Day 12: Fall Winnowing of our Words!

Digital CameraThis is day 12 of my fall series – 31 days to An Autumn Harvest of our Words. For these posts, I thought I’d explore a different twist on why our words matter…

Has God  set a law of sowing and reaping

— not just in the natural world around us —

but also into our very spoken words?

Day 13: Help me CELEBRATE!When we buy a packet of zinnia seeds, for example, we expect to see beautiful golden blossoms eventually bloom in replica to the colorful picture portrayed there. In the same way, the thoughts we put into words from the moment we wake each morning and continue to reiterate throughout the day are bringing us a harvest of one kind or another.

The question is, are the well-meant words

we sow with our mouths

producing weeds and eaten by worms?

Or are we planting our speech in anticipation

of God’s overtaking blessing to our lives?

To follow this series, it’s important to begin here, A Prequel Post to the Annual Autumn 31 Days Linkup   and then click here for new posts each day:  An Autumn Harvest of our Words

Thanks for joining in on this Fall winnowing of our words!

 — Day 12 —

Digital Camera   If we are honest, so many of the ideas popping into our heads from the moment we awake and reiterate throughout the day, are self-defeating, working against our health, argghhh kinds of thoughts.   Whispers slithering into our ears from the snake, and if we aren’t purposeful to pull these weeds before** speaking them out – they can take root in the soil of our hearts and harvest as self-fulfilling prophecy.

**Note:  Already spoken them out?  No worries, simply take that weedy root captive as soon as you recognize it, then refute with God’s Word of Life over it to bring forth harvest of FAITH.

A good man out of the good treasure of his heart

brings forth good;

and an evil man out of the evil treasure of his heart

brings forth evil.

For out of the abundance of the heart his mouth speaks.

~ Luke 6:45 [New King James Version

Day 13: Help me CELEBRATE!

Let’s winnow out the chaff today with Psalm 91

and fill our mouths with abundance from the heart!

Day 13: Help me CELEBRATE!Chaff to Pull:   Oh, what am I going to do about _________?  I just know everything is going to fall apart… or I’m going to catch that cold… or something bad is going to happen today…

Harvest to Plant:   I just spent the night in Shaddai’s shadow!  Today, I sit down in the High God’s Presence!  I say – God, you are my refuge!  I trust in YOU and I am SAFE!


Day 13: Help me CELEBRATE!Chaff to Pull:   O, what if _____________ happens at work, on the road, at the store, at the school, today?  What if I step on some “land mine?”  What if I fail?  What if my car breaks down?  

Harvest to Plant:  Thank you Father, You rescue me from hidden traps today!  You shield me from deadly hazards!  You protect me in Your huge outstretched arms!  You have given me the sword of Your Word, the Belt of Truth, the Shield of FAITH to fend off all harm, every flaming arrow!


Day 13: Help me CELEBRATE!Chaff to Pull:   I’m afraid to ___________.   I might get sick!  What if I fall down!

Harvest to Plant:   I will not be afraid – not of wild wolves of night, not flying arrows in the day, not of sickness or disease prowling around.  The very High God is my very own home!  He has ordered his angels to guard me wherever I go!   If I stumble, they will catch me!  It’s their job to keep me from falling!


Day 13: Help me CELEBRATE!Chaff to Pull:  What am I going to do?  I’ve been told that I have no chance to escape __________!  I am sick and broken down!  I just have to live with debilitation.  [This may be true and real to the natural eye, still into the face of what the world calls impossible, we replace these statement thoughts with words of FAITH against them..]

Harvest to Plant: Though others succumb around me, I will emerge from this unscathed and covered in God’s care!  Evil can’t get close to me!  Harm can’t get through the door because Jesus is my door!  I walk unharmed among lions and snakes!  In His Name, I kick young lions and snakes from the path!


Day 13: Help me CELEBRATE!Chaff to Pull:  I am already in the midst of this trial.  I don’t see a way out.  I’ve been praying, but God is not answering.  Did God really say he conquered ________?

Harvest to Plant:  God is greater than what things look like!  Greater is Jesus in me! God has promised me – because I hold onto Him for dear life,  He has rescued me from trouble!  “If you get to know me and trust me,” He says, ” I give you the best of care.  Call me and I answer, am at your side at all times, I rescue you and give you a long drink of salvation!”


© Pam Depoyan


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8 Responses to Day 12: Fall Winnowing of our Words!

  1. Wow, are these words ever practical! As I gather the last of my zinnias and enjoy them in a vase on the dining room table, I’ll be remembering this application!

    • God must have spoken that flower to me for you, 🙂 because that name just popped into my mind. Wasn’t even sure if they were spring or fall flowers, though I can see them in my mind. So glad this spoke so timely to you today! I just suddenly thought I should put a preface piece on here daily, because I’m not sure the people who come here irregularly realize what the theme is really talking about concerning words, and that example was part of it… Thanks, Michele!

  2. Being Woven says:

    This is especially fine the way you have drawn from God’s Word, using the harvesting terms to make it so clear how our minds and mouths work together for good or not so good. I will go back to the beginning as I have been out of town and without computer since 10/1. Actually, the break was good and a sweet and needed vacation too!

    • I’m glad a down computer gave you some sweet vacation time! 🙂 Yes, I am getting more in tune to the way I can let negative statements come out of my mind and into my mouth at a drop of a hat, but it is amazing how much we do it! And the putting ourselves down, the self doubt… and how much it is like unwittingly opening the door to everything we pray against! I want to speak out what God says, and faith above all… I’m so happy this is encouraging you too! Blessings!

  3. Linda says:

    What a picture! Worms. Yuck. I’ll be remembering that for awhile and will share with my kids. Linda

    • I know… I’ve been hearing some ministering on this topic and it is really hitting me how we are speaking out the enemy’s words so many times, not really realizing it! Reminds me of an old fairy tale about someone who speaks negatives and snakes come out. Someone else speaks beauty, and roses come out… Let us rebuke those thoughts with God’s truth… and grace! 🙂 Thanks, Linda!

  4. I needed this post – what will my thoughts and words sow? It makes me realize the power and importance of taking every thought captive. And I love your “chaff to pull” and “harvest to plant.” I could see myself in a few of these!

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