Day 22: When the world is tumble jumble, where do we find LIGHT?

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“I, wisdom dwell with prudence,

and find out knowledge of witty inventions.”

~ Proverbs 8:12 [King James Version]

Day 13: Help me CELEBRATE!

…A true story…

A harvest in the midst of proclaiming God’s Word of promise

[I heard this just today]

A minister had hired a construction crew to majorly renovate some property.  One afternoon, the foreman announced they had come up against an impossible problem that had them at a standstill in the build.  No one had a clue how to circumvent the obstacle and it was looking like there was no way around it but to begin again.  This would put them miles behind schedule, could escalate the costs immensely, and even then there were no guarantees they could solve it.

“Well sirs,” the hearty minister pronounced, “we can’t waste time on trying to figure out anything.”  Boldly, he instructed all of the crew there – regardless of belief or non-belief – to take hands with him.  “Fellows,” he explained cheerfully with faith-filled strength behind his words, “we’re going to ask the Holy Spirit to give one of you here the wisdom to fix this problem because He’s promised to be our wisdom and counselor in every situation! “

There was no doubt in the minister’s heart, because He knew His mighty God.  The crew just looked at one another with a slight nod of indulging the boss man.

Standing in a circle, heads bowed, the minister asked for God’s leading one of them to the solution. They stood in silence moments after, sunlight seeping on their shoulders, waiting.  Suddenly, one young man began thinking aloud.  “I think I may have an idea,” the crewman opened, carefully laying out something that no one had ever heard of before.

“Hmm,” a hum went throughout the group.  “I think that… just… might… work,” the foreman mused.  Instantly they went to work on it, completely fixed the issue and were well on their way to completion of the job later that day.

“The world is getting more and more complicated,” those telling this story ended, encouraging us to ask the Holy Spirit more and more in our own lives… “Our God is just waiting for us to seek His leading in all our ways!   This is one way He gives us the mind of Christ, makes us lights in a dark world and shows Himself mighty to all.

Just think how that construction crew was changed that day!  They saw our awesome God speak into one of their own!

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“But the good man walks along

in the ever-brightening light of God’s favor;

the dawn gives way to morning splendor…”

~ Proverbs 4:18 [The Living Bible]

Day 13: Help me CELEBRATE!

PAUSE to breathe this word in!

Oh, how beautiful are these lyrical words!

This wondrous statement of covenant from our majestic God!

Like Anne Shirley and her lake of shining waters or her white way of light


the Holy Spirit lights our path before us

with a brightness that grows stronger and stronger

in the Glory of His Favor going before us and on us!

Like the dawn that gives way to morning splendor!

Day 13: Help me CELEBRATE!

…A second, more famous true story…

[What wonders does the Holy Spirit have to show you,

so you can give to the world?]

The country lay in a season of famine and poverty, as one man worked in his laboratory, hoping to find a solution that would help.  But what could he do with the only resource the people could claim?  A bumper crop of peanuts

Still, George Washington Carver bent his head before His Lord, asking for wisdom, for witty ideas, for impossible, never-before heard of possibilities to create out of peanuts. 

Could this legume be more than just a crunchy food?

Was it possible to use peanuts as an energy source?

In his wildest imagination, he had not conceived even one of the thoughts that began pouring into his spirit.  Thoughts that could only come from the mind of the Creator of all.

In the end, Carver discovered over 300 uses for the humble nut.  His creations provided warmth, light, food, progress for more people than he’d ever meet.  He was invited to Congress where seats of the government leaned in with rapt attention to hear his words.  Over a century later, he is remembered and honored for inventions that continue to bless the world and the One who created it.  For through this humble man’s heartfelt seeking of God’s leading, the Holy Spirit continues to show His Mighty Hand…

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Prayer in worship:

Holy Spirit, I decide today that I will turn to you in every moment, as Jesus turned to the Father, as the Father is in Jesus and You in all…  I will seek Your provision of witty ideas, your shining light of Favor to lead me and follow after Your Word.  You are my Counselor, my Comforter, my Helper!  I want to walk boldly in speaking forth your word in believing prayer – even before those who might scoff — like the minister in the story with his construction crew!  I want to be used of you in witty ideas – to have the mind of Christ in all I do!  In every moment I give You the Glory… it is not I, but You in all You grace me to accomplish!    


What seems hopeless in your life today?

What words in your mind need His Promise of ever-brightening light and Favor to transform them?

Health… in place of disease?

Provision to overflowing, for all needs… instead of poverty?

Joy… transforming mourning to dancing?

Calm… dispelling anxiety?

Faith… warrior strength against doubt?

When we ponder the Biblical attributes of our God – Provider, Healer, Peace-Giver, Comforter, Wisdom-giver – how mighty is our God over all we need… is there any situation He cannot transform as we speak His Words out in faith?

Day 13: Help me CELEBRATE!

This is day 22 of my fall series – 31 days to An Autumn Harvest of our Words. For these posts, I thought I’d explore a different twist on why our words matter…

Is there a God-established  sowing, reaping and harvesting in our words? 

Especially of His Words, spoken?

To follow this series, it’s important to begin here, A Prequel Post to the Annual Autumn 31 Days Linkup   and then click here for new posts each day:  An Autumn Harvest of our Words

Day 13: Help me CELEBRATE!

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