today and came upon this lovely reminiscence of a place that held such “story” for so many over the years *… 

Image result for free clipart of yellow jonquilsA Delicious Memory, 7/27/2016
Reviewer: Suzanne
Alas, it is no more, this family room. It was a reward we gave ourselves, driving north from LA, weighing the kids to see how much their meal would cost. Passing around the soup tureen, the salad bowl, the big platters of chicken and pot roast. Once, after he had grown, and could no longer pay by weight, my son surprised me as a friend and I celebrated our birthday (same day, different year). He drove all the way from Long Beach to join us in our wishes. And the food was always nourishing delicious and comforting. Alas, only a faded memory. Love love love you, old house!

How these words from Suzanne tug at so many such places of remembrance in my own life!  Yours too? 

Oh…I am thinking of a grand old ship turned restaurant, called the Reuben E. Lee, where my family and another family of friends used to gather for bowls of thick clam chowder served with piping hot sourdough bread fresh from the oven…  Mmm, somehow it seemed to have sailed away one day…never to be seen again.

I am remembering YET A THIRD wonderful yellow Victorian that added storyline to my life- this one a Chocolate Shoppe that used to nestle along a street just around the bend from my  house; the site my family always had to stop by first thing each time they visited from across country; the place I took for granted to be available whenever I craved THE BEST homemade pecan turtles or was searching out unique and charming gifts of the season … and how one day, movers came, picked it up from it’s foundations, and carried it off to unbeknownst land…

I am recalling the giggles of my soon to be three friend, Miss Molly, just the other afternoon — when I ran into her family as I was snapping detail photos of the place of my drawing (above) … and how she immediately raced to the white fencing at the yellow shoppes.  How her dark eyes and chirrupy voice sparkled as she called us to watch her peek out beneath the fence…  The one of a kind memory she and her family were making that ordinary day on their way to splurge on an afternoon ice cream a few shops down… And I wonder…how many more stories will they spin here on this village corner?

There are rumors that the shop owners are leaving, and it is up for rent.  “Oh,” my friend and I both exclaim as we watch Molly running and giggling in the buttercup glow – “We hope they never tear this place down!”

And so…  for all of us who love, love love the old and beautiful houses, the ways they write stories on our lives … I wanted to capture this bit of warm Americana charm and story in pen and ink and pastel.  For you.



Pen and Ink, “Yellow Victorian Shoppes at the Village Corner,”  mine.

Ask about “Yellow Victorian Shoppes at the Village Corner,” for purchase.   :)   See more in my Quaint Shops and other Architecture collection at (Picture It in Pen and Ink!)  (Please do not copy without permission. See my copyright info button on the sidebar.  :)  )

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