Day 30: Word-Watching

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Then said the Lord to me, “You have seen well, for I am alert and active,

watching over my word to perform it.”

~ Jeremiah 1:12 [Amplified Bible]


A friend sent me this pretty green basket about 4 years ago.  In all that time, it continues to grow green leafy sprouts on minimal water.  And I meanmin-i-mal.

In actuality, absentmindedly, I only water it on the occasion that it begins to to look as if it is about to expire (like maybe, holding it’s “throat” and crying out in the desert for a stream! 🙂 )  It particularly perks up the moment I  open the curtains, and even leans in toward sunshine.

And on oh, so rare occasions, it startles me with a few blooms… just when I think it never will again.   Like a bit of  Autumn orange sunshine, after nearly a year,  it suddenly burst forth in blossom beauty just the other day.

I gasped when I spotted them.   “Oohhh, you pretties!” I even said aloud.   🙂  “You’re back!”

A thought zipped through my mind even as I said that.  “They’re like the fruit and harvest I want to bring from your words,” He reminded.   “Only, I don’t want to blossom forth fruit on your behalf just occasionally.... As this plant watches for the sunlight, leans in to receive it, I am watching for you to speak out My Word of Life over yourself, over others.  I am watching to perform it! ”

I thought of how easily conversations turn to confessing just the opposite of His Truth.  How just the other day a friend and I were talking about some things going wrong.  I volunteered, “I know just what you mean… I’ve been going through [such and such negative thing] myself lately.”  To that, not realizing,  she planted a worse idea in my head.  “Have you thought if it could be [a worse situation causing it]?

Day 13: Help me CELEBRATE!Isn’t this the way we so often converse with each other?  Why is that, when the last thing we’d want is a harvest of trouble we’ve just described? I wondered

Because My People perish for lack of knowledge, He seemed to say.  They don’t believe the power that is in their very words…the power of life or death, in their mouths…

Suddenly, I stopped, silently asked God’s forgiveness for putting that negative thought out there so glibly, and spoke His word of life as cover over it.   “Lord,” I lifted wordlessly,  “I choose to say what You say about this, not what it looks like!  I thank you forYour promises of light and life and wholeness even before I see it!  Take my word of Your Word and perform it according to Your design!”

The Word even tells us that His angels are waiting upon His spoken word from us,  to bring it forth.

That picture of my plant “holding it’s parched throat,” loomed again before me.  “My Word is your living water,” He gently reminded then… “Don’t wait until you are dry and debilitated to drink of Me and speak out life…” 

Day 13: Help me CELEBRATE!Question to ponder before the Lord:  What words am I giving the Lord and His angels (as they word-watch) to bring forth in my life today?

Digital Camera


I encourage you to check out the many beautiful, heartwarming or just plain fun October blog series’ participating under a slurry of topic umbrellas at

This is day 30 of my fall series – 31 days to An Autumn Harvest of our Words. For these posts, I thought I’d explore a different twist on why our words matter…

Is there a God-established  sowing, reaping and harvesting in our words? 

Especially of His Words, spoken?

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6 Responses to Day 30: Word-Watching

  1. joanneviola says:

    Love the photo of your basket & the pairing of it with the verse from Jeremiah is powerful. I needed to read these words today so thank you! Blessings!

  2. elizabethfstewart says:

    Your post is true of me as well. I want to speak life giving words!

  3. What a pretty basket. May we all speak life giving words or nothing at all.

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