Day 17: A Selah Saturday for Pondering

Digital Camera

It’s a blow on your hands for warmin’ sort of afternoon.  The kind of day when words just seem to be simmerin’ like cinnamon sticks and cloves and oranges on the back burner.

Where, instead of voice, pumpkin spice and peach cobbler muffins — served fresh-baked in quaint cafe — waft their plummy, Autumny call to each passersby, like the invitation to throw care to the breeze and crunch through fallen leaves.  Nearby homes leave their lanterns glowing midday, surely as a “Warm yourself by the fire” greeting to any wandering sojourner…

Digital Camera

And a waterfall sings it’s song of Gold-leaf glory beside the old wooden bridge…

Digital Camera

Digital Camera

Just around the corner, it feels as though you’ve been following a breadcrumb trail behind Hansel and Gretel, when you stumble upon just such a storybook cottage…ivy-covered window (left of the round door) and all…

Digital Camera

And breathing a SELAH seems to be the whisper on your spirit today.

That’s why,

I thought I’d take you along for an Autumn walk,

invite you simply to reflect alongside me,

ponder Words in our hearts

to be spoken



Day 13: Help me CELEBRATE!

“Mary kept all these things…,

holding them dear, deep within herself.”

~ Luke 2:19 [The Message]


This is day 17 of my fall series (although, this is a break from the topic of sorts)– 31 days to An Autumn Harvest of our Words. For these posts, I thought I’d explore a different twist on why our words matter…

Has God  set a law of sowing and reaping

and harvest time

— not just in the natural world around us —

but also into our very spoken words?

To follow this series, it’s important to begin here, A Prequel Post to the Annual Autumn 31 Days Linkup   and then click here for new posts each day:  An Autumn Harvest of our Words

Thanks for joining in on this Fall winnowing of our words!


© Pam Depoyan

photos: mine

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Best to you, and thanks for reading!


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I love to hear your thoughts, even chat back and forth amongst comments.Won't you join the conversation? :) ..................................................................................................................... May my stories refresh you, like a whisper from our Father's Heart !
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8 Responses to Day 17: A Selah Saturday for Pondering

  1. rmclellan1949 says:

    Love your beautiful Autumn walk and thanks so much for inviting us along. The leaves were showing their fall colors and I could almost feel the crisp breeze. Blessings on the rest of your weekend !!

  2. MaryHill says:

    I could smell the crispness of the air and feel the cool autumn breeze. I enjoyed walking with you today. 😉

  3. Laura Rath says:

    Beautiful! Thank you for the reminder to just stop and breathe. Visiting today from Give Me Grace.

  4. Wonderful to see this! Thank you very much!!

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